65+ Middle Names for Maverick [with meanings]


65 Middle Names for Maverick

Looking for the perfect middle name for a future baby boy named Maverick? Check out this list of 65+ middle names with meanings that go well with Maverick. The list includes soft, classic, modern and unisex names — something for everyone.

Maverick is currently the #47 most popular name for baby boys born in America. For two years in the 1950’s Maverick made it into the Top 1000 name list but then disappeared for another forty years. It reappeared in the mid-90’s and started gaining steam in the last decade. From 2010 to 2021, Maverick jumped in popularity from #507 to #47. That momentum shows no signs of waning with the release of the new Top Gun: Maverick movie.

Meaning of the Name Maverick

Maverick is an English-originating name meaning independent and free-spirited. It has a strong American feel with it’s individualistic and make-it-happen vibe. Indeed, it has not gained the same popularity abroad that it enjoys in the United States.

Maverick got its push into baby name popularity by the movie Top Gun. With the release of a new Top Gun in 2022, Maverick is likely to remain a favorite for baby boys in the coming years.

Maverick is also occasionally given to girls, making it a less common gender neutral name pick. In 2021, 97 baby girls were named Maverick compared to 6548 boys. You can check out more baby names’ popularity by checking out our name trend data tool.

Baby name popularity trend for Maverick

Soft Middle Names that go with Maverick

Soft middle name ideas for Maverick

Maverick is a bold, strong baby name pick. Pairing it with a soft middle name is a great way to add balance to the full name. Below are cute middle name ideas for baby Maverick. I love the smooth alliteration of Maverick Marcel.

Maverick Augustine(magnificent)
Maverick Calvin(bald)
Maverick Damian(to tame)
Maverick Davis(beloved)
Maverick Elias(Lord is God)
Maverick Emmanuel(God is with us)
Maverick Henry(home ruler)
Maverick Joseph(God increases)
Maverick Lawrence(from Laurentum)
Maverick Marshall(horse caretaker)
Maverick Peter(rock)
Maverick Phillip(lover of horses)
Maverick Simon(hear, listen)
Maverick Victor(winner)
Maverick Wilder(untamed)
Maverick Zachary(God remembers)

Classic Middle Names for Maverick

Classic middle name ideas for Maverick

Maverick is very much an on-trend, modern first name. Consider pairing it with a classic middle name to achieve both a modern and timeless feel. My favorite classic middle names that go with Maverick are Maverick Calvin and Maverick Victor.

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Maverick Asher(happy)
Maverick Aziel(God is my power)
Maverick Cade(round)
Maverick Dane(God will judge)
Maverick Edison(son of Edward)
Maverick Evander(Good man)
Maverick Idris(smart)
Maverick Isaiah(God saves)
Maverick Jules(youthful)
Maverick Keanu(breeze)
Maverick Leon(lion)
Maverick Marcel(young warrior)
Maverick Orion(dawning)
Maverick Owen(young noble)
Maverick Shepherd(sheep herder)
Maverick Vance(by the marshland)
Maverick Wells(spring)

Modern Middle Names for Maverick

Modern middle name ideas for the baby name Maverick

To keep with the contemporary feel of Maverick, you could pair it with one of these modern middle name. I particularly like Maverick Steele and Maverick Archer for a fresh, modern quality.

Maverick Apollo(destroyer)
Maverick Archer(bowman)
Maverick Bridger(lives by a bridge)
Maverick Cassian(hollow)
Maverick Colter(colt horse herder)
Maverick Ford(dweller by the ford)
Maverick Gage(money lender)
Maverick Grady(noble)
Maverick Gunner(fighter)
Maverick Jett(jet black)
Maverick Kendrick(champion)
Maverick Roman(from Rome)
Maverick Steele(like steel)
Maverick Thatcher(roof maker)
Maverick Tyson(firebrand)
Maverick Walker(fuller of cloth)

Unisex Middle Names that go with Maverick

Unisex middle name ideas for babies named Maverick

Maverick reads as a masculine and hardy name. Adding a gender neutral middle name gives your baby flexibility in the future. Here are some unisex names that pair well with Maverick. I like the flow of Maverick Landry and Maverick Blake.

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Maverick Adrian(sea)
Maverick Banks(someone who lives by the river)
Maverick Blake(white, dark)
Maverick Bodhi(enlightened)
Maverick Cary(stream; pure)
Maverick Chance(good fortune)
Maverick Emory(industrious)
Maverick Grey(gray-haired)
Maverick Harley(hare’s field)
Maverick Landry(ruler)
Maverick Luz(light)
Maverick Palmer(pilgrim)
Maverick Reed(redhead)
Maverick River(wide stream of fresh water)
Maverick Ryan(little king)
Maverick Tate(cheerful)

Personalized Baby Name Items

Once you’ve settled on a name for your Maverick, check out these cute ideas for baby name you can customize with their name.

First Names that go with Maverick

Bold Maverick makes a fun middle name option as well. These first names go well with Maverick:

  • Arlo Maverick
  • Hunter Maverick
  • Lincoln Maverick
  • Miles Maverick
  • Orrin Maverick

Names Similar to Maverick

Looking for names with a similar style to Maverick? Consider the following:

  • Blaze
  • Gunner
  • Harley
  • Maddox
  • Phoenix
  • Waylon

Considerations Before Choosing a Middle Name

Before settling on middle name, don’t forget to consider the following:

  • Full Name Search: are there any pop culture references for the first and middle names?
  • Trends: has the popularity of the names changed with time? (Check our baby name popularity tool for this!)
  • Initials: do the initials spell anything out?
  • Nicknames: what nickname options does the middle name provide?

Looking for more middle names ideas? Check out our other name lists, such as Stella Middle Name Ideas.

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