83 Best Boy Names That Start with B

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On the hunt for unique baby boy name that start with B? You’re in the right place. Below you’ll find 83 handpicked B names for boys to save you time looking for the perfect name.

Finding the right baby name is a big undertaking. I spent way way way too many hours researching names for my own kids. My baby name lists were born out of these deep-dives and years of experience analyzing baby name trends.

I put together a variety of ‘B’ boy names to fit every naming style. You’ll find B names for boys that are unique, that are classic, and that are trendy. Plus you’ll find lists of cute B boy names and gender neutral B names.

Each name includes the name’s meaning and origin, sourced from my own database of over 2000+ names. I’ve been compiling this database for years from books, multiple forums, social media, and websites.

I hope this list helps you find some new names to add to your list. Now let’s dive into these handsome B names for boys!

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Unique B names for boys

Up first we have unique B names for boys. All the names in this section are outside the top 500 names (source: Social Security Administration name data). These aren’t names you’re likely to hear on the playground anytime soon.

I love a lot of names in this section, including simple Bay and posh Barnaby. Barnaby makes my list of names with old money style and Bay is unique but fits in well with today’s nature names.

1. Baldwin

  • Meaning: bold and brave
  • Origin: German

2. Baltazar

  • Meaning: protects the king
  • Origin: Hebrew

3. Barnaby

  • Meaning: son of consolation
  • Origin: English

4. Basil

  • Meaning: brave
  • Origin: Greek; Arabic

5. Baxter

  • Meaning: baker
  • Origin: English

6. Bay

  • Meaning: sea inlet
  • Origin: Word Name

7. Bexley

  • Meaning: box tree clearing
  • Origin: English

8. Bishop

  • Meaning: overseer
  • Origin: English

9. Blaine

  • Meaning: slender
  • Origin: Scottish

10. Blaise

  • Meaning: stutter
  • Origin: Latin; French

11. Bond

  • Meaning: farmer
  • Origin: English

12. Bran

  • Meaning: raven
  • Origin: Irish

13. Brecken

  • Meaning: freckled
  • Origin: Irish

14. Buck

  • Meaning: cowboy
  • Origin: English

15. Buzz

  • Meaning: low humming
  • Origin: English

Cute boy names starting with B

Next are boy names that start with B that are soft and cute. Softer names for boys are very in and these names feel personable and approachable.

Of the names below, I love the idea of Birdie as a nickname for a boy and you can pair it with something more masculine as a formal name like Baz, which means falcon. Don’t miss my list of bird names for babies if you’re into the bird name trend.

16. Baker

  • Meaning: baker profession
  • Origin: English

17. Baz

  • Meaning: brave
  • Origin: Arabic

18. Beau

  • Meaning: beautiful
  • Origin: French

19. Beck

  • Meaning: stream
  • Origin: German; Hebrew

20. Benson

  • Meaning: son of Ben
  • Origin: English

21. Billie

  • Meaning: will, desire
  • Origin: English

22. Birdie

  • Meaning: little bird
  • Origin: German; English; American; Scandinavian

23. Bjorn

  • Meaning: bear
  • Origin: Scandinavian

24. Boaz

  • Meaning: swift, strong
  • Origin: Hebrew

25. Boden

  • Meaning: shelter
  • Origin: Scandinavian; German

26. Bodie

  • Meaning: shelter
  • Origin: Scandinavian; German

27. Braden

  • Meaning: wide valley
  • Origin: English

28. Brady

  • Meaning: broad meadow; broad chested
  • Origin: Irish

29. Bram

  • Meaning: father of many
  • Origin: Hebrew

30. Brantley

  • Meaning: fiery torch, sword
  • Origin: English

31. Brayan

  • Meaning: noble
  • Origin: Irish; English

32. Brody

  • Meaning: muddy place
  • Origin: Irish
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Modern boy B names

Next we have modern B names for boys. These trendy names highlight today’s naming fashions. Picking an on trend name connects your baby to his generation and feels very fresh.

In this section, you’ll find a number of noun names that end with ‘s,’ a big trend in boy names lead by the name Brooks. If Brooks is too popular, Banks and Briggs are less used.

33. Banks

  • Meaning: someone who lives by the river or hill
  • Origin: English

34. Bear

  • Meaning: strong bear
  • Origin: German

35. Beckett

  • Meaning: beehive
  • Origin: English

36. Beckham

  • Meaning: homestead by the stream
  • Origin: English

37. Benicio

  • Meaning: blessed
  • Origin: Latin; Spanish

38. Bentley

  • Meaning: meadow with coarse grass
  • Origin: English

39. Blaze

  • Meaning: fire
  • Origin: Latin

40. Bode

  • Meaning: messenger
  • Origin: Norse; German

41. Bodhi

  • Meaning: enlightened
  • Origin: Sanskrit

42. Boone

  • Meaning: good
  • Origin: French

43. Boston

  • Meaning: town by the woods
  • Origin: English

44. Bowen

  • Meaning: son of Owen
  • Origin: Welsh

45. Braxton

  • Meaning: Brocks town
  • Origin: English

46. Bridger

  • Meaning: lives by a bridge
  • Origin: English

47. Briggs

  • Meaning: bridge
  • Origin: English

48. Brixton

  • Meaning: place in London
  • Origin: English

49. Brooks

  • Meaning: by the brook
  • Origin: English

Classic boy names that start with B

Next, here are the timeless classic B names for boys. These names have been around for generations, offering familiarity and stability. Classic names are great choices if you’re after something enduring and treasured.

Of the names below, I particularly like Benedict as a less-expected formal name for Ben.

50. Barrett

  • Meaning: bear strength
  • Origin: German

51. Bartholomew

  • Meaning: son of furrows
  • Origin: Aramaic

52. Benedict

  • Meaning: blessed
  • Origin: Latin

53. Benjamin

  • Meaning: son of my right hand
  • Origin: Hebrew; Arabic

54. Bennett

  • Meaning: blessed
  • Origin: Latin

55. Bernard

  • Meaning: German
  • Origin: brave like a bear

56. Bertram

  • Meaning: bright raven
  • Origin: German

57. Booker

  • Meaning: scribe
  • Origin: English

58. Bradley

  • Meaning: wide valley
  • Origin: English

59. Brandon

  • Meaning: prince; hill covered with broom
  • Origin: Celtic; English

60. Branson

  • Meaning: son of Bran
  • Origin: English

61. Brendan

  • Meaning: prince
  • Origin: Irish

62. Brock

  • Meaning: badger
  • Origin: English

63. Bronson

  • Meaning: son of the dark one
  • Origin: English

64. Bruce

  • Meaning: thick brush
  • Origin: English; French; Scottish

65. Bruno

  • Meaning: brown
  • Origin: German

66. Bryan

  • Meaning: virtuous
  • Origin: Irish

67. Bryant

  • Meaning: strong
  • Origin: Irish

68. Bryson

  • Meaning: son of nobility
  • Origin: Welsh

69. Byron

  • Meaning: barn
  • Origin: English
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Unisex B names for boys

Lastly, we close with gender neutral B names that would be great for a baby boy. I love unisex names, having used them with both our kids. They are fashionable and they give future identity flexibility.

From the unisex B names below, I love Bellamy for a boy. It flows and feels unexpected. The name is new on the top 1000 list for both boys and girls so time will tell if it leans towards one gender as it becomes more established.

70. Bailey

  • Meaning: berry clearing
  • Origin: English

71. Baylor

  • Meaning: delivery person
  • Origin: English

72. Bellamy

  • Meaning: good friend
  • Origin: French

73. Berkley

  • Meaning: meadow of birch trees
  • Origin: Scottish; English

74. Beryl

  • Meaning: gemstone
  • Origin: Greek

75. Blaire

  • Meaning: plain
  • Origin: Scottish; Irish

76. Blake

  • Meaning: white, dark
  • Origin: English

77. Bowie

  • Meaning: blond
  • Origin: Irish; Scottish

78. Braylen

  • Meaning: broad valley
  • Origin: Constructed Name

79. Brennan

  • Meaning: raven, sorrow
  • Origin: Irish

80. Briar

  • Meaning: shrub
  • Origin: English

81. Bristol

  • Meaning: at the bridge
  • Origin: English

82. Bryce

  • Meaning: swift, freckled
  • Origin: Scottish

83. Brynn

  • Meaning: hill
  • Origin: Welsh

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