80 Middle Names for Ariel (Boys, Girls & Unisex)

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Middle names for Ariel

Looking for middle names for Ariel? Then you’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll find middle names for Ariel for both girls and boys.

I’m a Ph.D. researcher with a passion for baby names. I put together this list of names that go well with Ariel to save you time on your name search. Each name is handpicked and vetted to go with Ariel’s style and flow.

Ariel is a beautiful name coming from the Hebrew bible. Don’t let the mermaid fool you, Ariel is a gender neutral name used for both boys and girls. In English-speaking countries, Ariel leans feminine but among Hebrew speakers, you’re more likely to find Ariel used as a boy’s name.

I love gender neutral names and Ariel is one of my favorites, especially for boys. Its soft sound and easy nickname of Ari fit in well with fashionable boy names today, like Eli and Amari. Both my kids have one unisex name and I’ve spent countless hours researching unisex names, so this list for gender neutral Ariel is in my wheelhouse.

On this list, you’ll find a wide variety of middle names for Ariel. In addition to classic girl and boy names to go with Ariel, you’ll also find a selection of Hebrew names to match Ariel’s Hebrew roots. Plus, I’ve highlighted some great A-names to give alliterative full names.

At the end of the list, I include a section of J-names for those who may like the nickname AJ for their future Ariel.

And if you like unisex names, you may also like these timeless gender neutral names.

Now on to middle names for Ariel!

Top 10 middle names for Ariel

No time to read the whole article? Here are my top 10 middle names that go well with Ariel.

  1. Ariel Salome
  2. Ariel Ellis
  3. Ariel Rosalie
  4. Ariel Jude (AJ)
  5. Ariel Lael
  6. Ariel Asher
  7. Ariel Brynn
  8. Ariel Eden
  9. Ariel Amina
  10. Ariel Elijah

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Meaning & popularity of Ariel

Ariel originates from the Hebrew bible in Isaiah 29:1-29:2 as a name for Jerusalem (source: biblical verses). The name means “lion of god.”

Ariel first entered the U.S. popularity charts in 1967 for boys and in 1978 for girls (data from the Social Security Administration database). Interestingly, the name saw peak popularity for both boys and girls in 1991, the year following the release of Little Mermaid. So the iconic mermaid did not seem to deter parents — most surprisingly boy parents — from using the name.

Ariel name popularity graph for boys and girls in the U.S.
Ariel name popularity graph (source: our baby name trend visualization tool)

In the U.S., the name has been more popular with girls than boys. In the last few years, Ariel has been in the 200-range for girls and 500-range for boys on the U.S. popularity charts.

Ariel remains a steady favorite in Israel, ranking #2 for boys born in 2021 (source).

Girl middle names for Ariel

Let’s look first at middle names for girl Ariels. First, you’ll find general girl names that go well with Ariel. Then, I put together a list of Hebrew names to go with Ariel’s Hebrew roots. Finally, you’ll find a section of A-names to give alliterative full names for Ariel.

First, here are the general girl names to go with Ariel. Of the middle names below, I particularly like Ariel Rosalie for a flowing, feminine option. Ariel Paige and Ariel Cherry have more of a spunky and friendly vibe.

Ariel BLYTH(cheerful)Scottish; English
Ariel CELESTE(heavenly)Latin
Ariel CHERRY(fruit, dear one)English
Ariel FELICITY(happiness)Latin
Ariel IMOGEN(maiden)Irish
Ariel INEZ(pure)Portuguese; French; Spanish
Ariel OCTAVIA(eight)Latin
Ariel OLIANA(oleander, God answers)Polynesian; Spanish
Ariel PAIGE(assistant)English; Greek
Ariel ROSALIE(pretty rose)French

Hebrew girl names that go with Ariel

These Hebrew girl names pair well with Hebrew-originating Ariel. From the Hebrew names, I think names starting with E like Eliana and Esther have a nice rhythm with vowel-heavy Ariel. I also like the name Salome as a unique biblical girl’s name.

Ariel ELIANA(God has answers)Hebrew
Ariel ELIZABETH(oath of God)Hebrew
Ariel ESTHER(myrtle leaf)Hebrew; Persian
Ariel JOSEPHINE(God will increase)Hebrew
Ariel OFRA(deer)Hebrew
Ariel RUTH(friend)Hebrew
Ariel SALOME(peace)Hebrew
Ariel SAMANTHA(God has heard)Hebrew
Ariel SERAPHINE(fiery)Hebrew
Girl middle names for Ariel: Salome, Amalia, Eliana, Rosalie, Paige, Amina

Girl A-names that go well with Ariel

Lastly for girls, we have A-names to match Ariel. Alliterative full names instantly have flow and rhythm with their connecting first letters. I like many of the double-A names on here, but want to point out the more unique names you may not have seen on other lists, Althea, Amina and Ardith, which all flow smoothly with Ariel.

Ariel ADDISON(son of Adam)English
Ariel ALMA(nourishing)Latin
Ariel ALTHEA(healing power)Greek
Ariel AMABEL(lovable)Latin
Ariel AMALIA(hardworking)Latin; German
Ariel AMELIE(industrious)Latin; German; French
Ariel AMINA(trustworthy)Arabic
Ariel ARDITH(blooming meadow)Hebrew
Ariel AVIANNA(bird-like)Latin

Boy middle names for Ariel

Now we turn to middle names for a boy Ariel. Much like the girls above, you’ll find general boy middle names for Ariel. Those are followed by Hebrew boy names that go well with Ariel and alliterative A-names for a boy Ariel middle name.

First, from the general boy name list, I like pairing Ariel with a simple masculine name to give flexibility in the future. Ariel Reed and Ariel Holden read boy but still have a casual softness to match Ariel.

Ariel CULLEN(handsome)Irish
Ariel FISHER(fisherman)English
Ariel GRANT(tall)English; French; Scottish
Ariel HERSH(deer)Yiddish
Ariel HOLDEN(hollow valley)English
Ariel IRVING(green river)Scottish
Ariel ORION(dawning)Greek
Ariel PRESTON(priest’s town)English
Ariel RAFFERTY(prosperous)Irish
Ariel REED(redhead)English
Boy middle names for Ariel: Fisher, Reed, Asher, Ezra, Davis, Holden

Hebrew boy names that go with Ariel

Here are Hebrew boy names to go with Ariel. From these names, I like Ariel Davis as a unique but easily recognizable full-name option. Ariel Lael has a nice flow coming from the parallel vowel and L-sounds.

Ariel CALEB(faithful)Hebrew
Ariel DAVIS(beloved)Hebrew
Ariel EITHAN(firm)Hebrew
Ariel ELIJAH(Lord is my God)Hebrew
Ariel EZRA(God helps)Hebrew
Ariel LAEL(of God)Hebrew
Ariel NOAH(rest)Hebrew
Ariel SAMSON(like the sun)Hebrew
Ariel SIMON(hear, listen)Hebrew

Boy A-names that go well with Ariel

Finally, for boys, we have A-names to go with Ariel. Ariel Abbott is a cool name that also has Hebrew roots. Ariel Asher would be an on-trend pick, as Asher has been quickly rising up the top 100 list in the last decade.

Ariel ABBOTT(father)Amaraic; Hebrew
Ariel ALDO(wise)German; Italian
Ariel ALISTAIR(defender)Scottish
Ariel AMES(friend)French; English
Ariel ANSEL(with divine protection)German
Ariel ARTHUR(bear)Celtic
Ariel ASHER(happy)Hebrew
Ariel ATTICUS(from Attica)Greek

Gender neutral middle names for Ariel

Perhaps you’d like to keep your future Ariel’s full name completely unisex. Ariel Eden flows well and also shares a Hebrew connection. Ariel and Arden flow well together with their matching “Ar” sound at the beginning of the names.

Ariel ARDEN(eagle valley)English
Ariel BLAKE(white, dark)English
Ariel BRYNN(hill)Welsh
Ariel DELL(small valley)English
Ariel DELPHI(of Delphi)Greek
Ariel EDEN(biblical garden)Hebrew
Ariel ELLIS(benevolent)English
Ariel EMERSON(brave; son of Emery)German
Ariel GREER(watchful)Greek
Ariel WINN(friend, fair)Welsh; English
unisex middle names that go well with Ariel: Eden, Emerson, Brynn, Dell, Ellis, Arden

J middle names for Ariel for the initials AJ

To close the list of Ariel middle names, I’ve curated a list of J-names that would give the initials AJ. AJ is one of the most popular initial nicknames and could be a cute nickname for a future Ariel.

Boy J-names

Ariel JACOB(supplanter)Hebrew
Ariel JASPER(treasurer)Persian
Ariel JENSEN(son of Jens)Scandinavian
Ariel JEREMIAS(God will raise)Hebrew
Ariel JONAH(dove)Hebrew
Ariel JONES(God is gracious)Hebrew
Ariel JUDE(praised)Hebrew; Latin

Girl J-names

Ariel JADE(precious stone)Spanish
Ariel JANE(God is gracious)English
Ariel JESSAMINE(jasmine)Persian; French
Ariel JOELY(Jehovah is God)Hebrew
Ariel JOSETTE(God will increase)French
Ariel JOVIE(joyful)American
Ariel JULIANNE(youthful)Latin
Ariel JULISSA(youthful)English

Sibling names that go well with Ariel

Perhaps you stumbled on this page in search of names that go well with Ariel for a future sibling. Here are sibling names to match Ariel’s vibe and aesthetic.

Sisters for Ariel

For sister names for Ariel, I like Abigail as another A-beginning Hebrew name. Ariel and Isabella also feel feminine and well-matched.

  • Abigail
  • Aurora
  • Evangeline
  • Ilana
  • Isabella
  • Selah
  • Talia

Brothers for Ariel

For brothers for Ariel, I love Avi again because of the Hebrew and A-name connection. Ezra and Elian also match Ariel’s soft consonants and vowel-forward style.

  • Alexis
  • Avi
  • Elian
  • Ezra
  • Jonas
  • Noam
  • Shiloh

Similar names to Ariel

Finally, people who like the name Ariel may also like the similar names below. Given their closeness to Ariel, they should also work well with the middle names listed above.

  • Adriel
  • Alexis
  • Ari
  • Aria
  • Ariella
  • Aries
  • Arlo
  • Aziel
  • Uriel

Are you looking for more middle name ideas? You may also my list for Amari, another soft gender-neutral.

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