99 Lively & Cute Grandma Names in 2024

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Looking to find the perfect grandma nickname? Check out this list of 99 pretty and cool nicknames for grandma the future grandmother in your life.

Much like how baby names have gotten more creative with each generation, grandmas are also on the hunt for unique and cool nicknames. Maybe Grandma feels too old, or perhaps your grandchild needs a nickname that’s easier to say.

Or, if you’re lucky enough to have multiple generations, having options for grandma names is also helpful in distinguishing between grandmothers and great-grandmothers.

I’m a researcher who analyzes names so I curated this list of names for grandmother to save you time on your grandma nickname searcher. I hand-selected these names from my search of forums, websites, pop culture and other languages.

And don’t forget to check out these cool grandpa names too!

Fair warning: you may find the perfect grandma nickname but at the end of the day, a toddler usually gets the final say. Who knows what cute grandma names the grandkids will come up with once they can talk!

99 Grandma nickname ideas

Traditional Grandmother Nicknames

Traditional names and nicknames for grandmothers

First up we have more traditional alternative names for grandma. These more old fashion grandma names are ones you’ve probably heard or even used in the past.

For example, I called my own grandmother “Grams.”

Of the names on this list, G would make an effortlessly cool grandma nickname and Grandmimi is particularly sweet.

  1. Gram/Grams
  2. Gran
  3. Grammy
  4. Nanny
  5. Nana
  6. Noni
  7. Memaw
  8. Granny
  9. G-ma
  10. Grand-mama
  11. Mawmaw
  12. Gaga
  13. Maw (a grandma nickname with Golden Girl vibes)
  14. Nan
  15. Grand-mimi
  16. Mom-mom (a grandmother nickname in the mid-Atlantic region like Pennsylvania)
  17. Gran-gran
  18. Grandmommy
  19. Gan / Gan-Gan
  20. Gamma
  21. Grandmom
  22. Gaga
  23. Mumsy
  24. Grand-lady
  25. G
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Cool Grandma Names

Modern & cool grandma nicknames

Like the famous Mean Girls’ quote goes, you’re not like a regular grandma, you’re a cool grandma. So obviously you need a cool grandma name to match.

Below you’ll find a list of modern and cool grandma nicknames ideas.

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Maybe the future grandma in your life is a cool modern grandma called Glamma like Goldie Hawn or called Honey like Sharon Stone. Pixie and Bella are particularly cool names for grandma too.

You’ll also find some pretty grandma names on this list like Anya and Ona.

  1. Mimi
  2. Zanni (the grandma nickname of Suzanne Summers)
  3. Glamma (a name popularized by the famous Goldie Hawn)
  4. Gigi
  5. Nini (the word for grandmother in Sudanese)
  6. Anya
  7. Yaya
  8. Honey (the grandma nickname of Sharon Stone)
  9. Nonna
  10. Mae-mae
  11. Bomma (Flemish name for grandma)
  12. Gogo
  13. Ommy
  14. Yaya
  15. Teta (Arabic nickname for grandmother)
  16. Amma
  17. Deedee
  18. Grandy
  19. Lela (a nickname for the abuela)
  20. Mamo
  21. Ona
  22. Mimsy
  23. Marmee (the name of the grandmother character in Little Women)
  24. Pixie
  25. Bella
list of cool grandma names: mimsy, gogo, anya, honey, nini

Unique Grandmother Names

Unique alternatives names for grandmothers

Next up we have unique grandma names. These nicknames don’t immediately shout grandma but would be sweet, special names to share with a grandkid.

From the unique grandma nicknames below, I’m partial to Boo and Trix, which I’ve loved since I first heard it on Gilmore Girls.

Also, having a grandmother “Lolly” and a grandfather “Pop” would be almost too adorable.

A name like Lala or Ya would be easy for a baby to say, which is key if you want to be strategic and have your name to be one of the first words your grandkid says.

  1. Bunny (with the cute nickname Bun-bun)
  2. Babs
  3. Minnie
  4. Lovey (the grandma alternative used by Kris Jenner)
  5. Birdie
  6. Tutu (Hawaiian nickname for grandmothers)
  7. Bibity
  8. Lala
  9. Bubba
  10. Lola (Filipino name for grandmother)
  11. Bebe
  12. Avia (Latin for grandma)
  13. Pippy
  14. Darling
  15. Ya (Thai nickname for grandma)
  16. Sweetie/Sweets
  17. Cookie
  18. Trix (the nickname of Rory’s grandmother in Gilmore Girls)
  19. Dumpling
  20. Boo
  21. Pumpkin
  22. Banana (a cute play off the ever-popular Nana)
  23. Coco
  24. Lolly (pair this one with Pop for grandpa!)
list of unique grandmother names: trix, lolly, banana, ya, tutu

Grandma Nicknames From Around the World

Example of different grandma names from around the world

Finally, below are different names for grandmother used around the world. Each includes the language where the grandmother name originated.

You’ll find some cute words for grandma on this list like Oma and Avino.

I studied Swahili in Tanzania so I have a personal soft spot for Bibi, and also think it would be easy for a toddler to say. Mummo and Pog are funky grandma nickname options too.

  1. Bubbe (Yiddish)
  2. Savta (Hebrew)
  3. Nene (Turkish)
  4. Mummo (Finnish)
  5. Yiayia (Greek)
  6. Oma (German)
  7. Bibi (Swahili, this grandma name also means ‘lady’)
  8. Nyanya (Swahili)
  9. Ommu (Icelandic)
  10. Avino (Esperanto)
  11. Avoa (Gallego, a language of northwest Spain)
  12. Abuela (Spanish)
  13. Bubushka (Russian)
  14. Ouma (Afrikaans)
  15. Jadda (Arabic)
  16. Baba (Macedonian, though also a common father & grandfather in other languages)
  17. Halmoni (Korean)
  18. Beppe (Western Frisian, a language of the Netherlands)
  19. Ugogo (Zulu)
  20. Pog (Hmong)
  21. Grandmere (French)
  22. Sobo (Japanese)
  23. Amona (Basque)
  24. Lao lao (Chinese)
  25. Nenek (Indonesian)
list of grandma names from around the world: bibi, mummo, sobo, nene, oma
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