30 Enchanting Nicknames for Ophelia

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So you found the perfect baby name: Ophelia. But for many people, the name search doesn’t end there. You also have to think about nicknames for Ophelia. As if deciding on one name isn’t hard enough!

Thinking about your baby’s future nicknames is valuable so you can have the best shot in picking their nickname. For example, if you love the nickname Lia for Ophelia, you’ll want to make that clear from the jump so that people don’t start calling her Oppie.

Don’t worry, I’m here to help. Below you’ll find 30 Ophelia nicknames to help you find the perfect term of endearment for your baby.

I’m a researcher who loves names. I personally put together this list of NAME nicknames using my database of over 2000+ names, my evaluation of the name, online discussion forums and other sources.

I put together an exhaustive list to save you time and help you find many nickname ideas in one place.

And if you love the name Ophelia, don’t forget to check out my list of middle names that go well with Ophelia too.

I hope that this list saves you time on your hunt for the perfect nickname for Ophelia.

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What is a Nickname?

Nicknames are used in place of someone’s given name to express affection, familiarity, or for brevity. Nicknames often derive from a person’s actual name, such as shortening the name, but they can also be selected based on someone’s traits, personality or inside jokes.

Some nicknames are used exclusively in place of a formal name, like William who always goes by Will. Sometimes, the same person may have different nicknames with their family or friends, with the nicknames signaling closeness with the person.

Nicknames for Ophelia

Let’s dive right into the Ophelia nicknames!

1. Effie: Effie could also be spelled Ephie

2. Elia: Elia works perfectly as a nickname for Ophelia because it is the second half of the name

3. Elle: Elle is a crisp and simple nickname for Ophelia

4. Ellie: An Ophelia could also use the nickname Ellie, though be warned Ellie is very popular today as a nickname and a given name (ranking at #30 in the U.S.). If you love the nickname Ellie, don’t miss my list of 99 names Ellie can be short for.

5. Felly: Felly derives from the “phel” part in Ophelia.

6. Fi: Fi is a simple and cool nickname that is less common than Elle. It could also be spelled Fee.

7. Fia: Fia would be a cute nickname that is similar to the popular name Mia

8. Fifi: Fifi is an adorable nickname option for a name like Ophelia with a prominent “f” sound.

9. Flick: Flick is a little farther removed from Ophelia but still could make a cool nickname.

10. Helia: Helia is the latter part of the name Ophelia. The starting “h” sound makes it stand out more than popular Elia or Ellie.

11. Helly: Ophelia could use the name Helly, which was recently popularized by the TV show Severance.

12. Lee: Lee is a classic nickname that works with the “li” sound in Ophelia.

13. Leela: Leela or Lila is a play on the ending “elia” sound in Ophelia.

14. Lia: Lia is the ending sound of Ophelia, making it an obvious nickname contender.

15. Lili: Playing off the “lee” sound in Ophelia, Lili or Leelee could be a cutesy nickname option.

16. O: So simple that is exudes cool confidence, O is perhaps my favorite nickname for Ophelia on this list. Plus, it has the bonus of being like Oprah.

17. Ola: Ola shortens Ophelia by taking parts of the beginning (O), middle (L), and end (A) of the name.

18. Olea: Olea works as a nickname for Ophelia by cutting out the middle part, using only the opening “o” and “lia” sounds.

19. Ollie: Ollie is a popular nickname today that could also work for an Ophelia.

20. Opal: Opal popped up as a nickname suggestion for Ophelia on nearly every forum thread I found. I was a little surprised to see it but it is a lovely name that shares similar sounds with Ophelia.

21. Oph: Oph doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue but an Ophelia is likely to have her name shortened to Oph at some point in her life.

22. Ophelie: Ophelie is a French variation on Ophelia that also sounds like a nickname with its ending “ie” sound for English speakers.

23. Ophie: Ophie is an adorable Ophelia nickname that is likely to stick since the name is so easily shortened to it.

24. Opi: Opi is one of the most suggested nicknames for Ophelia. It could also be spelled Oppie or Opey.

25. Phea: Phea would be similar to Fia listed above, but looks closer to the Ophelia spelling.

26. Phelia: Phelia is a shortened nickname for Ophelia that simply drops the opening “o” sound.

27. Phely: Phely or Feely is perhaps the least usable nickname on this list (I know I would not want to be a middle schooler called Feely), but I include it here since it is a literary Ophelia nickname found in the mystery novel Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie.

28. Phil: I love girl names with boy nicknames so I adore Phil as a nickname for Ophelia.

29. Philly: If you like Phil but want something a little less “old man,” Philly is also a great nickname for an Ophelia.

30. Pia: Like Fia, Pia is another excellent Ophelia nickname that makes a cool alternative to the top 10 name Mia.

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Meaning of Ophelia

Ophelia comes from Greek and means “help” and “aid.” The name is best known for the tragic Ophelia in Shakespeare’s Hamlet (source).

Parents today aren’t deterred by this Shakespeare reference. The name has enjoyed explosive popularity in the last decade. Ophelia has jumped over 600 spots — from #979 to #321 — in only six years (source: Social Security Administration name data).

Other references for the name Ophelia include one of the moons of Uranus, a 2016 Lumineer’s song, and the real name of the Marvel villain Viper.

Tips for Picking the Perfect Nickname

Here are some tips to help you consider the best nickname for your baby.

  • Look to the actual name for inspiration. Do any of the sounds or parts of the name lend themselves to being nicknames?
  • Would the person’s initials or middle name open up more nickname options? For example, someone names Lenora Eloise could go by the nickname “Ellie” based on their L.E. initials.
  • Other places to look for nickname inspiration include: personality traits, interests and hobbies, memorable jokes, or relationship moments.
  • Keep it positive. If you want a nickname to stick, you’ll want to select a respectful name that the person will enjoy.


I hope you found some nicknames for Ophelia to add to your list.

If you aren’t sure if Ophelia is the one, don’t forget to check out some of my other name lists for inspiration. For someone who likes the name Ophelia, you’ll probably also find names you love on my list of charming girl name combinations.

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