50 Unique Masculine Names (+ Meanings)

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Looking for unique masculine names? Check out these unique names for boys, with a focus on masculine strong sounding names.

Too often you’ll come across unique baby name lists where the names are so out there that they don’t sound wearable. I made this list with a focus on names that are fresh, wearable, and will grow into adulthood with a baby.

I’m a researcher who has spent over five years analyzing name trends and collecting hidden gems. Now, I’m here to help you on your name search with this guide to rare names for boys.

Each name below also include their meaning and origins to help give you all the pertinent information about the name in one place, sourced from my personal database of names.

Now, let’s check out the names!

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What makes a unique name?

Before diving in, here are the criteria I used for selecting unique names. These are names you likely won’t hear in your kids class in the future.

Each name on this list had to be truly rare. I used the Social Security Administration name data as my source for determining unique baby boy names.

Every name is outside of the top 1000, and many of them have never cracked the list in the last century.

Unique names for boys

Now let’s check out these rare masculine names. There are so many cool names on this list.

I personally like the rhythmic sound of Emeric. And, Fitzwilliam is a unique full name if you love the classic nickname Will (its one of my favorites on my list of 50 formal names for Will).

Finally, with the rarity of Z names, names like Zeno are doubly unique. Don’t worry, I have more Z names for boys too if you love unique Z names.

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1. Angus

  • Meaning: choice
  • Origin: Scottish

2. Barnaby

  • Meaning: son of consolation
  • Origin: English

3. Baxter

  • Meaning: baker
  • Origin: English

4. Bram

  • Meaning: father of many
  • Origin: Hebrew

5. Buzz

  • Meaning: low humming
  • Origin: English

6. Ciro

  • Meaning: sun
  • Origin: Italian; Spanish

7. Darragh

  • Meaning: oak tree
  • Origin: Irish

8. Dimas

  • Meaning: sunset
  • Origin: Greek

9. Emeric

  • Meaning: home ruler
  • Origin: German

10. Fitzwilliam

  • Meaning: son of William
  • Origin: French

11. Forrester

  • Meaning: woodsman
  • Origin: French

12. Hawk

  • Meaning: bird of prey
  • Origin: English

13. Hayward

  • Meaning: guardian of the hedges
  • Origin: English

14. Holt

  • Meaning: small woods
  • Origin: English

15. Mars

  • Meaning: God of War
  • Origin: Latin

16. Oisin

  • Meaning: deer
  • Origin: Irish

17. Olar

  • Meaning: green beast
  • Origin: Norwegian

18. Olympio

  • Meaning: from Mount Olympus
  • Origin: Greek

19. Orazio

  • Meaning: prayer
  • Origin: Italian

20. Orfeo

  • Meaning: darkness of night
  • Origin: Greek

21. Ortego

  • Meaning: nettle
  • Origin: Latin; Spanish

22. Peregrine

  • Meaning: traveller
  • Origin: English

23. Phelan

  • Meaning: wolf
  • Origin: Irish

24. Phineas

  • Meaning: Nubian, mouth of a snake
  • Origin: Hebrew

25. Pierson

  • Meaning: son of Peter, rock
  • Origin: Greek

26. Rafferty

  • Meaning: prosperous
  • Origin: Irish

27. Robinson

  • Meaning: son of Robin
  • Origin: English
list of unique masculine names for boys: ivor, steele, fergus, holt, oisin, hayward

28. Rook

  • Meaning: passerine bird
  • Origin: English

29. Silvanus

  • Meaning: of the woods
  • Origin: Latin

30. Tolbert

  • Meaning: bright valley
  • Origin: German

31. Zebadiah

  • Meaning: God’s gift
  • Origin: Hebrew

32. Zeno

  • Meaning: Gift of Zeus
  • Origin: Greek

33. Zoran

  • Meaning: dawn
  • Origin: Slavic

Unique names with masculine meanings

Next up are unique boy names with masculine meanings. The names below are not only unique but also have meanings like “manly” and “bold.”

Of these names, I personally love Emrys for the juxtaposition of a softer sounding name but a strong meaning. Ivor is also a cool, unique alternative to popular Ivan.

34. Argus

  • Meaning: vigilant guardian
  • Origin: Greek

35. Arsenio

  • Meaning: manly
  • Origin: Greek

36. Baldwin

  • Meaning: bold and brave
  • Origin: German

37. Baltazar

  • Meaning: protects the king
  • Origin: Hebrew

38. Boaz

  • Meaning: swift, strong
  • Origin: Hebrew

39. Emrys

  • Meaning: immortal
  • Origin: Welsh

40. Farrell

  • Meaning: man of valor
  • Origin: Irish

41. Faulkner

  • Meaning: falcon trainer
  • Origin: French

42. Fergus

  • Meaning: strong, masculine
  • Origin: Scottish

43. Ivor

  • Meaning: bow man
  • Origin: Norse

44. Leopold

  • Meaning: brave
  • Origin: German

45. Montgomery

  • Meaning: man power
  • Origin: French

46. Orso

  • Meaning: bear
  • Origin: Latin

47. Ragnar

  • Meaning: warrior
  • Origin: Norse

48. Steele

  • Meaning: like steel
  • Origin: English

49. Viggo

  • Meaning: battle
  • Origin: Scandinavian, Norse

50. Wolf

  • Meaning: wild dog
  • Origin: English


Remember that when it comes to unique names, baby name trends are often surprising. Today’s unique name may become tomorrow’s new fad.

For example, names like Finley and Atlas weren’t on the radar until they spiked in popularity in the last decace (source: Social Security Administration data).

At the end of the day, pick that name that feels right and timeless to you since there is ultimately no guarantee that a unique name stays that way.

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