Baby Gear

Articles all about baby gear and baby essentials. These posts focus on things like feeding a baby, diapering, and activities for babies and toddlers. Baby Gear posts also focus on how to save more money by getting baby gear used.

Zoe Stroller Review: The Tour+ XL1

Coming in today with the first installment of a new series called ‘Secondhand Reviews’. I’ll be reviewing baby items I get secondhand to help families identify what baby products are durable enough to buy used or are good options for future resale after buying new. Today’s review is of the Zoe Stroller (Tour+ XL1 model). …

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Do You Need a Changing Table?

Do you really need a changing table? Learn why you can skip this classic nursery item, and find alternatives that save you money and space. Nothing says labor of love like changing your new baby’s diaper ten times a day. A baby brings with them the promise of seemingly endless diaper changes, and a lot …

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Do You Really Need a Diaper Pail?

Changing a baby’s diaper is simultaneously the simplest parenting act, and surprisingly complicated. There are so many options for diaper changing gear that deciding between diaper pails can feel like an earth-shattering – or at least nose-shattering – decision. But do you actually need a diaper pail? No, you don’t need a diaper pail to …

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