55+ Baby Names That Start With OL [Boys, Girls & Neutral]

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55 names that start with OL

Looking for great baby names that start with OL? Then look no further because this list of 55 names with OL has something for everyone, including ol- names for boys, girls and unisex options.

Unlike other lists you may find with hundreds of names but many of them unusable, I personally handpicked the names below so that every name is truly wearable.

Perhaps you love the nickname Ollie and are looking for a great full name. Or, you’re hoping to honor a loved one with a similar name. Maybe you just love the sound of O names.

These Ol names are also great if you’re looking for unique alternatives to red-hot names Oliver and Olivia.

Plus, each name has its meaning and origins included.

Below you’ll find unique names that start with Ol like Ollis, Olwen and Oleta. It also has unisex Ol names like Olsen and Ollis and fashionable names like Olivette and Olivian.

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Boy Names Beginning With Ol

boy baby names that begin with OL

First up we have boy baby names that start with Ol. Many of these names are more wearable versions of Olaf, like Olan and Olay.

Ol(son of Olwydd, olive tree)Welsh; French
Olar(green beast)Norwegian
Ole(ancestor’s descendant)Norse
Olek(defender)Ukrainian; Greek
Olin / Ollin(relic)Norse
Oliver(olive tree)Latin
Olivian(derived from elephant)Scottish
Olivier(olive tree)French
Ollier(seller of oil)English
Ollivander(Harry Potter wand maker)Literary
Olo(famous in the land)German; Italian
Olvin(elf warrior)German
Olympios(from Mount Olympus)Greek

Girl Names That Start With Ol

example girl names with ol

Next up are girl names beginning with Ol. I like Oleta and Olivine, which is also a unique gemstone name if you’re looking for an alternative to Ruby.

Olala(well spoken)Greek
Olanna(father’s jewel)African – Igbo
Olathe(lovely)Native American
Olena(shining light)Ukrainian; Russian
Olene(circumstances of life)Ukrainian; Greek
Olesha / Olesia(defender)Polish
Oleta(winged one)English
Oletha(nimble, truth)English; Greek
Olexa(defender)Greek; Czech
Olha(holy)Ukrainian, Russian
Oliana(oleander, God answers)Polynesian; Spanish
Olinda(defender, wild fig)Spanish; Greek
Oliva(olive tree)Latin
Olive(olive tree)Latin
Oliveria(olive tree)Latin
Olivette(olive tree)Latin
Olivia(olive tree)Latin
Oliviana(olive tree)Latin
Olivine(olive tree, gem)Latin
Olwen(white footprint)Welsh
Olympia(from Mount Olympus)Greek

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Unisex Ol Names

unisex baby names that start with ol

Finally, here are a few gender neutral Ol baby names to close out the list. Oleander is my favorite of the names below.

Ola(high, ancestor’s relic, life)Arabic; Polish; Hawaiian
Olean(surname name)Scottish
Oleander(evergreen tree)Greek
Oley(oil merchant)German
Oli(elf warrior, olive tree)German; Latin
Olish(surname name)English
Ollie(olive tree)Latin
Ollis(holly tree)English
Olney(olive tree)Latin
Olsen(son of Olaf)Scandinavian

Conclusion: Baby Names with Ol

I hope you were able to find some new Ol name ideas to add to your list. Of the names beginning with ol above, I personally love the names Ollis and Olwen (with great nickname options of Ollie or Winnie).

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