20+ Mom of Three Tattoo Ideas

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Looking for mother of 3 tattoo ideas? Check out this list of mom tattoos to celebrate having three kids.

Below you’ll find mom of 3 tattoos that are meaningful, beautiful and simple. The list includes feminine tattoos for moms of three children, minimalist mother of 3 tattoos and unique mom tattoos too.

The tattoos below all celebrate motherhood, including tattoos to honor children’s birthdays, family symbols and tattoos to celebrate a mother’s love.

These tattoo ideas are expressly for moms of 3 kids who want tattoos to honor the being a mom and celebrate having three kids. My favorites are the simple mom tattoos that are subtle tributes to each child’s birthday, like a field of their birth flowers.

Let’s check out the tattoo ideas!

This is a collage image of 6 tattoo designs for mom of three kids include birth times, three birds, morse code and kids portraits and the text says mom of 3 tattoos unique ideas to honor the joy of motherhood

1. Birds

this is a tattoo of three birds on a branch

I love this simple bird design to represent three kids. It is a minimalist drawing and would be easy to extend for future children.

2. Birth times

The text says three times and the subtext says birth times for a mom of 3 tattoo idea

Your children’s birth time could make a simple script tattoo. The tattoo could be a subtle and unique way to honor motherhood since no one else would ever have the same times. Plus, it is minimalist so it could also be done anywhere on the body, making it a very flexible tattoo idea.

3. Birth month flowers

this is a tattoo on the forearm of three flowers

A bouquet of your children’s birth month flowers is a beautiful and feminine way to honor being a mother of three. Each month has its own flower, and a flower bouquet is also an easy design to add after each child is born.

4. Kids’ art

this image is of three handdrawn trees that look like children's art

Using your children’s art is a very meaningful and touching tattoo idea. I love the idea of having each child draw a tree and having your tattoo be of a forest to honor each of them. It has a cool nature vibe while also being perfect and meaningful for a mom of children.

5. Simple stars

This is three black stars in a row

Doing simple stars in a row is an easy and flexible tattoo design. I like the idea of having three stars subtly on the arm, or you could go with something more bold like the stars above. Again, this is an easy design to expand with future kids.

6. Minimalist hearts

this is a tattoo on a wrist of three small hearts in a vertical row

Three hearts is an obvious mom of three tattoo idea. What I like about the design above is that it is simple and minimalistic. I also like the hearts in a vertical line instead of horizontal and that it is a bit off-center to add to its uniqueness.

7. Feminine abstract motherhood design

this is a simple design of a mom holding a baby and two small children growing out of flowers

This is a beautiful design that shows a mother and her children growing out of flowers. It can represent growth of both the children and the mom as she grows in her motherhood.

8. Morse code

this image is morse code of the letters r, o and l

Using morse code to honor your child’s initials is another unique and chic motherhood tattoo. It is a minimalist tattoo too that could be done anywhere on the body. In the tattoo design above, there is one letter for each children’s initials.

9. Favorite animals

this is a tattoo on the forearm of three birds

Doing three of your favorite animal or your children’s favorite animals is another discrete but meaningful mom of three tattoo idea. Here there are three birds in flight.

10. Number 3

this is a wrist tattoo of the number 3

A number 3 tattoo can be a subtle way to honor having three children. This picture shows an example on the wrist but I personally would like a very small and simple number three as a minimalist tattoo for a mom of three.

11. Pretty script names

the text is the names liam, isaac, and olive in a vertical row and the subtext says children's name in pretty script for a mom of 3 tattoo

Tattooing your children’s name in beautiful handwriting is a classic motherhood tattoo. It feels very chic and minimalist. I also like the idea of using your children’s early handwriting as a tattoo to make it even more meaningful.

12. Colorful portrait

This is a colorful tattoo showing three little boys with the middle boy hugging the two other boys

Consider a pop of color for your tattoo to celebrate the joy and brightness of motherhood. Here, a portrait of three children is shown but made more vibrant and unique with bold colors.

13. Walking together

this is a simple black and grey tattoo of a mom walking holding hands with three kids with flowers around it

A mother walking hand in hand with her three children is a classic mom of three tattoo idea. The adding of the flower design adds to its femininity and completeness.

14. Handprints

there are three black and grey handprints in a row

I love the idea of using your children’s small handprints as a very meaningful tattoo. It is unique to only that mother and can also be expanded easily for future children.

15. Mom and 3 kids portrait

this is a portrait tattoo of a mom holding three sons

Adding mom in a portrait tattoo with her children is perhaps the ultimate #proofofmom. This is a big tattoo but it could also be done more simply and minimalist depending on your style.

16. Childlike design

This is a tattoo on a wrist of three simply drawn children

In contrast to more realistic portraits, you could also do a tattoo of three children in a more child-like and playful design, like these stick figure children pictured in the tattoo above.

17. Colorful and cosmic

This is a very colorful and cosmic looking shoulder tattoo showing three colorful kids looking out at the sun

Here is another colorful tattoo example. Here the children are both a portrait and art themselves with floral designs on them.

18. Minimalist wrist design

this is a simple small tattoo of stars on a wrist

Minimalist wrist tattoos feels so feminine and chic. Here, there is are a small flower and stars to represent each child.

19. Birth weights

the text is three numbers with two decimal places and the subtext says birth weights for a mother of 3 tattoo idea

Another idea to celebrate your children’s births is a pretty script tattoo of their birth weights. This minimalist tattoo only uses a few numbers but captures the moment of a child’s birth in a meaningful and simple way.

Looking away portrait

This is a black and white tattoo on an arm showing three boys looking out in the distance

Finally, a portrait of children looking off in the distance can be a nice mother of 3 tattoo. It captures a moment in time, but without faces to keep it more thoughtful and subtle (plus, it skips the risk of faces come out looking weird in the tattoo!).

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This is a collage image of 6 tattoo designs for mom of three kids include handprints, three birds, kids art and motherhood designs and the text says mom of 3 tattoos: 20+ cute and unique ideas

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