75 Middle Names for Jordan & Jordyn [Boys, Girls & Neutral]

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Looking for full name ideas that go well with the name Jordan or Jordyn? Check out this handpicked list of 75+ middle names for a future boys and girls named Jordan, including meanings and name origins.

Jordan is perhaps one of the few true gender neutral names. It’s popularity for boys and girls has risen and fallen together over the last four decades.

While Jordan hit its popularity peak in the 1990’s (#26 for boys and #40 for girls in 1997), it remains a steady favorite. It currently sits at #88 for boys; and while it may seem to have dropped more for girls at #425, the feminized spelling Jordyn actually outranks the traditional spelling (#209).

I really enjoyed putting together this list of middle names for Jordan. The softness of ‘Jo’ and the ending ‘n’ make so many middle names work well with Jordan — the full names sound smooth and substantial.

Plus, I had the Michael Jackson’s Will You Be There line “hold me like the river Jordan” stuck in my head the whole time.

These middle name ideas come from my personal database of over 2000 names. I research forums, social media and websites to stay abreast of trends and new ideas. They were handpicked with flow and style in mind.

I also tried to highlight some off the beaten path names to add new ideas to your name search.

First, you’ll find an overview of the name Jordan and its popularity. Then we’ll turn to girls, boys and unisex middle names that go well with Jordan.

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On to the Jordan middle names!

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Jordan means “to flow down” in Hebrew and is most known for it’s connection to the Jordan River in Israel.

Jordan is considered a biblical name, with Jesus being baptized in the Jordan River. Crusaders would also bring back river water to baptize their children; some of these children were given the name Jordan in honor of the baptism.

Jordan was a hot unisex name at the end of the millennium, hitting its peak in 1997. The name’s popularity has mostly trended together for both boys and girls.

Jordan baby name popularity trend graph that shows a peak in the late 1990's and early 2000's before it begins declining

In recent years, the name’s popularity has declined some for both genders. However, the traditional spelling of Jordan has had a faster fall for girls. Instead, girl parents today are favoring a feminized spelling of Jordyn.

Interestingly, feminized Jordyn’s ranking has remained mostly steady since it came on the scene in the early 1990’s. While classically-spelled Jordan has dropped 383 spots from its peak, Jordyn has constantly landed in the mid-100’s-200’s range.

Jordyn name popularity trend graph showing a peak for girls in the 2010's

For more on baby name trends, check out of name popularity tool.

Girl Middle Names for Jordyn

Example girl middle names for Jordan: dixie, linnea, freya, bonnie, vida

First, here are 25 middle name ideas for girl Jordans / Jordyns. Jordan Zella and Jordan Zadie offer the cute nickname option of “Jo Z” pronounced like Josie.

I think retro names like Bonnie or Flossie are soon to make a comeback and would make fun middle names.

I have alternated the spelling between Jordan and Jordyn on this list to as a visual for those trying to decide between the spellings.

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1. Jordan AALIYAH

  • Meaning: exhalted
  • Origin: Arabic

2. Jordyn ADELAIDE

  • Meaning: noble
  • Origin: German

3. Jordan ALORA

  • Meaning: my dream
  • Origin: African (Bantu)

4. Jordyn BONNIE

  • Meaning: pretty
  • Origin: Scottish; French

5. Jordan BRIANNA

  • Meaning: noble
  • Origin: Irish

6. Jordyn CHLOE

  • Meaning: blooming
  • Origin: Greek

7. Jordan CORINNE

  • Meaning: maiden
  • Origin: French; English

8. Jordyn DELANEY

  • Meaning: dark challenger
  • Origin: Irish; French

9. Jordan DIXIE

  • Meaning: tenth
  • Origin: English; French

10. Jordyn ESTHER

  • Meaning: myrtle leaf
  • Origin: Hebrew; Persian

11. Jordan FLOSSIE

  • Meaning: flower
  • Origin: Latin

12. Jordyn FREYA

  • Meaning: noble
  • Origin: Norse

13. Jordan HAZEL

  • Meaning: hazel tree
  • Origin: English

14. Jordyn IVORY

  • Meaning: white
  • Origin: English

15. Jordan KIARA

  • Meaning: clear, dark one
  • Origin: Italian, Irish

16. Jordyn LILY

  • Meaning: pure, flower
  • Origin: Latin

17. Jordan LINNEA

  • Meaning: lime tree
  • Origin: Scandinavian

18. Jordyn MAGNOLIA

  • Meaning: flower
  • Origin: Latin

19. Jordan MICHAELA

  • Meaning: who is like God?
  • Origin: Hebrew

20. Jordyn NADIA

  • Meaning: hope, tender
  • Origin: Russian

21. Jordan NAOMI

  • Meaning: pleasantness
  • Origin: Hebrew

22. Jordyn PHILIPPA

  • Meaning: lover of horses
  • Origin: Greek

23. Jordan VIDA

  • Meaning: life
  • Origin: Spanish; Latin

24. Jordyn ZADIE

  • Meaning: abundance
  • Origin: Arabic

25. Jordan ZELLA

  • Meaning: blessed
  • Origin: Yiddish; African – Bangi

Boy Middle Names For Jordan

boy middle names that go well with Jordan: cooper, harvey, tate, fox and arlo

Next, we have boy middle names that go well with Jordan. Culling this list down to only 25 was a tall order since so many boy names felt like easy pairs to Jordan.

Of the boy names below, I particularly like Jordan Harvey and Jordan Ambrose .

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26. Jordan ADLER

  • Meaning: eagle
  • Origin: German

27. Jordan AMBROSE

  • Meaning: immortal
  • Origin: Greek; Latin; English

28. Jordan ANDERSON

  • Meaning: son of Andrew
  • Origin: English

29. Jordan ARLO

  • Meaning: fortified hill
  • Origin: English

30. Jordan BAKER

  • Meaning: baker profession
  • Origin: English

31. Jordan BISHOP

  • Meaning: overseer
  • Origin: English

32. Jordan CHASE

  • Meaning: to hunt
  • Origin: English; French

33. Jordan COOPER

  • Meaning: barrel maker
  • Origin: English

34. Jordan CULLEN

  • Meaning: handsome
  • Origin: Irish

35. Jordan DAX

  • Meaning: town in France
  • Origin: French

36. Jordan EITHAN

  • Meaning: firm
  • Origin: Hebrew

37. Jordan FINNIAN

  • Meaning: fair
  • Origin: Irish

38. Jordan FOX

  • Meaning: animal fox
  • Origin: English

39. Jordan GRAHAM

  • Meaning: gravel homestead
  • Origin: Scottish; English

40. Jordan HARRIS

  • Meaning: son of Harry
  • Origin: English

41. Jordan HARVEY

  • Meaning: battle worthy
  • Origin: English

42. Jordan KANE

  • Meaning: warrior, man, golden
  • Origin: Irish; Hawaiian; Japanese

43. Jordan LANCE

  • Meaning: land
  • Origin: German; English

44. Jordan LIAM

  • Meaning: protection
  • Origin: Irish

45. Jordan LINUS

  • Meaning: flax colored
  • Origin: Greek

46. Jordan LIONEL

  • Meaning: little lion
  • Origin: Latin

47. Jordan PHINEAS

  • Meaning: Nubian, mouth of a snake
  • Origin: Hebrew

48. Jordan RUPERT

  • Meaning: bright fame
  • Origin: German

49. Jordan SOLOMON

  • Meaning: peace
  • Origin: Hebrew

50. Jordan TATE

  • Meaning: cheerful
  • Origin: English

Gender Neutral Middle Names for Jordan

example unisex middle names that go well with Jordan: hollis, elliott, ares, kelly, shea

Consider going fully gender neutral to gives your baby ultimate flexibility in the future. Here are some great unisex full names for Jordan.

Jordan Elliott and Jordan Kelly both have such a natural flow (and Kelly is a surprisingly unique pick nowadays!).

51. Jordan ADDISON

  • Meaning: son of Adam
  • Origin: English

52. Jordan ARES

  • Meaning: God of war
  • Origin: Greek

53. Jordan AUBREY

  • Meaning: elf ruler
  • Origin: German

54. Jordan BAYLOR

  • Meaning: delivery person
  • Origin: English

55. Jordan BLAKELY

  • Meaning: dark wood
  • Origin: English

56. Jordan BRADY

  • Meaning: broad meadow
  • Origin: Irish

57. Jordan CASSIDY

  • Meaning: clever; curly hair
  • Origin: Irish

58. Jordan CYPRUS

  • Meaning: tree
  • Origin: English

59. Jordan DARCY

  • Meaning: dark
  • Origin: French; Irish

60. Jordan DELL

  • Meaning: small valley
  • Origin: English

61. Jordan ELLERY

  • Meaning: joyful
  • Origin: English

62. Jordan ELLIOTT

  • Meaning: the Lord is my God
  • Origin: Hebrew

63. Jordan HOLLIS

  • Meaning: near the holly tree
  • Origin: English

64. Jordan KELLY

  • Meaning: warrior
  • Origin: Irish

65. Jordan KENNEDY

  • Meaning: misshapened head
  • Origin: Irish

66. Jordan KINSLEY

  • Meaning: kings meadow
  • Origin: English

67. Jordan LEE

  • Meaning: meadow
  • Origin: English

68. Jordan LINNET

  • Meaning: small songbird
  • Origin: French; Welsh

69. Jordan MARLEY

  • Meaning: pleasant meadow
  • Origin: English

70. Jordan SAWYER

  • Meaning: woodcutter
  • Origin: English

71. Jordan SHANE

  • Meaning: graced by God
  • Origin: Irish

72. Jordan SHEA

  • Meaning: dauntless one
  • Origin: Irish

73. Jordan TATUM

  • Meaning: cheerful
  • Origin: English

74. Jordan TINSLEY

  • Meaning: Tynnis meadow
  • Origin: English

75. Jordan TOVE

  • Meaning: beautiful
  • Origin: Scandinavian

Children’s Books for Jordan

Check out these children’s book ideas for a future baby Jordan.

Examples of Jordan as a Middle Name

Jordan works in the middle name spot as well. It would be a good middle name pick to add balance to heavily voweled and flowing names popular today.

Consider these girls’ first names as pairs for middle name Jordyn:

Next, some boy first names that flow well with Jordan as a middle:

Finally, for a wholly unisex name, these gender neutral names work well with Elliot as a middle name:

Names Similar to Jordan

Perhaps you love the name Jordan but it isn’t the one. Here are some names similar to Jordan that you may like:

  • Jory
  • Aidan
  • Jaden
  • Jonah
  • Morgan
  • Taylor
  • Yarden (Hebrew variation)
  • Logan
  • Jordi

Things to Consider When Choosing a Middle Name

Before finalizing a middle name, here are some final things to consider:

  • Search the first and middle name together: are there any well-known associations of the name combination?
  • Initials: do the full initials spell out anything?
  • Nicknames: does the middle name open up new nickname options for your baby?
  • Trends: how has the popularity of the name changed over time? (You can check our name popularity tool here.)

Looking for more name ideas? Check out 70 Earthy Gender Neutral Names. Happy naming!

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