75+ Middle Names for Oakley [Girls, Boys & Neutral]

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Looking for great middle names that go well with the name Oakley? Then this list of 75+ middle names for Oakley is for you (plus, it includes all the names’ meanings!).

Oakley is a 21st century name that has gained popularity rapidly for both boys and girls. Its ‘-ley’ ending fits in well with other on-trend picks like Wesley, Finley and Kinsley.

In 2021, Oakley was the 193rd most popular girl name and 403rd boy name in the U.S., given to 1524 girl and 768 boy babies.

I curated these middle name lists from my own database of over 2000 names. Focusing on style, flow and originality, I purposely selected names that may be a bit off the beaten path to hopefully add fresh ideas to your name search.

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First you’ll find a quick overview of Oakley and it’s history. Then we’ll dive into Oakley middle name lists broken down by girls, boys and unisex options.

75 middle names for oakley

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Meaning & Trends of Oakley

Oakley is a unisex name of English origins meaning “meadow of oaks.” Oakley has roots as a surname before it transitioned into a popular first name.

Perhaps the most well-known use of Oakley is Annie Oakley, the famous sharpshooter who advocated for women’s equal participation in the military, independence and education.

baby name popularity trend data graph for Oakley that shows a surge in popularity starting in 2010's

For boys, Oakley briefly made a modest entry into the top 1000 names in the early 1900’s before falling off the charts again in 1920. It popped up again in 2011 and has been gaining momentum ever since.

Oakley first appeared for girls in 2013 and has enjoyed a faster rise. It has jumped from #928 to it’s current rank of #193 in less than 10 years.

Not only is Oakley a hot baby name, its alternative spellings Oaklee and Oakleigh also rank well for baby girls. Oaklee sits at #486 and Oakleigh clocks in at #609.

Finding unique spellings only on the girls’ side is not surprising as parents often take a more creative approach to naming girls than boys.

Check out our baby name popularity tool to see how other baby names have trended over time.

Girl Middle Names for Oakley

Example girl middle names for Oakley

First, here are some great girl middle names that go well with the name Oakley. Oakley is a newer name for girls so it has a modern feel.

To keep with the contemporary vibe, consider names like Oakley Isabel or Oakley Olive.

On the other hand, classic names like Frances or Ingrid add stature as a full name for Oakley.

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1. Oakley ALENA

  • Meaning: light


  • Meaning: lovable

3. Oakley CADENCE

  • Meaning: rhythm

4. Oakley CLARA

  • Meaning: bright

5. Oakley ELISE

  • Meaning: Gods oath

6. Oakley ETTA

  • Meaning: home ruler

7. Oakley FRANCES

  • Meaning: free

8. Oakley INGRID

  • Meaning: beautiful

9. Oakley ISABEL

  • Meaning: God is my oath

10. Oakley JUNE

  • Meaning: young

11. Oakley JUNIPER

  • Meaning: juniperberry, evergreen

12. Oakley KIT

  • Meaning: bearing Christ

13. Oakley LINNEA

  • Meaning: lime tree

14. Oakley MAURA

  • Meaning: of the sea

15. Oakley NAYA

  • Meaning: renewal

16. Oakley NICOLE

  • Meaning: people of victory

17. Oakley OCTAVIA

  • Meaning: eighth

18. Oakley OLIVE

  • Meaning: olive tree

19. Oakley PAIGE

  • Meaning: assistant

20. Oakley PRISCILLA

  • Meaning: ancient

21. Oakley RAYA

  • Meaning: friend

22. Oakley SABRINA

  • Meaning: river Severn

23. Oakley SHAY

  • Meaning: gift

24. Oakley VIVIANA

  • Meaning: lively

25. Oakley ZOLA

  • Meaning: earth

Boy Middle Names For Oakley

Example boy middle names for Oakley

Moving on to boy middle names that go with Oakley, below you’ll find a mix of classic and modern names.

With Oakley’s recent popularity, a classic middle name like Oakley Abel gives nice balance of new and established.

For more on trend options, Oakley Jett and Oakley Boone make for fresh full names for Oakley

26. Oakley ABEL

  • Meaning: breath

27. Oakley ANDERS

  • Meaning: manly

28. Oakley BENNETT

  • Meaning: blessed

29. Oakley BOONE

  • Meaning: good

30. Oakley BRYANT

  • Meaning: strong

31. Oakley CAMILO

  • Meaning: young helper

32. Oakley EITHAN

  • Meaning: firm

33. Oakley EVANDER

  • Meaning: good man

34. Oakley HARLAN

  • Meaning: rocky land

35. Oakley HOUSTON

  • Meaning: Hughs town

36. Oakley JACE

  • Meaning: God is salvation

37. Oakley JETT

  • Meaning: jet black

38. Oakley KING

  • Meaning: ruler

39. Oakley KINGSTON

  • Meaning: kings town

40. Oakley LAWSON

  • Meaning: son of Lawrence

41. Oakley MAURICE

  • Meaning: dark-skinned

42. Oakley NELSON

  • Meaning: son of Neil

43. Oakley OTTO

  • Meaning: wealth

44. Oakley RIGGS

  • Meaning: one who lives by the ridge

45. Oakley SAMSON

  • Meaning: like the sun

46. Oakley VINCENT

  • Meaning: conquerer

47. Oakley WELLS

  • Meaning: spring

48. Oakley WYATT

  • Meaning: brave at war

49. Oakley XAVIER

  • Meaning: new house

50. Oakley ZACHARIAH

  • Meaning: God remembers

Gender Neutral Middle Names for Oakley

Gender neutral middle names that go well with Oakley

The great thing about a fully unisex name is that it allows your future baby the space to find their own gender identity. If you’d like to keep your baby’s name gender neutral, here are some great gender neutral names that go with Oakley.

Of the names below, I find Oakley Addison to have a fun flow and Oakley Hayes to sound effortlessly cool.

51. Oakley ADDISON

  • Meaning: son of Adam

52. Oakley ADEN

  • Meaning: little fire

53. Oakley BLAKE

  • Meaning: white, dark

54. Oakley CAPRI

  • Meaning: Italian island

55. Oakley CARTER

  • Meaning: transporter of goods

56. Oakley DIOR

  • Meaning: golden

57. Oakley EMBER

  • Meaning: spark

58. Oakley FALLON

  • Meaning: leader

59. Oakley GENESIS

  • Meaning: the beginning

60. Oakley HALO

  • Meaning: divine light

61. Oakley HAYES

  • Meaning: hedged area

62. Oakley JORDAN

  • Meaning: descend

63. Oakley LANE

  • Meaning: pathway

64. Oakley LEIGHTON

  • Meaning: from the meadow town

65. Oakley LENNON

  • Meaning: lover

66. Oakley MADDEN

  • Meaning: little dog

67. Oakley MILAN

  • Meaning: gracious

68. Oakley NOVA

  • Meaning: new star

69. Oakley ONYX

  • Meaning: black gemstone

70. Oakley QUINN

  • Meaning: wise

71. Oakley RAYAN

  • Meaning: wise, plentiful

72. Oakley REIGN

  • Meaning: sovereign

73. Oakley ROWAN

  • Meaning: red-haired, rowan tree

74. Oakley TATUM

  • Meaning: cheerful

75. Oakley WREN

  • Meaning: songbird

Personalized Baby Items

Once you’ve found a great baby name, check out some of these cute ways to personalize their space.

Examples of Oakley as a Middle Name

Oakley can be a great middle name option as well. First, Oakley could pair well with the following girls’ first names:

  • Abigail Oakley
  • Blake Oakley
  • Corinne Oakley
  • Hazel Oakley
  • Raven Oakley

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And here are some boy first names that pair well with Oakley:

Finally, for a gender neutral name, these unisex names work well with Oakley in the middle name spot:

Names Similar to Oakley

  • Blakely
  • Finley
  • Ocean
  • Onyx
  • Paisley
  • Riley
  • Waverly

Things to Consider When Choosing a Middle Name

Before finalizing a middle name for Oakley, don’t forget to check the following:

  • Initials: how do the initials look together, and do they spell anything out?
  • Search the first and middle name together: are there any well-known associations with the name?
  • Nicknames: does the middle name open up more future nicknames for your baby?
  • Trends: how is the name’s popularity trending over time? (You can check our name popularity tool here).

Looking for more name ideas? Check out 65 Middle Names for Arlo. Happy naming!

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