75+ Quintessential Middle Names for Quinn (Boys & Girls)

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middle names for quinn

On the hunt for great middle names for Quinn? Then you’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll find 65+ names that go well with Quinn for boys and girls. Each name was handpicked and includes its meaning and origin.

Quinn was a top contender baby name for us until the very end so I have spent a lot of time considering middle names for Quinn. I love Quinn’s gender neutrality, that cool Q, and the name’s simplicity. We would have loved to have used the name but ultimately decided it sounded too similar to our first baby’s name.

I handpicked each of these middle name ideas based on flow and style with the name Quinn. I used my personally curated database of over 2000+ names to find unique middle names for Quinn you may not find elsewhere.

Below you’ll find middle names for girls and boys, plus a whole section on unisex name ideas. Within each, I also include a subsection of Irish-originating names to keep with Quinn’s Irish theme and a section on surname-style names like Quinn.

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On to the Quinn middle names.

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Meaning of Quinn

Quinn is an Irish-originating name that means “descendant of Conn;” Conn means “chief” or “head.” The name comes from the Irish surnames O’Cuinn or/and MacCuinn.

In the U.S, Quinn first appeared on the top 1000 in 1960 for boys and did not pop up for girls until 1979. The name was initially more popular with boys but the trajectories hit an inflection point in 2009 — the year the TV show Glee debuted. You can see the shift on the graph below.

name popularity graph for boys and girls named Quinn
Name popularity trends for boys and girls named Quinn. Source: our baby name popularity visualizer

Quinn Fabray was a character on the smash hit show. In the year after the show debuted, Quinn jumped for girls from #488 to #255 and has been rising since. 2009 also marks the high water mark for the name for boys, it started descending in 2010 and has been declining since.

Boy parents often shy away from gender neutral names as they become more popular with girls. Time will if Quinn remains unisex or ultimately shifts to being a primarily girl name.

10 Best Middle Names for Quinn

To kick off our list, here are my 10 favorite middle names for Quinn.

  1. Quinn Easton
  2. Quinn Fia
  3. Quinn Kennedy
  4. Quinn Emory
  5. Quinn Theodora
  6. Quinn Alden
  7. Quinn Hadley
  8. Quinn Teagan
  9. Quinn Emmanuel
  10. Quinn Delaney

Girl middle names for Quinn

Now on to the full list of Quinn middle name ideas. First up we have girl middle names for Quinn. You’ll find a mix of unique middle names for Quinn, like Quinn Dayana and Quinn Ziva, mixed with more classic names like Quinn Eliza.

Of these Quinn middle names, I especially like Quinn Iona for its interesting and distinctive sound.

Quinn ADELA(noble, serene)German
Quinn AMARA(eternal)African (Igbo); Latin; Sanskrit
Quinn CADENCE(rhythm)Latin
Quinn DAYANA(divine)Arabic; Latin
Quinn ELEANOR(light)French; Greek
Quinn ELIZA(God’s oath)English
Quinn EMMELINE(hardworking)German; French; English
Quinn IONA(island)Scottish
Quinn KARINA(beloved)Scandinavian; Latin
Quinn LENA(ray of light)Greek; Persian
Quinn RENATA(reborn)Latin; Italian
Quinn SALMA(safe)Arabic
Quinn TALIA(heaven’s dew)Hebrew
Quinn THEODORA(God’s gift)Greek
Quinn ZIVA(radiance)Hebrew

Irish girl names that go well with Quinn

As an Irish-originating name, Quinn pairs well with other names with Irish roots. Here you’ll find a list of ideas for Irish girl names that you could use as a middle name for Quinn.

Quinn Fia is a beautiful and unique option that is a cool alternative to popular short names like Mia and Aria.

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Quinn AILEEN(light)Irish
Quinn ALANA(child)Hawaiian; Irish
Quinn CIARA(dark haired)Irish
Quinn FIA(raven)Irish
Quinn FIONA(white, fair)Irish
Quinn MURPHY(sea warrior)Irish
Quinn ORLA(golden princess)Irish
Quinn ROISIN(little rose)Irish
Quinn SINEAD(God grafitied)Irish
Quinn TEAGAN(poet)Irish
girl middle names for quinn

Boy middle names for Quinn

Next we turn to boy names that go well with Quinn.

Of these boy middle names for Quinn, my favorite is Quinn Easton which sounds so fresh and charming for a little boy. As a short name, Quinn also goes well with longer middle names like Quinn Forrester and Quinn Emmanuel.

Quinn ADLER(eagle)German
Quinn ALDEN(old friend)English
Quinn CHRISTOPHER(bearer of Christ)Greek
Quinn EASTON(East facing place)English
Quinn EMMANUEL(God is with us)Hebrew
Quinn FORRESTER(woodsman)French
Quinn HARLAN(rocky land)English; German
Quinn IVAN(God’s gift)Slavic; Russian, Hebrew
Quinn LEGEND(myth, hero)English
Quinn LELAND(meadow land)English
Quinn PHILIP(lover of horses)Greek
Quinn REUBEN(behold a son)Hebrew
Quinn RHYS(fiery)Welsh
Quinn RUSSELL(red-haired)French
Quinn STEPHEN(crown)Greek

Irish boy names that go well with Quinn

Also for boys, we have Irish-originating names that go well with Quinn.

Quinn Connor rolls off the tongue well with its similar starting sound and connecting double n’s.

Quinn CALLAHAN(bright-headed)Irish
Quinn CONNOR(lover of dogs)Irish; Scottish
Quinn CORMAC(charioteer)Irish
Quinn DARRAGH(oak tree)Irish
Quinn DECLAN(person of prayer)Irish
Quinn DONOVAN(brown-haired)Irish
Quinn EAMON(wealthy protector)Irish
Quinn NOLAN(champion)Irish
Quinn RAFFERTY(prosperous)Irish
Quinn SULLIVAN(dark eyes)Irish
boy middle names for quinn

Unisex middle names for Quinn

We close the list of middle names for Quinn with gender neutral ideas. Opting for a unisex middle name gives your child more identity options in the future, plus they are very fashionable today.

Oslo would make a cool middle name for Quinn; place names are on trend and Oslo would be a unique alternative to popular names like Milan or Brooklyn.

Quinn AINSLEY(meadow)English
Quinn CLOVER(herb that symbolizes luck)English
Quinn EMORY(industrious)English; German
Quinn FOX(animal fox)English
Quinn HADLEY(heather field)English
Quinn HOLLIS(near the holly tree)English
Quinn LANEY(light)English
Quinn MARLOW(driftwood)English
Quinn OSLOcity nameScandanavian
Quinn TAYLOR(tailor)English

Surname names that go well with Quinn

Surname names are often considered gender neutral. As a name originating from a surname, Quinn could pair well with other surname-style names.

Quinn Arden is a cool, unique name that also is straightforward and easy to spell. And Quinn Ellington has a nice flow and rhythm to it.

Quinn ADDISON(son of Adam)English
Quinn ARDEN(eagle valley)English
Quinn CARTER(transport goods by cart)English
Quinn DAVIS(beloved)Hebrew
Quinn ELLINGTON(from Ellis’s town)English
Quinn JONES(God is gracious)Hebrew
Quinn KING(ruler)English
Quinn MONROE(mouth of the river)Scottish; Irish
Quinn PARKER(park keeper)English; French
Quinn WILDER(untamed)English

Gender neutral Irish middle names for Quinn

And finally, these Irish gender neutral names go well as middle names for Quinn. Quinn Bellamy would be a stately name that is still easily worn.

While Quinn Kennedy doesn’t start with the same letter, it has that smooth flow of an alliterative full name since they names start with similar sounds.

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Quinn BELLAMY(good friend)French; Irish
Quinn CASSIDY(clever; curly hair)Irish
Quinn COLLINS(holly plant; young one)Irish; Scottish; Greek
Quinn DARCY(dark)French; Irish
Quinn DELANEY(dark challenger)Irish; French
Quinn GAEL(Gaelic)English; Irish
Quinn LENNON(lover)Irish
Quinn REAGAN(little ruler)Irish
Quinn RILEY(wood clearing)English; Irish
Quinn RYAN(little king)Irish

Siblings for Quinn

You may have stumbled on this page looking for names that go well with Quinn for a future sibling. Or if you’re planning for the future, here are some name ideas for brothers and sisters for Quinn:

Brothers for Quinn

  • Vaughn
  • Owen
  • Blaine
  • Shane
  • Darcy
  • Bryce
  • Lane

Sisters for Quinn

  • Piper
  • Marlow
  • Blake
  • Nessa
  • Sloane
  • Delaney
  • Rue

Names similar to Quinn

If you haven’t found the perfect Quinn name, perhaps you’d like some of these other names that are similar to Quinn:

  • Quincy
  • Winn
  • Finn
  • Quill
  • Gwendolyn
  • Finley
  • Marin
  • Gin
  • Brynn
  • Elowen

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