75+ Middle Names for Amari [Boys, Girls & Neutral]

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Ready for some full name ideas that go great with the name Amari? Check out this list of 75+ handpicked middle names for Amari for baby boys and girls. Each name includes meanings and name origins too.

I am a professional researcher and love applying my skills to baby names. I put together these middle name ideas from my personal database of over 2000 names. To keep with trends and new ideas, I research on various forums, social media and websites.

Amari was traditionally considered a boy’s name from its Hebrew origins, though it has risen in popularity for both girls and boys simultaneously.

The name fits nicely in current naming fashion of softer names for boys and flowing, vowel-heavy names for girls. The ending vowel sound adds to its appeal as a crossover girls’ name. These features also help Amari flow smoothly with many middle name options.

For this list, I focused on some off the beaten path picks to fit with Amari’s style with the hopes of adding new ideas to your name search. I also looked for names with great flow and similar style to Amari.

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Let’s get started. First, you’ll find an history and style overview of Amari. Then, we turn to girls, boys and unisex middle names that go well with Amari.

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Top 10 Middle Names for Amari

Don’t have time to read the whole article? Here are my ten favorite middle names for Amari.

  1. Amari Haven
  2. Amari Wilder
  3. Amari Dawn
  4. Amari Enzo
  5. Amari Noble
  6. Amari Annalise
  7. Amari Dean
  8. Amari Zion
  9. Amari Kendrick
  10. Amari Juno

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Meaning of Amari

Amari is a name of multiple origins. Most commonly, it is credited as a Hebrew name meaning “promised by God” with roots in the names Amariah and Amaris.

In Latin, Amari means “to be loved.” Amari is also a Yoruba name for “strength,” a Sanskrit name for “eternal,” and a Japanese surname meaning “surplus.” It could also reference the similar Greek name Amaria which means “illuminating.”

Amari came on the U.S. naming scene in the mid-1990’s for both boys and girls. While the name is a bit more popular as a boys name, Amari has enjoyed a similar rise in popularity for both sexes.

Amari is a rare unisex name that has continued to trend upward as a boys name while also rising in popularity for girls. Often boy parents start to shy away from names when they start to be given to girls. Time will tell Amari is able to remain in this truly unisex territory.

popularity graph of the baby name Amari for boys and girls, showing a spike in popularity starting around the 2000's

The similar name Amaris is a top 1000 name for girls (#928). For boys, you’ll also find Amiri making its top name debut in 2021 (#757).

For more on baby name trends, check out our name popularity tool.

Girl Middle Names for Amari

Girl middle names that go well with Amari: lola, victoria, brielle, dawn and selah

First, let’s check out 25 middle names that go well with Amari. I personally like Amari Dawn and Amari Clarisse. For a flowing alliteration, consider Amari Annalise.

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1. Amari ABIGAIL

  • Meaning: father’s joy
  • Origin: Hebrew


  • Meaning: grace
  • Origin: German

3. Amari BRIELLE

  • Meaning: hunting ground
  • Origin: French


  • Meaning: bright
  • Origin: Latin

5. Amari COLETTE

  • Meaning: people of victory
  • Origin: French

6. Amari DAWN

  • Meaning: daybreak
  • Origin: English


  • Meaning: born of water; dolphin
  • Origin: French; Greek

8. Amari DULCE

  • Meaning: sweet
  • Origin: Latin

9. Amari ESTELLE

  • Meaning: star
  • Origin: Latin; French

10. Amari FLORA

  • Meaning: flower
  • Origin: Latin

11. Amari ISADORA

  • Meaning: gift of Isis
  • Origin: Greek

12. Amari JUNO

  • Meaning: goddess
  • Origin: Latin

13. Amari LOLA

  • Meaning: sorrows
  • Origin: Spanish

14. Amari LUCIANA

  • Meaning: light
  • Origin: Spanish; Italian

15. Amari PEARL

  • Meaning: gem, precious
  • Origin: Latin


  • Meaning: ancient
  • Origin: Latin

17. Amari SELAH

  • Meaning: praise, bolder
  • Origin: Hebrew

18. Amari SERENITY

  • Meaning: peaceful
  • Origin: English

19. Amari SORAYA

  • Meaning: star cluster
  • Origin: Persian

20. Amari SUNSHINE

  • Meaning: light from the sun
  • Origin: English

21. Amari THEODORA

  • Meaning: God’s gift
  • Origin: Greek

22. Amari VADA

  • Meaning: knowledge
  • Origin: German

23. Amari VICTORIA

  • Meaning: victory
  • Origin: Latin

24. Amari VITA

  • Meaning: life
  • Origin: Spanish; Italian; Latin

25. Amari ZIVA

  • Meaning: radiance
  • Origin: Hebrew

Boy Middle Names For Amari

Boy middle names for Amari: abraham, elio, marcel, rook and zion

Turning now to boy middle names for Amari, punchy and strong Dean and Knox add nice balance as middle names for softer Amari. I also love the flow of Amari Khalil and Amari Kendrick.

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26. Amari ABRAHAM

  • Meaning: father of many
  • Origin: Hebrew

27. Amari ADONIS

  • Meaning: handsome
  • Origin: Greek

28. Amari BENSON

  • Meaning: son of Ben
  • Origin: English

29. Amari BLAINE

  • Meaning: slender
  • Origin: Scottish

30. Amari BOWEN

  • Meaning: son of Owen
  • Origin: Welsh


  • Meaning: follower of Christ
  • Origin: Greek; Latin; English

32. Amari CREED

  • Meaning: belief
  • Origin: Latin

33. Amari DEAN

  • Meaning: from the valley
  • Origin: English

34. Amari DOMINIC

  • Meaning: of the lord
  • Origin: Latin

35. Amari ELIO

  • Meaning: sun
  • Origin: Italian; Spanish

36. Amari ENZO

  • Meaning: home ruler
  • Origin: Italian

37. Amari GRAYSON

  • Meaning: son of a gray-haired one
  • Origin: English

38. Amari KENDRICK

  • Meaning: champion
  • Origin: Scottish; English

39. Amari KHALIL

  • Meaning: friend
  • Origin: Arabic

40. Amari KNOX

  • Meaning: round hill
  • Origin: Scottish

41. Amari LEON

  • Meaning: lion
  • Origin: Greek

42. Amari LOCHLAN

  • Meaning: land of lakes
  • Origin: Irish; Scottish

43. Amari LUCIANO

  • Meaning: light
  • Origin: Spanish; Italian

44. Amari MARCEL

  • Meaning: young warrior
  • Origin: French

45. Amari MARSHALL

  • Meaning: horse caretaker
  • Origin: French

46. Amari ROOK

  • Meaning: sociable bird
  • Origin: English

47. Amari SOREN

  • Meaning: stern
  • Origin: Scandinavian

48. Amari TADEO

  • Meaning: praise
  • Origin: Spanish

49. Amari TRENTON

  • Meaning: by the river Trent
  • Origin: English

50. Amari ZION

  • Meaning: highest place
  • Origin: Hebrew

Unisex Middle Names for Amari

this image is a text list of unisex middle names that go well with amari: Luz, Kai, Dior, Legend, and Azariah

Lastly, we have fully unisex full name ideas for Amari. Going completely gender neutral offers a coolness factor and gives your baby flexibility in the future. Amari Dior and Amari Loyal are both unique unisex options. I also really like Amari Noble and Amari Ash for that alliterative flow.

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51. Amari ALDEN

  • Meaning: old friend
  • Origin: English

52. Amari ASH

  • Meaning: Ash tree
  • Origin: English

53. Amari AZARIAH

  • Meaning: helped by God
  • Origin: Hebrew

54. Amari BANKS

  • Meaning: one who lives by the river
  • Origin: English

55. Amari BLAKE

  • Meaning: white, dark
  • Origin: English

56. Amari CHANCE

  • Meaning: good fortune
  • Origin: English; French

57. Amari DALLAS

  • Meaning: meadow dwelling
  • Origin: Irish; Scottish

58. Amari DIOR

  • Meaning: golden
  • Origin: French

59. Amari EMBER

  • Meaning: spark
  • Origin: English

60. Amari GREER

  • Meaning: watchful
  • Origin: Greek

61. Amari HAVEN

  • Meaning: safe place
  • Origin: English

62. Amari INDIGO

  • Meaning: deep blue
  • Origin: Greek

63. Amari JOVE

  • Meaning: Jupiter
  • Origin: Latin

64. Amari KAI

  • Meaning: sea
  • Origin: Hawaiian

65. Amari LEGEND

  • Meaning: myth, hero
  • Origin: English

66. Amari LINDEN

  • Meaning: Linden tree
  • Origin: English

67. Amari LOYAL

  • Meaning: faithful
  • Origin: English

68. Amari LUZ

  • Meaning: light
  • Origin: Spanish; Portuguese

69. Amari MARIN

  • Meaning: of the sea
  • Origin: Latin

70. Amari NEO

  • Meaning: new
  • Origin: Latin

71. Amari NOBLE

  • Meaning: high born
  • Origin: Latin

72. Amari NOVA

  • Meaning: new star
  • Origin: Latin

73. Amari PARIS

  • Meaning: from Paris
  • Origin: English; French; German

74. Amari RIVER

  • Meaning: wide stream of fresh water
  • Origin: English

75. Amari WILDER

  • Meaning: untamed
  • Origin: English

Children’s Books for Amari

Check out these children’s books personalized for a future baby Amari.

Examples of Amari as a Middle Name

The soft opening sound of Amari makes for great cadence when filling the middle name spot as well. Consider these girls’ first names that pair nicely with middle name Amari:

  • Athena Amari
  • Delilah Amari
  • Lia Amari
  • Nova Amari
  • Rose Amari

Next, some boy first names for Amari as a middle:

Finally, for a gender neutral name, consider these unisex names with Amari as a middle:

Names Similar to Amari

  • Ari
  • Elisha
  • Kyrie
  • Omari
  • Remi
  • Zuri

Things to Consider When Choosing a Middle Name

Before finalizing a middle name, here are some final things to consider:

  • Initials: do the full initials spell out anything?
  • Search the first and middle name together: are there any well-known associations of the name combination?
  • Nicknames: does the middle name open up new nickname options for your baby?
  • Trends: how has the popularity of the name changed over time? (You can check our name popularity tool here.)
text says Amari Middle Names with a picture of a baby playing in the sand underneath

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