155+ Pretty Name Combinations for Baby Girls

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Looking for first and middle name combinations for baby girls? Check out this list of 155+ beautiful girl name combinations, with something for every naming style.

I personally researched and curated these names using my database of over 2000+ names and online forums. I then hand-selected each name combination based on its style, flow and meaning.

The list is broken down by style categories, including: classic names, unique name combinations for girls, cute and pretty name combos, and modern picks.

I hope this list will give you new ideas on your hunt for the perfect baby girl first and middle name combination.

At the end of this article, you’ll also find a list of combined names that are made by blending two first names together. The classic example of a blended first name for girls is Maryanne, which combines the classic names Mary and Anne.

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Let’s combine some names!

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Classic baby name combinations for girls

First up we have classic first and middle name combinations for girls.

These names are well established and full of history. They’re perfect for those looking for name combinations that are recognizable, feminine and respectable.

  1. Dinah Frances
  2. Nancy Bee
  3. Edith Eloise
  4. Susannah Audrey
  5. Dorothy Helena
  6. Maxine Sylvia
  7. Ivy Clara

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  1. Felicity Hope
  2. Georgia Lilith
  3. Genevieve Opal
  4. Henrietta Louise
  5. Matilda Rosemary
  6. Winifred Etta
  7. Estelle Alina
  8. Bianca Faye
  9. Alma Odette
  10. Shiloh Perla
classic first and middle name combinations for girls that go well together
  1. Sabrina Esther
  2. Octavia Laurel
  3. Celine Philippa
  4. Mavis Cordelia
  5. Sally Constance
  6. Virginia Cherish
  7. Lois Odelia
  8. Tabitha Salome

Unique name combinations for girls

Next up are unique name combinations for baby girls. These first and middle name combinations include at least one name that is outside of the top 500 girl names in the United States.

Middle names especially are great places to add uniqueness and fun to a name combination, with unexpected picks like Bloom or Wander.

  1. Zola Violet
  2. Landry Juna
  3. Arleth Iona
  4. Zelda Willow
  5. Wednesday Talia
  6. Solana Moon
  7. Orla Hyacinth
  8. Luella Belle
  9. Winsome Margo
  10. Mabel Bloom

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  1. Ottilie Selah
  2. Fable Savannah
  3. Holiday Joelle
  4. Pixie Paloma
  5. Tilda Wren
  6. Ursula Slyvie
  7. Clover Noelia
  8. Baylor Delphi
  9. Sebastiana Joy
unique name combinations for baby girls
  1. Jovie Raya
  2. Salma Althea
  3. Electra Jane
  4. Elowen Wander
  5. Ziva Soraya
  6. Ellery Abigail

Cute first and middle names for girls

If you’re looking for cute first and middle names for girls that go well together, these next name combinations are for you.

These girl name combinations are sweet and adorable, with cute nickname names like Ozzie and Goldie.

The list also includes feminine combinations of names that could work as double barrel names like Jolene Rae and Dixie Anne.

  1. Sadie Lilac
  2. Nell Annalise
  3. Bonnie Rosabel
  4. Penny Maeve
  5. Goldie Mariella
  6. Zuri Juno
  7. Ozzie Lucia
  8. Poppy Lyra

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  1. Nia Carys
  2. Adelaide Whitley
  3. Shoshana Noelle
  4. Dixie Anne
  5. Daisy Cecilia
  6. Tinsley Amaya
  7. Della Shay
  8. Birdie Hazel
  9. Hattie Marie
  10. Gussie Pearl
  11. Marley Ines
cute name combinations for girls
  1. Delta Collins
  2. Jolene Rae
  3. Orietta June
  4. Waverly Addison
  5. Gemma Reese
  6. July Ellington

Modern girl first and middle names that go well together

Next we have modern first and middle name combinations perfect for a baby girl today.

These name combos are on trend, include surname names like Monroe, word names like Sage, and grandma-chic names like Hazel.

  1. Cosette Simona
  2. Frida Blythe
  3. Vida Francesca
  4. Hazel Magnolia
  5. Sloane Petra
  6. Monroe Sable
  7. Jude Seren
  8. Freya Fawn

For more beautiful name combinations for baby girls named Freya, visit my list of 65+ Middle Names for Freya.

  1. Indigo Pearl
  2. Navy Mae
  3. Sage Juniper
  4. Wrenly Alva
  5. Penrose Valeria
  6. Thora Margaret
  7. Valentine Milan
  8. Daphne Clementine
  9. Cleo Blakely
modern name combinations for girls that go well together
  1. Harlow Delaney
  2. Palmer Ellis
  3. Sutton Blair
  4. Belen Rhea
  5. Petra Romilly
  6. Zinnia Jade
  7. Lark Veva
  8. Pippa Page

Pretty baby girl name combinations

Our last set of first and middle name combinations for girls are quite pretty. They combine names that are fancy and feminine.

Many of the names are long and flowing, like Evangeline and Persephone, and have an air of grandeur to them, like Araminta and Odessa.

  1. Callista Briar
  2. Florence Ophelia
  3. Delphine Lilia
  4. Emmaline Flora
  5. Elodie Jocelyn (more: 45 Middle Names for Elodie).
  6. Evangeline Faye
  7. Mirabel Viera
  8. Soleil Amalia
  9. Adair Juliana
  10. Juliette Heather
  11. Persephone Eve
  12. Celeste Amara
  13. Noa Gwenyth
  14. Amabel Orah
  15. Theodora Ruth
Pretty combinations of first and middle names for baby girls
  1. Adeline Naya
  2. Azalea James
  3. Jolie Rosalia
  4. Ellie Adele (more: 99 Full Names for Ellie)
  5. Rosalind Odessa
  6. Vivienne Emilia
  7. Penninah Yael
  8. Georgiana Rue
  9. Winnie Josephine
  10. Colette Martine
  11. Araminta Simone

Blended combined names for girls

Finally, we close with a list with first names that are made up of two names blended together.

These combined girl names blend often together more common names, like Ana and Belle, to make flowing and pretty names like Liliana (Lily and Ana combined together) and Norabel (Nora and Belle combined together).

It also includes a few unique blended names like Araminta (Arabella and Aminta blended together) and Oliviana (Olivia + Ana), a unique alternative to wildly popular Olivia.

  1. Eliana: Ellie and Ana
  2. Mirabel: Mira and Belle
  3. Carolyn: Carol and Lyn
  4. Raelynn: Rae and Lynn
  5. Liliana: Lily and Ana
  6. Adalyn: Ada and Lyn
  7. Kaylee: Kay and Lee
  8. Annabelle: Anna and Belle
  9. Joanna: Jo and Anna
  10. Jaylen: Jay and Lyn
  11. Julianna: Julie and Anna
  12. Gracelyn: Grace and Lyn
  13. Annalise: Anna and Lisa
  14. Rosemary: Rose and Mary
examples of girl first names that are a combined blend of two names together
  1. Pollyanna: Polly and Anna
  2. Araminta: Arabella and Aminta
  3. Stellaluna: Stella and Luna
  4. Adriana: Adiran and Ana
  5. Luciana: Lucy and Ana
  6. Viviana: Vivian and Ana
  7. Avalyn: Ava and Lyn
  8. Marybeth: Mary and Beth
  9. Marilyn: Mary and Lyn
  10. Mariana: Mary and Ana
  11. Jaylani: Jay and Lani
  12. Aubriella: Aubrey and Ella
  13. Ariella: Ariel and Ella
  14. Aviana: Ava and Ana
  15. Oliviana: Olivia and Ana
  16. Adabella: Ada and Bella
  17. Norabel: Nora and Belle
  18. Miabella: Mia and Bella
  19. Luella: Louise and Ella

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