40 Charming Girl Names with Boyish Nicknames


girl names with boyish nicknames

Looking for girl names with built-in boyish nicknames? Then this list is for you. Below you’ll find 40 feminine full names that have nicknames more commonly used for boys.

These names blend some of the hottest trends in baby naming today. Gender neutral options are en vogue as parents seek individuality and flexibleness for their babies.

Nicknames-as-names are also having a moment. Names that would have previously only been used as nicknames are charting as full names, like Ellie and Archie.

Perhaps you love nickname style but still want a formal name for professional settings. Or, you’re looking to balance a feminine full name with a boyish nickname for future flexibility. These names give you the best of both worlds.


Augusta is a great girl name if you’d like multiple boyish nickname options. Aside from the ever-popular August, future Augustas can also go by Gus or Augie.


Aurora is a smash hit name for girls today. It comes from Latin and means “dawn.” Rory, originally an Irish boys-name turned gender-neutral-name, is a great nickname option.


Bonnie is an adorably casual nickname-name. I once pitched the name for my own kid, and think Bonnie is definitely due for a comeback a la Sadie and Ellie. If you want to shorten Bonnie even more, you have the great boyish nickname of Bo.


Bridget is a familiar name that is actually quite uncommon today. Having peaked in the 1970’s, the name has been waning in popularity. Bridget is perfect though if you’re looking for a more uncommon girl name with boy nickname combo, as it is also one of the few names where you could use the nickname Jett.


If you’re looking for a girl name with effortlessly cool boy nickname, consider Cash as a nickname for Cassandra. Cassandra had its heyday in the 1990’s and comes from Greek meaning “shining one.”


Adjacent to popular Cora, Coraline is perhaps best associated with the novel-turned-movie by the same name. Coraline comes from French for “coral” and is a full name option for the boyish nickname Cory.


It is surprising that Delphine isn’t on the top 1000 list, given the popularity of other French names like Josephine and Adeline. In addition to the obvious Del (a neutral nickname itself), Delphine could also go by boyish Finn.


Edith with its grandma-vibes and adorable nickname Eddie is ready for a resurgence. Edith is a great under-the-radar alternative to popular grandma names with cute nicknames, like Matilda (nickname Tillie) or Eleanor (nickname Ellie).


Edwina is another option for boy nickname Eddie. Edwina also has grandma-chicness but is truly rare. It hasn’t even cracked the top 2000 names for girls. Though, Edwina may see uptick in popularity from the wildly popular Bridgerton series.


Red hot Eleanor is moving in on becoming a top 10 baby name in the United States. While most parents opt for the cute nickname Ellie, a future baby could stand out from her Eleanor-compatriots by using the boy nickname Lenny instead.


Ellie is a wildly popular nickname for little girls today. But what if you love an El-based name but want a more unique nickname? A girl named Eliana could opt for the surprising boy nickname Ian to stand out in the crowd.


Is there a more romantic and feminine name than Evangeline? This lovely name has such great flow that its four syllables roll of the tongue. Because of its length, Evangeline has lots of nickname options like Eva and Angel. However, opting for the boyish nicknames Evan or Van gives a little girl Evangeline flexibility and uniqueness.


As millennials who grew up with American Girl dolls and the teen drama Felicity become parents, the name Felicity has been enjoying a boost in popularity. Make the name Felicity even better by pairing it with the cool boy nickname Felix.


Don’t let the Shrek ogre association dissuade you from this lovely Irish girl’s name. Fiona means “fair” and “pale” and is an international favorite. Skip Fifi and consider using the boy name Finn as a nickname.


Boy nicknames for girls has been a hot trend, with nicknames like Frankie and Charlie both making the top name list as given names. However, if you’d still like a formal name for Frankie, Francesca is a great full name option.


Georgia may be one of the most obvious girl names with boy nickname potential on this list. Georgia is the feminized version of the classic boy name George. George would be a great nickname for a little girl named Georgia. Georgia comes from Greek origins and means “farmer.”

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Harriet is due for a revival. A top 100 name in the U.K, Harriet had its peak in the U.S. in 1880’s and hasn’t been seen on the top 1000 list since 1970. Plus, Harriet has the built in boyish nickname of Harry. And in the future, you can show her the best Drunk History of all time about another famous Harriet.


Continuing with the old lady style, Imogen is another name to watch for a resurgence. Imogen has a unique sound that stands out compared to more flowing names popular today. Imogen has been a steady favorite in the U.K. but that popularity has yet to cross the pond of the U.S. Plus, Iggy would make a lively nickname for stylish Imogen.


Ingrid is another name that could be used for Iggy. This is a great combo because the fun of Iggy balances out the seriousness of Ingrid. Ingrid comes from Old Norse and is a unique name, having fallen off the top 1000 name list in 2020.


Lenora is an abbreviated form of the name Leonora, an Italian variation of the name Eleanor. Lenora is a unique pick today having hit its peak popularity in 1880’s. Instead of the nickname Nora, future Lenoras can go by Lenny to fit in well among the other grandma-names-with-cute-nicknames popular today.


Leona is one of the many popular lion-meaning names popular today. Riding on the coattails of the smash boy name Leo, Leona has come back into fashion since 2009. Leo is an obvious and beguiling nickname for a baby girl named Leona.


Louise is another name enjoying its grandma-name-revival moment. It hit peak popularity in the 1910’s and reentered the top 1000 name chart in 2016. Louise brings with it the simple boy nickname of Lou.


Magnolia is one of the many floral names trending right now. Magnolia is quickly gaining on flower favorites like Daisy, Rose, and Violet. Aside from the obvious nickname Maggie, a Magnolia could also go by the boy name Nol.


Margaret is a name of many nicknames. Margarets can go by Maggie, Margo, Daisy, Rita, Marge, Peggy, Meg, Madge, Marjorie, and Megan. Or, go for the unique boyish nickname of Rhett. Margaret was a top 10 name in the early 1990’s and has enjoyed steady popularity for the last century.


Martha feels like an old lady name, and that’s part of it’s charm. As Mabel and Edith come back on the scene, Martha too could be posed for a rally. A young Martha could balance the properness of the feminine name with the spunkiness of Marty as a nickname.


A feminization of the name Max or Maxwell, Maxine is a girl name with a very obvious boy nickname. I included it here because it feels due for another moment in the sun. Last popular in the 1920’s, Maxine now feels fresh and plucky. And, Max is a great nickname for a girl or a boy.

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Already a short name, you may be surprised to see Molly on this list. However, Mo is a great boyish nickname for such a classic girl’s name. Having started as a diminutive of Mary, Molly has been around since the Middle Ages. It comes from Irish origins meaning “of the sea” or “bitter.”


Nicole may seem like a perennial girl name but in fact, it came storming onto the scene in the late 1960’s and hit the top 10 by 1972. It remained a top 10 name through the 1980’s before starting its descend. Time will tell if Nicole sticks around enough to stay timeless or if it’ll become dated like the Lindas and Heathers before her. Hopefully it hangs on because Nico is a great boy nickname for baby Nicoles.


You may not think of Olive as a part of the grandma-name revival. It feels modern, almost like a celebrity or influencer popularized it, a la Apple or Luna. However, Olive was a top 100 name at the turn of the century and remained a favorite through the first half of the 1900’s. Olive is a great girl option is you love the nickname Ollie, a hot nickname today.

If you love the name Olive, explore my list of 70+ Alluring Middle Names for Olive.


Ottilie is a rare French name that means “prosperous in battle.” A popular name in the U.K., it has yet to find it’s footing across the pond. Ottilie hits that sweet spot of being a unique name with the history of a classic name, having last charted in the 1800’s. Ottilie offers two on-trend girl nicknames Tilly and Lottie, but don’t forget about cool Otto as a nickname option too.


If you know the meaning of Persephone, you may be surprised to see it gaining popularity in the last few years. The daughter of Zeus, Persephone is the queen of the underworld in Greek mythology. However, Persephone is also the origin story of seasons and harvest. Persephone sounds romantic and feminine, and you can balance it was the tomboyish nickname Percy.


Philomena is a Greek name meaning “lover of strength.” In the past, Philomena may have felt unwieldy but with the rise of other over-the-top Greek names like Calliope and Persephone, it could be a unique and fashionable pick. Phil is an excellent boyish nickname for a baby girl too.

Bonus: Philippa is another good option for the nickname Phil.


Piper is crisp and fun, with the spunky nickname option of Pip. Piper is technically a unisex name but has mostly fallen off for boys since its fast rise for girls in the last 20 years. It has been a top 100 girl name for the last decade.


Regina is added as the title and signature of reigning monarchs and has since evolved into a name. It is a strong and formidable choice that radiates confidence. For nicknames, Reggie is an adorable alternative to Gina.

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Roxanne would be a surprising pick for this generation of parents. It was last popular between the 1960’s to 1980’s so it is not yet due for a revival. But, Roxanne has perhaps the ultimate tomboyish nickname: Rocky. A baby Roxanne or Rocky would definitely stand out at a playground full of Ellies, Olivias and Milas.


A future Savannah can rock the effortless nickname Van, a great under-the-radar boys name. Van feels boyish but given its relative rarity, most people will not have met a boy named Van. This makes the nickname even more wearable for a girl.


Of the girl names with boyish nicknames on this list, this is the name I wish I had discovered before naming my kids. Thora with its built-in nickname Thor is too cool. It has the style of popular names like Nora and Cora but is entirely unique. Thora feels understated and confident, and comes from Old Norse meaning “thunder.”


Veronica was at its prime between the 1960’s and 1980’s. It is not yet due for a comeback, which means your future Veronica would not be likely to run into a namesake on the playground. Veronicas can go by Ronnie, or with a little stretch Nico.


Willow is a voguish name this decade. It has shot up in popularity and as of 2021, it hit #39 . If you love the name Willow but worry about too many other kids with the name, try out the easy boy nickname Will.


Hocus Pocus is making a comeback, can the name Winifred do the same? Winifred may feel clunky and old-timey, but those are exactly the elements that draw in fashionable parents looking for a unique classic. Plus, both Winnie and Freddie are absolutely winning nicknames (and if you like the name Winnie, don’t forget to check out our list of 25 Full Names for Winnie).

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