70+ Alluring Middle Names for Olive With Meanings

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Are you looking for great middle names for Olive? Explore this list of 70+ lovely Olive middle names, each with their meaning.

I’m a researcher who loves applying my analytic skills to baby name data. I hand-selected these middle names that go well with Olive based on fashion and flow using my database of over 2000+ names.

Olive feels like a new and modern name since it fits so well in current name fashions, such as word-style names and names with soft consonants. However, Olive is a name with a long history — it hit peak popularity in the 1880s!

Spunky and cute, Olive is an excellent pick for a baby girl today. I hope this list below helps you find the perfect full name for your Olive.

The list includes feminine middle names and unique middle names for Olive that you won’t find on the top 1000 name list. I also have a section on gender neutral names that balance Olive’s femininity.

At the end, you’ll find other O-names that would make for alliterative and flowing full names. And we close the list with other nature-inspired names that would go well with Olive.

And don’t forget to check out some of my other name lists for even more inspiration, like this list of charming girl names with boyish nicknames (Olive makes the list with its nickname Ollie!).

On to the names!

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Top 10 middle names for Olive

No time to read the whole list? Here are my ten best picks for Olive middle names.

  1. Olive Adaline
  2. Olive Demi
  3. Olive Camille
  4. Olive Josette
  5. Olive Elowen
  6. Olive Adair
  7. Olive Haisley
  8. Olive Ophelia
  9. Olive Claribel
  10. Olive Delphine

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Feminine middle names for Olive

Now let’s get into the middle names for Olive. First up are classic girl names to match Olive’s femininity. As a name with a long history, Olive pairs well with other established names.

Of these middle name options, I like how Olive flows with names that start with A. Olive Adaline has a nice rhythm to it. I also like the repeating V sound connecting Olive Valentina.

1. Olive ABIGAIL

  • Meaning: fathers joy
  • Origin: Hebrew

2. Olive ADALINE

  • Meaning: noble kind
  • Origin: German


  • Meaning: defender
  • Origin: Greek

4. Olive CALLA

  • Meaning: beauty
  • Origin: Greek

5. Olive CAMILLE

  • Meaning: helper
  • Origin: French

6. Olive DEMI

  • Meaning: half
  • Origin: Greek

7. Olive ELAINA

  • Meaning: light
  • Origin: Greek


  • Meaning: shining light
  • Origin: Greek

9. Olive ELIA

  • Meaning: God has answers
  • Origin: Hebrew

10. Olive EMILY

  • Meaning: rival
  • Origin: Latin

11. Olive JOSETTE

  • Meaning: God increases
  • Origin: French


  • Meaning: from Magdala
  • Origin: French; Greek


  • Meaning: young warrior
  • Origin: French

14. Olive PHILIPPA

  • Meaning: lover of horses
  • Origin: Greek

15. Olive THEA

  • Meaning: goddess
  • Origin: Greek


  • Meaning: healthy
  • Origin: Spanish; Italian; Latin
classic middle names that go well with Olive: Abigail, Demi, Emily, Josette, Philippa, Thea

Unique middle names for Olive

Next, let’s look at unique middle names that go well with Olive. These names are currently outside the top 1000 in the U.S.

Pick one of these Olive middle names and it’s unlikely you’ll run into another baby with the same name on the playground.

I have a soft spot for the name Delphine; it is a nice match for Olive. Olive Augusta is also a strong middle name pick that balances Olive’s geniality well.

17. Olive AFRA

  • Meaning: young deer
  • Origin: Hebrew

18. Olive ANGELINE

  • Meaning: angel
  • Origin: Greek

19. Olive AUGUSTA

  • Meaning: magnificent
  • Origin: Latin

20. Olive CECILY

  • Meaning: blind
  • Origin: Latin

21. Olive CLARIBEL

  • Meaning: bright and beautiful
  • Origin: Latin

22. Olive DELIA

  • Meaning: from Delos
  • Origin: Greek

23. Olive DELPHINE

  • Meaning: born of the water; dolphin
  • Origin: French; Greek

24. Olive IONA

  • Meaning: island
  • Origin: Scottish

25. Olive JOELY

  • Meaning: Jehovah is God
  • Origin: Hebrew

26. Olive LILIAS

  • Meaning: lily
  • Origin: Latin

27. Olive LIVANA

  • Meaning: moon
  • Origin: Hebrew

28. Olive MARTINE

  • Meaning: warlike
  • Origin: French

29. Olive NOREEN

  • Meaning: light
  • Origin: Irish

30. Olive WISTERIA

  • Meaning: flower
  • Origin: English; German

31. Olive ZIRA

  • Meaning: moonlight
  • Origin: African- Berber

Gender neutral names that go well with Olive

Since Olive is a feminine name, you may want to counterbalance it with a unisex middle name. Including a gender neutral middle name in a full name gives your baby more flexibility in the future.

With its soft sound, Adair flows nicely as a middle name for Olive. I also think that Olive Delaney matches Olive’s spiritedness well.

32. Olive ADAIR

  • Meaning: fortunate
  • Origin: English

33. Olive ADLEY

  • Meaning: God is just
  • Origin: Hebrew

34. Olive AMARI

  • Meaning: eternal
  • Origin: African (Yorba); Hebrew; Sanskrit

35. Olive ARDEN

  • Meaning: eagle valley
  • Origin: English

36. Olive BELLAMY

  • Meaning: good friend
  • Origin: French

37. Olive DELANEY

  • Meaning: dark challenger; alder grove
  • Origin: Irish; French

38. Olive HENLEY

  • Meaning: high meadow
  • Origin: English

39. Olive RAY

  • Meaning: counseling protector
  • Origin: English

40. Olive SADE

  • Meaning: honor earns a crown
  • Origin: African – Yoruba

41. Olive TEAGAN

  • Meaning: poet
  • Origin: Irish

42. Olive WHITLEY

  • Meaning: white meadow
  • Origin: English
unisex middle names for Olive: Adley, Delaney, Bellamy, Sade, Arden and Amari

O-names to go with Olive

The next section of middle names all start with the letter O, like Olive. The repeating O sound in the first and middle name gets instant cohesiveness and flow to the full name.

Plus, OO is decidedly cool initials.

From the names below, Odelia matches Olive’s old-time feel. For a more unique and modern option, consider Olive Oceania.

43. Olive OAKLEY

  • Meaning: meadow of oak trees
  • Origin: English

44. Olive ODELIA

  • Meaning: praise God
  • Origin: Hebrew

45. Olive OFRA

  • Meaning: deer
  • Origin: Hebrew

46. Olive OLANNA

  • Meaning: fathers jewel
  • Origin: African – Igbo

47. Olive OLATHE

  • Meaning: lovely
  • Origin: Native American

48. Olive OLENA

  • Meaning: shining light
  • Origin: Ukrainian; Russian

49. Olive OLETHA

  • Meaning: nimble, truth
  • Origin: English; Greek

50. Olive OLIANA

  • Meaning: oleander, God answers
  • Origin: Polynesian; Spanish

51. Olive OPHELIA

  • Meaning: help
  • Origin: Greek

52. Olive ORLA

  • Meaning: golden princess
  • Origin: Irish

53. Olive OTTILIE

  • Meaning: prosperous in battle
  • Origin: French; German

54. Olive OCTAVIA

  • Meaning: eight
  • Origin: Latin

55. Olive OCEANIA

  • Meaning: ocean
  • Origin: Greek

Nature-inspired middle names for Olive

Finally, the last set of middle names for Olive are names inspired by nature. The name Olive originates from the olive tree, giving it an earthy feel.

People who like that feature of Olive will likely find something else they like on the list below.

Olive Elowen has a lovely cadence, and the name have a cool tree connection since Elowen means elm tree. You’ll also find other pretty tree names on the list, like Linnea (lime tree) and Haisley (hazel tree).

56. Olive AYA

  • Meaning: colorful, bird
  • Origin: Arabic; Hebrew

57. Olive BRINLEY

  • Meaning: burnt meadow
  • Origin: English

58. Olive DAPHNE

  • Meaning: laurel tree
  • Origin: Greek

59. Olive DAVINA

  • Meaning: beloved; little deer
  • Origin: Hebrew; Scottish

60. Olive ELOWEN

  • Meaning: elm tree
  • Origin: English

61. Olive HAISLEY

  • Meaning: hazel tree
  • Origin: English

62. Olive IVY

  • Meaning: evergreen vine
  • Origin: English; Latin

63. Olive LILIANA

  • Meaning: lily
  • Origin: Latin

64. Olive LINNEA

  • Meaning: lime tree
  • Origin: Scandinavian

65. Olive MARINA

  • Meaning: of the sea
  • Origin: Latin

66. Olive MARLEY

  • Meaning: pleasant meadow
  • Origin: English

67. Olive ROSELYN

  • Meaning: gentle horse; pretty rose
  • Origin: German; Latin

68. Olive SEPHORA

  • Meaning: bird
  • Origin: Hebrew

69. Olive SIERRA

  • Meaning: mountain range
  • Origin: Spanish

70. Olive YAEL

  • Meaning: mountain goat
  • Origin: Hebrew
Nature themed middle names for Olive: Haisley, Elowen, Yael, Davina, Marley, Ivy

Meaning of Olive

Olive is a name that comes from English, meaning olive tree. The olive branch is also an international peace symbol, so Olive also connotes peace (that’s why the name makes my list of boho hippie names).

Olive came on the scene as a baby name in the 1800s. It was most popular in the 1880s, around when the Social Security Administration began keeping annual name data (source on SSA history).

The name’s popularity then declined through the first half of the 1900s, as seen in the table below.

name popularity graph for the name olive, showing a peak around teh 1920's and the 2010's

Baby name fashions are said to follow roughly 100-year cycles so Olive’s recent revival is right on schedule. Its pluckiness fits in well with other grandma-chic names that have come back into fashion, like Sadie and Hazel.

The name’s popularity likely also benefited from recent pop culture references, such as Little Miss Sunshine, Easy A, and Olive Kitteridge.

Siblings for Olive

Perhaps you found this list looking for names that go well with Olive for a sibling. Don’t worry; I’ve got you covered. Here are names for the brothers or sisters of Olive.

Brothers for Olive

  • Otis
  • Ozzy
  • Arlo
  • Ames
  • Leo
  • Archie
  • Flynn

Sisters for Olive

  • Odette
  • Oleander
  • Willow
  • Marnie
  • Marigold
  • Ada
  • Ruby
  • Betty

Names similar to Olive

Finally, perhaps you love the name Olive, but after going through all these Olive full names, you’re not sure it’s the one. Someone who likes the name Olive may also like the similar names below.

  • Opal
  • Olena
  • Poppy
  • Livia
  • Cherry
  • Mabel
  • Hazel

For even more ideas, don’t forget to check out my list of 55+ names that start with OL.

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