70+ Unisex Nature Names: Earthy & Gender Neutral Ideas

70 unisex nature names

Unisex nature names combine two major trends in baby names today: gender neutrality and earthy nature vibes. Many nature names strike the ideal balance of being unique while also being recognizable and easy to spell.

You’ll find unisex nature names popping up throughout the Top 1000 Popular Names list, such as Nova, Wren, Sage and Hadley. Since nature words are often not gendered, most nature names are easily worn by both boys or girls.


Below you’ll find gender neutral nature names taking inspiration from the land, animals, waterways, botanicals and the skies. The list includes a mix of already popular options like River and Bailey; up and coming names like Cove and Zephyr; and, unique names like Taryn and Cedar.

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A Note on Gender Neutral Names

Before diving in, let me offer a quick warning that finding a unisex name that stays truly gender neutral over time is a tall order. Picking a unisex name today is capturing a moment in time — today’s gender neutral name may easily become tomorrow’s hit boy or girl name.

There are multiple reasons for this. First you may be catching a name as it transitions from being used by one gender to the other. A name may also be too new or unique to have an associated gender. For a deeper dive into these trends that gender neutral names often follow, check out our list of 101 Nonbinary Names.

Unisex nature names are often neutral because they are newer names without a gender association. The benefit of these more unique nature names is that rarer names are less likely to hit a critical mass needed to swing the name into gendered territory.

To get a better idea of how your favorite nature names are trending, try out our name trend data tool, which visualizes both girl and boy names in the same graph.

Earthy Gender Neutral Baby Names

Unisex nature names with pictures of the earth

This first set of unisex nature names is inspired by the land. These nature names are down to earth and grounded (puns!). It includes names with landforms, gemstones and terrain meanings.

Land nature words are great unisex name options because they often do not have a gender association, like how flower names are more common for girls.

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Arden(eagle valley)
Arlo(rock hill)
Bailey(berry clearing)
Dell(small valley)
Eden(biblical garden)
Hadley(heather field)
Harlow(rocky hill)
Logan(balanced stone, marsh)
Onyx(black gemstone)
Taryn(of the earth)

Animal-Inspired Unisex Nature Names

Animal-themed names with pictures of animals

Below are gender neutral names inspired by animals in nature. Many of these names come from bird names, which are currently enjoying a rise in popularity led by names like Wren and Piper.

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I personally love the name Winnow as a unique option for the nickname Winnie. While still more common with girls, I think Piper would make a great choice for a little boy with the nickname Pip.

Birdie(little bird)
Falcon(bird of prey)
Hunter(one who hunts)
Lynx(wild cat)
Phoenix(mythological immortal bird)
Robin(songbird, bright)
Teal(small duck)
Winnow(to blow the air with one’s wings)
Wren(passerine bird)
Yael(mountain goat)

Water and Sea Unisex Nature Names

Water name ideas with pictures of the ocean

If you’re looking for calm and flowing name inspiration, consider one of the following unisex nature names with water and sea meanings.

Of the names on this list, I predict Harbor and Cove to start popping up more. They fit in nicely with currently popular name River (#110 for boys, #151 for girls). I personally like the names Marin and Marlow as gender neutral options.

Bay(sea inlet)
Cove(bay, inlet)
Creek(small river)
Dylan(song of the sea)
Harbor(protected water safe for ships)
Marin(of the sea)
Morgan(bright sea)
River(wide stream of fresh water)
Rylan(island meadow)

Personalized Name Items

Once you’ve found the perfect unisex nature name, check out these personalized name items. These make great gifts or final touch to a nursery.

Botanical Gender Neutral Names

Plant inspired baby names with pictures of flowers and leaves

While floral names are having a moment with hits like Rose and Daisy, expand your search to consider these great gender neutral botanical names. The list includes names inspired by nature’s trees, herbs and plants.

Names like Sage and Oakley are already quickly climbing the top name charts for both boys and girls (Sage: #427 boys, #179 girls; Oakley: #403 boys, #193 girls). Ash and Ollie are both great names that work as nicknames or standalone names.

Ash(Ash tree)
Ashton(Ash tree)
Aspen(Aspen tree)
Blakely(dark wood)
Cedar(Evergreen tree)
Clover(herb that symbolizes luck)
Laurel(Bay Laurel tree)
Lennox(Scottish elm grove)
Linden(flowering tree)
Juniper(juniper-berry, evergreen)
Oakley(meadow of oak trees)
Ollie(olive tree)
Rowan(rowan tree)

Celestial Unisex Nature Baby Names

Celestial themed nonbinary names with pictures of space

Finally, the sky and stars above inspire this last set of nature names. These nonbinary names include names from the sun, weather, and planets.

Though more common for girls, Ariel and Celeste both actually have gender neutral roots and would be refreshing picks for boys. Nova is fast on the rise, only recently hitting top 100 for girls and entering the list of top boy names in 2017.

Rare name like Zephyr and Rain are so infrequently given that they don’t have preconceived gendering, making them great unisex earthy options.

And for more celestial names, check out my list of 50+ Twin Names That Mean Sun and Moon.

Ariel(moon of Uranus)
Moon(natural satellite of a planet)
Nova(new star)
Rain(rain shower)
Sky(upper atmosphere, Norse for ‘cloud’)
Vesper(evening star)
Winter(winter season)
Zephyr(gentle breeze)

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