55 Distinguished Middle Names for Otto With Meanings

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middle names for otto

Looking for middle names for Otto? Below you’ll find 55 distinguished middle names that go well with Otto.

I’m a sociological researcher with a passion for baby name trends and data. I’ve handpicked the middle names on this list to save you time on your hunt for Otto middle names.

Otto has come roaring back into fashion in the last decade. The opening and ending O’s, the name symmetry, the simplicity — Otto checks all the boxes.

The firmer ending sound of Otto makes finding a good flow with middle names a little harder. Look for names starting with vowels or softer consonants to soften the transition between the names.

Below you’ll find different style middle names to go with Otto. In addition to general boy names, you’ll find German-originating middle names to match Otto’s roots. I also include a section of O-names for those looking for alliterative full names (because let’s be real OO would be great initials).

In the end, you’ll find some gender neutral middle names to add balance to Otto’s ruggedness. The list closes with names of similar meaning to Otto.

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Now, let’s find some middle names for your Otto.

Top 10 middle names for Otto

Short on time? Here are my 10 favorite middle names for Otto

  1. Otto Benedict
  2. Otto Albert
  3. Otto Olden
  4. Otto Brennan
  5. Otto Ellis
  6. Otto Alaric
  7. Otto Robinson
  8. Otto Abbott
  9. Otto Eamon
  10. Otto Anthon

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Meaning of Otto

Otto is a German-originating name that means “wealthy” that is used as a first name and a surname. A timeless name, Otto was the name of the first monarch of the Holy Roman Empire, Otto the Great.

The name is perhaps best known for Otto von Bismarck, the unifier of Germany. But the name has come a long way from its association with calculating Otto von Bismarck (though I do love some Otto von Bismarck German unification history).

After a long hiatus out of the spotlight, likely due to World War 2 & its German connection, Otto is fully back in fashion.

baby name popularity graph for Otto

Otto re-entered the U.S. top 1000 chart in 2011 and has rocketed up 600 spots in the last decade (per the Social Security Administration database). As a cool alternative to popular O-names like Oliver and Owen, I don’t expect Otto to slow down anytime soon.

Unique middle names for Otto

Now let’s turn to middle names for Otto. Up first are boy names, with a special focus on Otto middle names which are unique. I wanted to highlight names that you may not have thought of or found in your search for middle names.

Of these names, I especially like Otto Adler since the vowel-to-vowel transition gives a nice flow and it shares German roots with Otto.

Otto ABRAM(father of many)Hebrew
Otto ADLER(eagle)German
Otto AGUSTIN(magnificent)Latin
Otto ANTHON(priceless)Latin
Otto ARSENIO(manly)Greek
Otto BENEDICT(blessed)Latin
Otto IMRE(innocent)Hungarian
Otto MARCEL(young warrior)French
Otto MARTIN(god of war)Latin
Otto PIERSON(son of Peter, rock)Greek
Otto ROBINSON(son of Robin)English
Otto SILAS(of the forest)Latin
unique middle names to go with Otto: cash, adair, osiris, fritz, olden, imre

German names that go well with Otto

Next are German middle names for Otto. Otto is perhaps the most stereotypically-German name charting in the U.S. today so finding another German-influenced name is an easy way to match styles.

I think Fritz would make a fun and unique middle name for Otto. I also like the classic option, Otto Albert.

Otto ALARIC(ruler)German
Otto ALBERT(noble)German
Otto BALDWIN(bold and brave)German
Otto BERTRAM(bright raven)German
Otto CONRAD(bold ruler)German
Otto EMERIC(home ruler)German
Otto EMERSON(brave; son of Emery)German
Otto ERNEST(serious)German
Otto FREDERICK(peaceful ruler)German
Otto FRITZ(peaceful ruler)German
Otto ROLAND(famous land)German

Alliterative O middle names for Otto

Next, here are names starting with O to pair with Otto. Alliterative middle names go well with Otto because they give instant flow. Since O is a lesser-used beginning letter for names, the initials OO would be especially cool.

I like many of the names below, but Otto Olden is a particular standout.

Otto OAKLEY(meadow of oak trees)English
Otto ODIN(lord of frenzy)Norse
Otto OLAN(ancestor)Norse
Otto OLDEN(farmstead)Norwegian
Otto OLLIER(seller of oil)English
Otto OLLIS(holly tree)English
Otto OLSEN(son of Olaf)Scandinavian
Otto ORION(dawning)Greek
Otto ORLANDO(famous land)Italian
Otto ORSON(bear)French; Latin
Otto OSIRIS(strong eye)Egyptian
Otto OSMAN(young snake, God’s protection)Arabic; Scandinavian
Otto OZIAS(God is my power)Hebrew; Greek

Gender neutral middle names for Otto

Otto is a decidedly masculine name, owing to its strongman namesakes like Otto von Bismarck and Otto the Great. Consider balancing out laddish Otto with a unisex middle name. Gender neutral middle names are a great way to give your baby identity flexibility in the future.

The smooth “el” sound of Ellison gives effortless flow when paired with Otto. Otto Linden also has a subtle German connection to the famous Unter den Linden boulevard in Berlin (read more about Unter den Linden from Rick Steves).

Otto ABBOTT(father)Amaraic; Hebrew
Otto ALEXIS(defending)Greek
Otto AMARISmoon child, promised by GodSpanish; Hebrew
Otto BELLAMY(good friend)French
Otto BRENNAN(raven, sorrow)Irish
Otto DARCY(dark)French; Irish
Otto ELLISON(son of Elllis)English
Otto LINDEN(Linden tree)English
Otto NOBLE(high born)Latin
otto middle names: alden, ellison, orion, brennan, albert

Middle names that mean wealthy

Finally, here are other middle names meaning wealthy like Otto. Pair Otto with one of the names below for a rich and prosperous full name.

Otto ADAIR(fortunate)English
Otto CASH(hollow; money)English; Latin
Otto CHANCE(good fortune)English; French
Otto DARIUS(to hold the good, rich)Persian; Greek
Otto EAMON(wealthy protector)Irish
Otto EDGAR(fortunate, rich)English
Otto EDWARD(wealth)English
Otto EDWIN(rich friend)English
Otto RAFFERTY(prosperous)Irish
Otto RYKER(rich)German

Sibling names for Otto

Perhaps you’re looking for names that go well with Otto for sibling name ideas. Here are some brother names and sister names that go well with Otto.

Brother for Otto

  • Oisin
  • Finn
  • Alaric
  • Bruno
  • Fritz
  • Milo
  • Rudy

Sister for Otto

  • Olive
  • Heidi
  • Matilda
  • Adela
  • Eloise
  • Eliza
  • Odelia

Names similar to Otto

Lastly, if you love Otto but aren’t sure if it’s the one, here are some names similar to Otto.

  • Otis
  • Oscar
  • Odin
  • Oley
  • Olin
  • Odo
  • Orlo
  • Orso
  • Oslo
  • Otho

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