75+ Attractive Middle Names for Ottilie with Meanings

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middle names for ottilie

Looking for middle names for Ottilie? Then check out this list of names that go well with Ottilie, each with meaning and origin.

Ottilie was one of the first names I found when I started getting into names. I love it’s beginning O and unique sound, and have always liked the name Otto from which Ottilie derives.

I had a great time researching and handpicking these middle names for Ottilie. With it’s ending ‘-lie’ sound, it flows effortlessly with so many names. These names came from my personal database of over 2000+ names, plus I did extra research on French and O-names that would work well as middle names for Ottilie.

Below you’ll find middle names for Ottilie that are classic and cute, unique and alliterative, and short and gender neutral. I also include a section of French names that go well with Ottilie for those looking for a full French-inspired name.

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On to the middle names for Ottilie!

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Top 10 Middle Names for Ottilie

No time to read the whole article? Here are my ten favorite middle names that go well with Ottilie.

  1. Ottilie Vera
  2. Ottilie Wren
  3. Ottilie Audra
  4. Ottilie Lucille
  5. Ottilie Briar
  6. Ottilie Arlette
  7. Ottilie Olive
  8. Ottilie Gable
  9. Ottilie Augusta
  10. Ottilie Dior

Ottilie Name Meaning

Ottilie is a French feminine name that is a variation on the German name Otto. The name means “prosperous in battle.”

Ottilie briefly brushed the top 1000 names in the U.S. for three years starting in 1901. While it is not ranking in the U.S., Ottilie is a top 200 baby name in the U.K.

Ottilie is a great option if you like the nickname Tillie. If you like a more boyish nickname, an Ottilie could also go by Otto, which is why you’ll find the name featured on my list of 40 Charming Girl Names with Boyish Nicknames.

Classic middle names for Ottilie

To kick off the list of middle names for Ottilie, here are some classic names that go well with Ottilie. A classic name adds balance to the uniqueness of Ottilie in the U.S. Ottilie Esther works well since the ending ‘ie’ transitions into the soft ‘es’ sound.

While Ottilie Prudence sounds like a formidable name, it comes with a built-in cute nickname — Opie, from its initials O.P.

Ottilie DIANA(divine)Greek; Latin
Ottilie JOYCE(merry)Latin
Ottilie VANESSA(butterfly)Greek
Ottilie VERA(faith)Slavic; Russian
Ottilie ESTHER(myrtle leaf)Hebrew; Persian
Ottilie LOUISE(renowned warrior)French
Ottilie AGATHA(honorable)Greek
Ottilie PRUDENCE(good judgment)Latin
Ottilie NADINE(hope)French
Ottilie MARCELLA(warlike)Latin
Ottilie AUGUSTA(magnificent)Latin

Unique middle names for Ottilie

On the other hand, perhaps you’d like to pair Ottilie with another unique name. Opting for two unique names adds individuality and fun to a name (and will help your kid secure usernames and email addresses in the future!). Of these, I like Ottilie Audra and Ottilie Ceren.

Ottilie CEREN(gazelle)Turkish
Ottilie TALA(gold)Persian
Ottilie UMA(light)Sanskrit, Hebrew
Ottilie ARBOR(tree)English
Ottilie JOVIAL(cheerful and friendly)English
Ottilie SUNSHINE(light from the sun)English
Ottilie NEVE(snow)Latin; Irish
Ottilie LENORA(light)English; Spanish; Greek
Ottilie GABLE(triangular feature)French
Ottilie DAYA(bird of prey)Hebrew
Ottilie AUDRA(noble strength)English
list of middle names for ottilie

Cute names to go with Ottilie

Ottilie is a strong name with a strong meaning, so a cute middle name can add softness to your baby’s full name. Here are some cute names that go well with Ottilie, like Ottilie Thea and Ottilie Alba. I also love the meaning of Evangeline: bringer of good news.

Ottilie CORDELIA(heart; of the sea)Latin
Ottilie EVANGELINE(bringer of good news)Latin; Greek
Ottilie LUCIA(light)Spanish; Italian; Latin
Ottilie MACY(weapon)French
Ottilie ALBA(sunrise)Spanish; Italian
Ottilie ANNETTE(grace)French
Ottilie ALTHEA(healing power)Greek
Ottilie WILLA(desire; protection)German
Ottilie CALLA(beauty)Greek
Ottilie THEA(goddess)Greek
Ottilie COLLINS(holly plant; young one)Irish; Scottish; Greek

Names starting with O that go well with Ottilie

Next we have middle names for Ottilie that start with O. These alliterative names offer great rhythm and flow. Ottilie Olive has a particularly fun tempo.

Ottilie OCEAN(sea)Greek
Ottilie OCTAVIA(eight)Latin
Ottilie OCTOBER(eighth month)Latin
Ottilie ODETTE(wealth)French; German
Ottilie OLIVE(olive tree)Latin
Ottilie OPHELIA(help)Greek
Ottilie OLIVINE(olive tree, gem)Latin
Ottilie OLIANA(oleander, God answers)Polynesian; Spanish
Ottilie OLEA(olive)Latin
Ottilie OLANNA(father’s jewel)African – Igbo

If you like O names, you may also like my list of 70+ Middle Names for Olive.

One-syllable Ottilie middle names

Since Ottilie is a three-syllable name, consider a short and sweet middle name to go with it. The middle names below are all one-syllable names to go with Ottilie. The ending ‘e’ sound flowing into the ‘e’ in Eve makes Ottilie Eve a charming name combination.

Ottilie RAE(shy one, doe)English
Ottilie WREN(songbird)English
Ottilie REESE(ardent)Welsh
Ottilie ROSE(flower)Latin; French
Ottilie LANE(pathway)English
Ottilie KAY(pure)Greek
Ottilie JO(God is gracious)Latin; Hebrew
Ottilie JAMES(supplanter)Hebrew
Ottilie EVE(life)Latin; Hebrew
Ottilie FAYE(fairy)French; English
list of middle names that go well with ottilie

Gender neutral middle names for Ottilie

Gender neutral middle names are great options to give your child identity flexibility in the future. Here are some great unisex middle names for a future Ottilie. Ottilie Eden and Ottilie Reed are my favorites.

Ottilie EDEN(biblical garden)Hebrew
Ottilie SCOUT(explorer)English
Ottilie GREER(watchful)Greek
Ottilie ANGEL(messenger)Greek
Ottilie SAGE(wise; herb)Latin
Ottilie ASH(Ash tree)English
Ottilie AUGUST(magnificent)Latin
Ottilie BRIAR(shrub)English
Ottilie BRYCE(swift, freckled)Scottish
Ottilie HOLLIS(near the holly tree)English
Ottilie REED(redhead)English

French middle names for Ottilie

Finally, if you’d like to pair Ottilie with another French-originating name, consider some of these options below. I like the connecting ‘tt’ sound in Ottilie Arlette and the charm of Ottilie Belle.

Ottilie DELPHINE(born of the water; dolphin)
Ottilie LIANA(wrap around like a vine)
Ottilie MARCELINE(young warrior)
Ottilie ROSALIND(pretty rose)
Ottilie DIOR(golden)
Ottilie JOELLE(God is willing)
Ottilie ARLETTE(lion of God)
Ottilie LUCILLE(light)
Ottilie BELLE(beautiful)
Ottilie CLAIRE(bright)
Ottilie AMBRE(jewel)

Sibling names to go with Ottilie

Like Ottilie, the name Alderic is a French name that also shares German roots.

Brothers for Ottilie

  • Dorian
  • Barnaby
  • Matheo
  • Finnian
  • Aldéric
  • Ambrose
  • Lawrence

Sisters for Ottilie

  • Oliana
  • Lisette
  • Seraphine
  • Cosette
  • Romilly
  • Delphine
  • Alma
  • Lorelai

Names similar to Ottilie

  • Ottilia
  • Odilia
  • Ottiline
  • Otta
  • Odette
  • Elodie
  • Olivette
  • Olene
  • Aurélie

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