85 Cool & Cute Grandpa Names

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Trying to find the ultimate nickname for grandpa? Take a look at this list of 85 amazing and cool nicknames for the future grandfather in your life.

Much like baby names have become more inventive with each generation, grandfathers are also searching for unique and hip nicknames. Maybe Grandpa feels too traditional, or perhaps your grandchild needs a name that’s simpler to pronounce.

And, if you’re fortunate enough to have several generations, having a range of grandpa names is essential in distinguishing between grandfathers and great-grandfathers.

As a name analyst, I’ve combed through countless forums, websites, popular culture, and different languages to curate this comprehensive list of grandfather names and save you time finding the perfect grandfather nickname.

But a word of caution – while you may stumble upon the perfect grandpa nickname, usually, it’s the toddler who has the final say. Who knows what adorable grandpa names the grandkids will invent once they’re talking!

And don’t forget to check out my list of cool grandma names too.

On to the nicknames!

cool grandpa nicknames

Traditional Grandfather Names

Let’s start with the more traditional alternative names for grandpa. These are the old-school gradnfather names that have stood the test of time, and you’ve likely heard or used some of them before. For example, one of my grandfathers went by ‘Pop.’

Among the names on this list, ‘Papa Bear’ could make a classically cute grandpa nickname, while “Grandpappy” has an undeniably charming ring to it.

  1. Papa
  2. Pop
  3. Geezer
  4. Papa Bear
  5. Pappy
  6. Grandpappy
  7. Gan
  8. Pop-pop
  9. Granddaddy
  10. Gramps / Gramp / Grampy
  11. G
  12. Grand-sir
  13. Grand-mister
  14. Gran-Pop
  15. G-pa
  16. Paw
  17. G-Daddy
  18. PawPaw
  19. Pa
  20. Dad-dad
  21. Gamps
  22. Pap
  23. Granpapa (used in Haitian Creole)
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Cute & Cool Grandpa Names

Like the famous Mean Girls’ quote, maybe you’re not a regular grandpa; you’re a cool grandpa. So, of course, you require a cool grandfather name to match. Below you’ll find an array of modern and cool grandpa nicknames to consider.

Perhaps the future grandpa in your life is a cool, contemporary grandpa who goes by ‘Bubba’ like Michael Douglas or ‘Peach’ like Martin Sheen (source: Nameberry). ‘Ace’ and ‘Dash’ stand out as particularly cool names for grandpas too. You’ll also find some fun and handsome grandpa names on this list, like ‘G-Pops’ and ‘Skip.’

  1. G-Pops
  2. Bubba (Michael Douglas’ grandfather name)
  3. Boo
  4. Peach (Martin Sheen’s grandfather name)
  5. Grandy
  6. Poppy (I love this one as a cute grandpa name)
  7. Poppies (a cute variation of Poppy)
  8. Ace
  9. Dash
  10. Skip
  11. Popsicle (a cute play off ‘Pop-pop’)
  12. Pop Rocks (another cute play off ‘Pop-pop’
  13. Pop-star (one last play off ‘Pop-pop’)
  14. Papa-roo
  15. Grampsy
  16. Baba
  17. Grady
  18. Paps
  19. Buddy
  20. Lolo (grandfather in Filipino)
  21. Poppa
cute grandpa names: pop rocks, grandy, poppy, pops, babu, popple
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Unique Grandpa Names

Up next are unique grandpa names. These nicknames might not immediately evoke the image of a grandfather, but they’d make charming, special names for grandkids.

From the unique grandpa nicknames below, I really love the pairing of ‘Lolly’ for a grandma being matched with ‘Pop’ for grandpa.

Names like ‘BamBam’ or ‘YoYo’ would be easy for a baby to pronounce, which is a crucial factor if you want your name to be among the first words your grandchild says (though no guarantees there — our kid waited almost 3 years to say a very easy grandma name out of stubborness).

  1. Sir
  2. Coach
  3. Honey
  4. Jefe (the grandpa name of President George W. Bush)
  5. Jolly
  6. Grizzly (a play off ‘Papa Bear’)
  7. Grand-Dude (this one is a fun one)
  8. Biggie
  9. Fizz (Fizz could be a play off Pop as in ‘pop fizz’)
  10. Popcorn (so many possible plays off ‘Pop’)
  11. Grando
  12. Bam-Bam
  13. Guppy
  14. G-dog
  15. Avus (grandfather in Latin)
  16. Popple
  17. Popes
  18. Grander
  19. G-Pal
  20. Poppas
  21. Grandio
  22. Poppet
  23. Paw-daddy
  24. Biggie
  25. Popsy
  26. Popper

Grandpa Nicknames from Around the World

Finally, we have diverse names for grandfathers used around the world. Each entry includes the language or culture where the grandfather name originated.

You’ll discover some endearing terms for grandpa on this list, like ‘Nonno’ from Italy or ‘Abuelo’ from Spain.

I studied Swahili in Tanzania, so I have a soft spot for ‘Babu’, which would also be easy for a toddler to pronounce. ‘Dedushka’ shortened to ‘Deda’ from Russia and ‘Jiji’ from ‘Ojiichan’ in Japan offer a distinctive flavor to grandpa nicknames.

  1. Babu (Swahili)
  2. Avi (Catalan)
  3. Abuelo (Spanish)
  4. Nonno (Italian)
  5. Avo (Portuguese / Galician)
  6. Dedushka / Deda (Russian)
  7. Ojiichan / Jiji (Japanese)
  8. Papou (Greek, used by Tom Hanks)
  9. Opi (German)
  10. Opa (German)
  11. Afi (Icelandic)
  12. Farfar (Norwegian)
  13. Saba (Hebrew)
  14. Zayda (Yiddish)
  15. Oupa (Afrikaans)
  16. Papik (Armenian)
  17. Zufu (Chinese)
  18. Grand-pere (French)
  19. Farfar (Swedish)
  20. Babua (Georgian)
  21. Awoowe (Somali)
  22. Akina (Sundanese in Indonesia)
  23. Papou (Greek)
  24. Yeye (Mandarian)
  25. Grand-père (French)
  26. Lolo (Filipano)
  27. Daideó (Ireland)
  28. Afi (Icelandic)
  29. Thatha (Tamil)

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