75+ Middle Names for Rowan [Boys, Girls & Neutral]

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Trying to find the perfect middle name to go with the name Rowan? Check out this list of 65+ middle names (with meanings!) for a future baby Rowan, including girls, boys and unisex options.

Rowan is a lovely gender neutral name with a nature vibe. It came on the scene at the new millennium and has quickly gained in popularity.

Rowan has held firm as a unisex name over the last two decades, with its popularity steadily climbing for both boys and girls. In 2021, it ranks #241 for girls and #106 for boys.

These middle name lists are curated from my own database of over 2000 names. When selecting names to feature here, I looked at overall flow, similar style and originality. I purposely focused on names that may be a little off the beaten path with the hope of giving new ideas that you may not find elsewhere on your name search.

Up first we have an overview of the name Rowan and it’s place in our naming zeitgeist. Then you’ll find middle name lists broken down by girls, boys and unisex names.

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Meaning & Trends of Rowan

Rowan means “rowan tree” or “red-haired.” The name is of Irish and Scottish origins. It is debated whether Rowan has always been a gender neutral name or if it originated as a male or female name.

Rowan is a recognizable name that is easy to spell and pronounce. It’s neutral, nature vibe fits well in today’s naming fashion.

Rowan name popularity trend graph for boys and girls

The alternative spellings Rowen and Rohan are also popular pick for boys, sitting at #539 and #797 respectively.

Girl Middle Names for Rowan

Example girl middle names for Rowan

First, let’s turn to girl middle names that go well with Rowan. If you’d like to keep with the Scottish and Irish theme, consider Rowan Maeve or Rowan Fiona. I personally like Rowan Cecelia and Rowan Adele.

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Rowan Adele(noble)
Rowan Allison(noble)
Rowan Brielle(hunting ground)
Rowan Cecilia(blind)
Rowan Elia(God has answers)
Rowan Elodie(wealth)
Rowan Fiona(white, fair)
Rowan Freya(noble)
Rowan Galilee(country of Gentiles)
Rowan Grace(grace)
Rowan Hattie(home ruler)
Rowan Hazel(hazel tree)
Rowan Imogen(maiden)
Rowan Ivy(evergreen vine)
Rowan Joanna(God is gracious)
Rowan Kiara(clear, dark one)
Rowan Lana(light)
Rowan Maeve(hilarity)
Rowan Oaklyn(oak lake)
Rowan Paulina(humble)
Rowan Salma(safe)
Rowan Saoirse(freedom)
Rowan Vida(life)
Rowan Violeta(purple, flower)
Rowan Zinnia(flower)

Boy Middle Names For Rowan

examples of boy middle names that go well with Rowan

The list below are middle name ideas for boy Rowans. For boys, Rowan Ivar, Rowan Nash, and Rowan Thatcher are fetching middle name options.

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Rowan Alistair(defender)
Rowan Andrew(manly)
Rowan Archer(bowman)
Rowan Brady(broad meadow; broad chested)
Rowan Emir(prince)
Rowan Gideon(hewer)
Rowan Heath(moor dweller)
Rowan Huxley(Hugh’s meadow)
Rowan Ivar(archer)
Rowan Jasper(treasurer)
Rowan Kane(warrior, man, golden)
Rowan Marshall(horse caretaker)
Rowan Nash(by the ash tree)
Rowan Peter(rock)
Rowan Pierce(rock)
Rowan Porter(doorman)
Rowan Samuel(God has heard)
Rowan Saul(prayed for)
Rowan Stetson(young person)
Rowan Thatcher(roof maker)
Rowan Vance(by the marshland)
Rowan Viggo(battle)
Rowan Wallace(stranger)
Rowan Wilder(untamed)
Rowan Zane(God’s gift)

Gender Neutral Middle Names for Rowan

Gender neutral middle names for Rowan

If you’d like to keep your baby’s full name gender neutral, below you’ll find gender neutral middle names that flow well with Rowan. I personally like Rowan Baylor and Rowan Quill, as a unique alternative to unisex Quinn.

Rowan Adley(God is just)
Rowan Amari(eternal)
Rowan Aubrey(elf ruler)
Rowan Baylor(delivery person)
Rowan Bellamy(good friend)
Rowan Bristol(at the bridge)
Rowan Cade(round)
Rowan Cassidy(clever; curly hair)
Rowan Chandler(candle maker)
Rowan Finley(fair-haired warrior)
Rowan Haisley(hazel tree)
Rowan Kit(bearing Christ)
Rowan Landry(ruler)
Rowan Mica(loved friend)
Rowan Milan(gracious)
Rowan Murphy(sea warrior)
Rowan Nico(people of victory)
Rowan Paisley(church)
Rowan Perry(pear tree)
Rowan Presley(priest’s meadow)
Rowan Quill(from the woods, feather)
Rowan Rain(rain shower)
Rowan Scout(explorer)
Rowan Selah(praise, bolder)
Rowan Tate(cheerful)

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Examples of Rowan as a Middle Name

Thinking about Rowan in the middle name spot instead? Check out these ideas for using Rowan as a middle name.

First, Rowan works well as the middle name for the following girls’ first names:

Next, some boy first names that vibe well with Rowan as a middle:

  • Brooks Rowan
  • Dash Rowan
  • Dean Rowan
  • Hugo Rowan
  • Thatcher Rowan

Lastly, these unisex first names match well with middle name Rowan:

Names Similar to Rowan

  • Aiden
  • Kieran
  • Owen
  • Reagan
  • Ronan
  • Rory

Things to Consider When Choosing a Middle Name

Some final things to consider before finalizing on a full name:

  • Nicknames: does the middle name provide any good nicknames for your baby?
  • Initials: do the name initials spell anything?
  • Full Name Search: are there well-known associations of the full name?
  • Popularity Trend: how is the popularity of the name changing? (You can check our name popularity visualization tool here.)

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Happy naming!

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