30 Mom Tattoos to Celebrate Motherhood

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Looking for motherhood tattoo ideas? Check out this list of 30 mom tattoos to celebrate your role as a mom.

Below you’ll find feminine tattoos for moms, minimalist motherhood tattoos and unique mom tattoos. Each tattoo incorporates elements of being a mom, like celebrating the birth of a child or representing mothers and their children.

These tattoo ideas are specifically for moms who want tattoos for themselves to commemorate the joys of being a mom. I personally love the simple mom tattoos that subtly honor each child’s birth, such as handwritten birth times.

Let’s dive into the tattoos!

this is a collage of mother themed tattoo designs and the text says 30 mom tattoos: unique designs to honor the joys of motherhood

Feminine tattoos for moms

Up first are feminine tattoos for motherhood. These are all beautiful designs that celebrate being a mom in a variety of ways. You’ll find family symbols, homages to birth dates and baby print designs in this section.

1. Birth flower

A rose tattoo in black on a bicep with the word 'bloom' as one of the leaves

Each month has its own birth flower, which could be a lovely and feminine tattoo to honor when your child was born. Pictured above is a rose which is the birth month flower for June.

2. Floral baby feet

a black circle with a floral design and baby feet in the middle of the design.

It features a heart entwined with a delicate floral pattern, and small footprints leading towards the heart. It’s an elegant and timeless concept for a tattoo in honor of a child.

3. Simple mother child design

This is a simple line drawing of a mother holding the hand of a baby

This tattoo design features a minimalistic outline of a mother and child holding hands, symbolizing their unbreakable connection and love. This design is clean and straightforward, with smooth lines and no additional embellishments, making it ideal for a subtle yet meaningful tattoo

4. Watercolor mother and baby

This is a colorful depiction of a mother holding a baby, drawn as flowing colors and lines.

Next, here’s an artistic, abstract watercolor-style graphic design of the connection between a mother and her baby. It expresses the emotions of motherhood through colors and flow, capturing the maternal bond in a creative and beautiful way.

5. Birth month tree

This is a simple graphic of an apple tree with a few apples on it.

A birth month tree is another way to honor a child’s birthday. Here’s a simple tattoo design of an apple tree as an example. The simplicity of the design makes it easy for a tattoo, honoring a birth month tree in a clean and understated style.

6. Footprints

this is a black and white image that looks like baby footprints

Here’s a tattoo design that looks like baby footprints done in ink, similar to the classic hospital footprint keepsake. It captures the unique pattern and tiny details of a baby’s feet.

7. Handprint

This shows a black and white graphic of a baby's handprint

A tattoo of your baby’s early handprint is a sweet way to capture of a fleeting moment in time when your baby was so small. It is also completely unique to your baby. If you have a print of your baby’s hand as a newborn, it may be small enough to even use it in its true size so you can remember how small it was forever.

8. Child’s name in a heart

There is a black heart with the name jon in the middle. The J continues on to make the line of the heart

Incorporating your child’s name into a heart design is a pretty way to honor a child in a tattoo. It also can be made as subtle or obvious as you wish. The tattoo design above incorporates the name Jon seamlessly in the line drawn for the heart.

9. Birth stone

This image shows a graphic of a diamond in blue tones with a line circle around it

Here’s a tattoo design based on a baby’s birthstone. A simple birth stone tattoo could make a lovely tattoo on the inside wrist. For multiple children, you could do a small line of birth stones to represent each child.

10. Tree with hearts

This tattoo design features a symbolic representation of motherhood and children with an beautiful tree. You could personalize the design by representing the number of children in hearts, or by incorporating their initials in the leaves of the tree.

11. Mother & baby elephant

This shows a graphic in black and white of a mom elephant and her baby

This tattoo design captures the strong bond between a mom and child, symbolized by a mother elephant and her young. This design shows a gentle interaction between them, making it a tender tribute to a mother’s love and protection.

Minimalist mom tattoos

Next up are minimalist mom tattoo ideas. These are all very simple designs that still have lots of meaning. What’s great about these minimalist tattoos for motherhood are they are very flexible, so you can use them even for very small tattoos.

12. Morse code of ‘mom’

Using morse code makes for a very minimalist tattoo design. Pictured here is the morse code for ‘mom’ which is so simple that you could tattoo it anywhere. This would look cool on the side of the foot or inner wrist.

13. Handwritten name

this is the word Jon in sketchy handwriting like it was written by a child

A tattoo of a child’s name in their early handwriting is such a sweet motherhood tattoo. It captures the innocence of young childhood and can also be a simple and discrete tattoo.

14. Simple heart

This image shows a small heart tattoo drawn in black on a finger

A small, simple heart is a chic way to symbolize motherhood. What I like about a simple heart is that you could add additional hearts when you have more children to represent each child.

15. Birth time (numeric)

This says 8:53pm in handwriting font. Underneath is says 'birth time for a motherhood tattoo design'

Using your baby’s birth time as a simple script tattoo is another refined and unique way to honor motherhood. Since it is minimalist in its design, it could also be done anywhere on the body and in any size, making it a very flexible tattoo idea.

16. Heartbeat

This shows a heartbeat pattern with a heart incorporated into it. The text below says heartbeat for a motherhood tattoo design

A heartbeat design is a cool tattoo for moms. If you had any fetal EKG’s, it would be really cool to use your baby’s own heartbeat reading for the design of the tattoo. The tattoo above shows a heart incorporated into the heartbeat pattern.

17. Zodiac sign

This is a simple black and white graphic of a pisces symbol

A tattoo of your child’s zodiac sign is another sweet way to honor their birth date. Here’s a very simple tattoo design of the Pisces zodiac sign. The design features the symbol of two fish connected, representing a birth date under Pisces, in a minimalistic style.

18. Mama

The word mama is written in pretty font and underneath it says "mama in simple script for a mom tattoo design.

Tattooing mama in a cool script is a simple and graceful motherhood tattoo. I like the idea of this script design on the inner wrist or forearm.

19. Child’s initial

this image is simply a cursive letter J in simple black font

A simple letter in honor of your child’s initial is a very minimalist and fashionable motherhood tattoo. A minimal initial tattoo could you small enough to tattoo anywhere and could make a cool finger tattoo or more discrete tattoo on a rib cage.

21. Birth weight

there is big font that says 7.32 and the text underneath says 'birth weight for a motherhood tattoo design

Another way to honor a child with a simple script tattoo is to use birth weight. This minimalist mom tattoo only uses a few numbers but captures the moment of a child’s birth in a subtle and meaningful way.

Unique motherhood tattoos

Finally, we close the list with more unique tattoos for motherhood. These ideas are either unique in design, or unique to your child. For example, using your child’s art as a tattoo design guarantees that the tattoo will be unique to only you.

21. Zodiac flower

This is a multicolor sunflower drawing, with unexpected colorfulness on the pedals and leaves

Many people don’t know that each zodiac sign also has a corresponding zodiac flower (source), much like how birth months each have a birthstone. A tattoo of a zodiac flower is a unique way to honor a baby’s birthday. Pictured above is a sunflower tattoo, the zodiac flower for Leos.

22. Morse code child initials

Morse code of the letters KR. Underneath the text says 'morse code of child initials for a motherhood tattoo'

Much like the morse code of ‘mama’ suggested above, using morse code to honor your child’s initials is another unique and chic motherhood tattoo. In the tattoo design above, the morse code is for the initials KR.

23. Birth night constellation

the image shows many little stars with a few of them connected by lines like a constellation

Here’s a simple tattoo design featuring a star constellation, representing how the stars looked on the night a mother’s baby was born. The design includes delicate stars connected by thin lines, forming a unique and minimalistic constellation pattern. A star pattern tattoo is a beautiful way to symbolize the the child’s birth date.

24. Geometric style of mother and baby

This shows a mother holding a baby. They are drawn through geometric shapes and lines to represent their images.

Tattoo designs can also be unique in their style. While a picture of a mother holding a baby may be common, this design is unique in its geometric style. The design consists of modern geometric shapes and lines, creating an abstract yet recognizable representation of a mother and child.

25. Birth time (analog)

An alternative to using your child’s birth time in numbers is to represent it with an analog clock design. This can be a very cool and discrete mom tattoo. I like the idea of doing it very small on the side of a finger.

26. Chinese zodiac animal

this shows a cute pig that is simply drawn with a heart on its side

You could get a tattoo of your child’s Chinese zodiac animal, which represents their birth year. Here is a cute depiction of a pig, which was the symbol for the year 2019.

27. Mother and baby bird

This is a black and white artistic depiction of a mother and baby bird drawn in a minimalist, line drawing style.

Here’s a minimalist tattoo design featuring a connected mother bird and her baby bird. The design is simple and elegant, focusing on the silhouettes of the two birds. This is also a design that you add more birds to if you had future children.

28. Child’s fingerprint

Using your child’s fingerprint is the ultimate in unique tattoos. Since no two fingerprints are alike, you know that it’ll be a unique tattoo design to honor a child.

29. Child’s art

There are two small child hands painting the end of a rainbow with a paintbrush.

Using your favorite piece of your child’s art is a unique and personal tattoo for moms. Here is an example showing a rainbow but the great thing about this mom tattoo idea is that it is very unique to your child and can’t be duplicated.

30. Child’s handprint art

there is a heart made from the handprints of a child. underneath it says handprint art for a motherhood tattoo design

Handprint art would make for cool tattoos that are unique and meaningful. Some of my favorite art that my kids have brought home from preschool is their handprints in the art. They once made handprint art that looked like a flamingo and swan which would be super cool as tattoos. Pictured above is an example of handprint art as an inspiration.

this is a collage of mom-themed tattoos and the text says "motherhood tattoos: 30 pretty & unique ideas"

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