39 Cheery Sunflower Names for Your Baby

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Looking for sunflower names for your baby? Then you’ve come to the right place, below you’ll find 39 names inspired by sunflowers.

Sunflowers are cheerful and beautiful flowers in the daisy family. They’re known for their bright colors and tall flowers.

I spent hours researching sunflowers and floral names so you don’t have to. I am a researcher who loves analyzing baby name trends and data.

What’s different about this list is my focus on names that are actually wearable.

I hate when I end up on name lists where the names are so unwieldy or obscure that they are unusable. You’ll find some unique names on the list, but they still would work in today’s creative naming landscape.

Floral names are very on-trend for baby names, so sunflower-inspired names will fit right in. Sunflower related names are a unique way to join the floral trend, instead of popular names like Rose or Daisy.

In this list, you’ll find names that mean sunflower and names with a sunflower theme. These include more subtle connections to sunflowers, such as names of sunflower varieties and sun and golden-themed names.

For a more creative way to honor sunflowers, I end with a section of name combinations where the full name means sunflower. These names have first names meaning sun and middle names meaning flower.

I hope this list of sunflower names for babies saves you time and adds some new name ideas to your list.

Let’s get blooming!

sunflower names

Top 10 sunflower baby names

No time to read the whole article? Here are the best sunflower-inspired names:

  1. Soleil
  2. Mirasol
  3. Prairie
  4. Aster
  5. Soraya
  6. Cass
  7. Helia
  8. Nanala
  9. Solros
  10. Sunny

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Names that mean sunflower

golden colored sunflowers

First on our list of sunflower names are names meaning sunflower. Most of these names are the word for sunflower coming from other languages.

I particularly like Soleil as a baby girl name that means sunflower and Solros for baby boys.

1. Alizeti

Alizeti is the name for sunflower in Swahili, the prominent language in East Africa.

2. Girasol

Girasol is the Spanish word for sunflower that is also used as a baby name

3. Helianthea

Heliantheae is the name of a sunflower tribe, a species classification order under family. It comes from the genus name Helianthus, which is Greek for sunflower.

Helianthea feels like a more wearable name than Helianthus or Heliantheae.

4. Himari

Himari is a Japanese name meaning sunflower

5. Hinata

Hinata is another Japanese baby name that means sunflower. The name can also mean “facing the sun.”

6. Mirasol

Mirasol means sunflower in Filipino

7. Nanala

Nanala is a name that means sunflower in Hawaiian

names that mean sunflower: girasol, soleil, xirasol, alizeti, mirasol, solros

8. Xirasol

Xirasol would make such a cool alternative to Marisol for a baby girl’s name. The name means sunflower, coming from the Gallego language in Spain.

9. Soleil

While the formal word for sunflowers in French is tournesols, they can conversationally be called soleil as well. A smaller varietal of sunflowers is also called soleils in France, as seen in this Monet and its description.

10. Solros

Solros is the Swedish word for sunflower that would make a handsome baby boy name.

11. Sunflower

The word sunflower is occasionally used as a given name. Using Sunflower in the middle name spot would be a great way to add a pop of cheer to your baby’s full name.

Sunflower names for girls

yellow sunflower and leaves

Now let’s turn to names inspired by sunflowers. The first set of sunflower-themed names is for girls.

Here you’ll find names related to flowers and sunflower’s golden color.

Plus, there are names of sunflower varieties. For example, Prairie is a type of sunflower and would also fit in very well as a modern baby name.

12. Bloom

Bloom is a name that works as a reference to all types of flowers. Blooms are symbols of new beginnings.

13. Blossom

Much like Bloom, Blossom works as a general floral-inspired name. The name has more history as a name than Bloom but comes with a heavy association with the 90s television show.

14. Chrisanna

Chrisanna would make a subtle sunflower name for girls. The name comes from Greek that means “golden flower,” much like a sunflower.

15. Chrisanta

Chrisanta is the Spanish variation of Chrisanna, also meaning “golden flower.”

16. Cressida

Cressida is a Greek name that means gold, the color of sunflowers. The name also makes my list of the poshest girl names.

17. Helia

Helia is a Greek name meaning sun. It makes a great sunflower girl name because it also the beginning part of the sunflower’s genus, Helianthus.

18. Idalia

Idalia has an excellent meaning for a sunflower name: behold the sun. The name comes from Greek.

19. Marigold

Marigold is a lovely floral name for a baby girl. While you may think of Marigold as a distinct flower, it can also be a sunflower name since marigolds are members of the sunflower family.

sunflower names for babies: soraya, aster, helios, prairie, cass, sunny

20. Prairie

Prairie is a name with a modern feel. It comes from French and means grassland.

The name works as a girl sunflower name because of prairie sunflowers, seen in the photos on this page.

21. Primrose

Primrose is a lovely girl’s name that is also the name of a type of sunflower. The name comes from English origins and means first rose.

22. Soraya

Soraya is another type of sunflower, and a girl’s name coming from Arabic roots. The name means star cluster.

23. Sunglow

Sunglow is a free-spirited name that means the warm yellow color seen before sunset or sunrise. The name would work well as a bright and fun middle name.

If Sunglow is your style, you may also like my free-spirited hippie name list.

Sunflower names for boys

patch of prairie sunflowers

Next, these are sunflower names for boys. I particularly like Cass, in honor of the botanist who named sunflowers and Aster, in honor of the sunflower’s species name.

24. Aster

Aster can be a name honoring the sunflower’s species family, Asteraceae.

25. Auryn

Auryn is a Welsh boy’s name that means gold, like the color of most sunflowers.

26. Blaine

Blaine is a Scottish name that means yellow, another color found on sunflowers.

27. Cass

Cass is the botanist abbreviation for Alexandre Cassini, the 1800s botanist specializing in sunflowers and named the sunflower’s Asteraceae family (source).

28. Elio

Elio is a cool boy’s name meaning sun that comes from Latin, Italian and Spanish roots.

29. Helios

Sunflowers’ genus name, Helianthus annuus, derives from the Greek word Helios, meaning sun. Helios is also the name of the Greek god of the sun.

30. Sunny

Sunny is a cheerful unisex name that works perfectly as a sunflower name, as a sunny-hybrid is a type of sunflower. The name comes from English and means sunshine and happiness.

31. Titan

Titan is the tallest and largest type of sunflower. It is also a boy’s name currently ranked #741 on the U.S. charts.

Name combinations that mean sunflower

one sunflower amongst leaves

Lastly, we have a more creative way to get a name that means sunflower. Each of the full name combinations below mean sunflower when put together.

The first name has a sun meaning, while the corresponding middle name means flower.

I like how Samson Florent looks like a traditional handsome name with a hidden sunflower meaning. For girls, Solenne Zara feels breezy and fresh.

If you like full name combinations, stop by my lists of girl name combos and of boy name combos for even more ideas.

32. Cyrus Florian

Cyrus is a Persian name meaning sun. Florian means flowering, coming from Latin.

33. Eliana Ianthe

One of the meanings of the Greek name Eliana is “daughter of the sun.” Ianthe is a rare girl’s name meaning purple flower (in fact, there are some purple-tinted sunflower varieties!).

34. Lenora Fleur

Lenora is a Greek name that means sunny or sun ray. The name Fleur comes from French and means flower.

35. Ravi Rayen

Ravi is a gender neutral name that comes from Sanskrit that means sun. Rayen is a Chilean name meaning flower.

36. Samson Florent

Samson is a Hebrew name meaning “of the sun.” Florent is a French name meaning flowering.

37. Solana Anthea

Coming from Spanish, Solana means sunshine. Anthea is a Greek name meaning flowery.

38. Solenne Zara

Solenne comes from Latin roots and means sunlight. Zara is an Arabic originating name that means blooming flower.

39. Sunniva Evanthe

Sunniva is a Norwegian-originating name, meaning gift of the sun. Evanthe comes from Greece and means good flower.

Looking for more bright and sunny names? You may also like these shining sun names.

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