65+ Sweet Middle Names for Mabel [with meanings]


Middle names for Mabel

Looking for delightful middle names perfect for a baby Mabel? Check out this list of 65+ middle names for Mabel (with meanings!), including classic names, cute middle names and on-trend names for every naming style.

Mabel is an old-fashioned girl’s name ready for a revival. For the first half of the 20th century, Mabel was a mainstay of the top 1000 U.S. baby names before slipping into obscurity for 50 years.

In 2013, Mabel started making its way back into pop culture when it re-entered baby name popularity at #710. It continues to pick up steam and now sits as the #375 most popular girl’s name for 2021.

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Meaning of the Name Mabel

Mabel hits the sweet spot of having an old-fashioned vibe while still feeling fresh and surprising. It is a spunky and unique pick, with the weight of a legitimate name history behind it.

Mabel comes from the Latin word ‘amabilis,’ meaning lovable. It likely developed as a nickname for the name Amabel. In Ireland it is also considered an iteration of Maeve.

Name popularity trend graph for Mabel

Cute Middle Names for Mabel

Cute middle names for Mabel

Here are some cute middle name ideas for a baby girl named Mabel. Since Mabel is a more old-fashioned name, a light and sweet middle name is the perfect balance. I personally like Mabel Jolie and Mabel Susannah. Or, Mabel Maya makes for an adorable alliteration.

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Mabel Annabelle(lovable)
Mabel Dixie(tenth)
Mabel Eliana(God has answers)
Mabel Elodie(wealth)
Mabel Everly(boar clearing)
Mabel Faye(fairy)
Mabel Flora(flower)
Mabel Goldie(made of gold)
Mabel Hope(desire)
Mabel Isla(island)
Mabel Jolie(pretty)
Mabel Juliet(youthful)
Mabel Leanna(light; beautiful woman)
Mabel Liliana(lily)
Mabel Macy(weapon)
Mabel Mae(month of May)
Mabel Marie(star of the sea)
Mabel Maya(water)
Mabel Olivia(olive tree)
Mabel Ollie(olive tree)
Mabel Susannah(lily)
Mabel Thea(goddess)

Classic Middle Names for Mabel

Classic middle name examples for Mabel

A classic middle name fits well with a perennial name like Mabel. Pairing antique Mabel with another historic middle name gives a timeless feel. I like Mabel Eloise, and Mabel Marion for a flowing alliteration.

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Mabel Alexandra(defender)
Mabel Alice(noble)
Mabel Alma(nourishing)
Mabel Amelia(industrious)
Mabel Anne(favour)
Mabel Annette(grace)
Mabel Eileen(light)
Mabel Eleanor(light)
Mabel Eloise(healthy)
Mabel Estelle(star)
Mabel Esther(myrtle leaf)
Mabel Frances(free one)
Mabel Katherine(pure)
Mabel Lucille(light)
Mabel Lynn(lake)
Mabel Margaret(pearl)
Mabel Marion(star of the sea)
Mabel Miranda(admirable)

Modern Middle Names for Mabel

Modern middle name ideas for Mabel

Consider balancing out the antique vibe of Mabel with a fresh, modern middle name. Mabel Poppy and Mabel Jade are on-trend spunky options for a Mabel’s middle name.

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Mabel Ainsley(meadow)
Mabel Aurelia(golden)
Mabel Avery(ruler of elves)
Mabel Dove(bird of peace)
Mabel Ellery(joyful)
Mabel Farrah(happiness)
Mabel Felicity(happiness)
Mabel Iris(rainbow)
Mabel Jade(precious stone)
Mabel Leora(I have light)
Mabel Lilias(lily)
Mabel Linnea(line tree)
Mabel Magdalena(from Magdala)
Mabel Odelia(praise God)
Mabel Poppy(flower)
Mabel Riley(wood clearing)
Mabel Selene(moon)
Mabel Seraphina(fiery)
Mabel Sierra(mountain range)
Mabel Simone(to listen)
Mabel Winifred(blessed peacemaking)
Mabel Zinnia(flower)

Personalized Baby Name Items

Here are some cute baby name things that you can personalize once you’ve found the perfect baby name.

First Names that go with Mabel

Mabel can be a unique middle name too. These first names go well with Mabel:

Names Similar to Mabel

Looking for other names with that old-fashioned and unique Mabel vibe? Consider these options:

  • Agatha
  • Daisy
  • Edna
  • Ida
  • Margot
  • Matilda
  • Maude
  • Opal

Considerations Before Choosing a Middle Name

Here are a few things to consider before deciding on a middle name for Mabel:

  • Initials: do the initials spell out any words or resemble anything?
  • Full Name Search: will your Mabel share their first and middle name with anyone famous or historic?
  • Overall Flow: how well does the whole name flow together?
  • Trends: has the popularity of your chosen names changed recently? (Make sure to double check our baby name popularity tool.)
  • Nicknames: will the middle name provide any potential nickname options in the future?

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