25+ Mom of Two Tattoo Ideas

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Looking for mother of two tattoo ideas? Check out this list of mom of two tattoos to celebrate motherhood and honor having two kids.

In the list below, you’ll find mom of 2 tattoos that are simple, pretty and meaningful. I highlight feminine tattoos for moms with two children, simple and minimalist mother of 2 tattoos and unique mom of two tattoos too.

These tattoos celebrate motherhood in different ways, including family symbols, art symbolic of children, tattoos to honor births, family symbols and tattoos for a mother’s love.

Each tattoo idea is specifically for moms of 2 kids who want tattoos to celebrate their motherhood with two kids (though many ideas can be expanded for future children!). I personally like simple mom tattoos that are subtle tributes to each child’s birthday, like a bouquet birth flowers.

Let’s check out the mom of two tattoos!

A collage image of four tattoo designs: two birds, two hand prints, two elephants, and a celestial sky. There is text that says 25 beautiful mom of 2 tattoos

1. Birth month flowers

A tattoo of a rose and lily in black on a bicep

First up is a bouquet of the birth month flowers for each of kid, a subtle and feminine tattoo for a mom of two. A flower bouquet is also an easy design that can be added to after each child’s birth.

2. Children’s art

Two simple trees that are roughly colored in like a child would do. The text underneath says "children's art for a mom of 2 tattoo

Using your children’s art is a truly unique tattoo design and is also very meaningful. In the example above, you could have each child color a tree and do a “forest” for your mom of 2 tattoo. Plus, it has a cool nature vibe while also being a unique motherhood tattoo.

3. Mom image

Simple drawing of a mom with a son and daughter, drawn with simple lines and no faces

Next up are some ideas for tattoos with a mom in them with two children. Including mom in the tattoo is a sweet #proofofmom to represent your presence with your children. The image above is a simple tattoo idea that would be easy to customize to reflect your two kids.

4. Abstract mom of two design

A tattoo of a mom of two. The people are abstract interweaving lines with heads. The mom is holding a baby and a child is holding the mom.

This version of including mom in the tattoo with her kids is a more abstract and symbolic image. It shows the family has interweaving lines that connect them. It is also a design that could be made as a small mom of two tattoo.

5. Family tattoo

A tattoo that is a very simple line drawing representation of a family of four, where each person is a circle and line for a body. the family is inside a simple line heart.

A simple line drawing representing your whole family in a heart could be a simple mom of two tattoo. In the image above, there is a figure for a mom, dad and two children inside a heart.

6. Hand prints

A light peach square with two gray handprints in the center with text underneath that says 'kids handprints for a mother of two tattoo.'

Using small versions of your children’s handprints would be a truly unique and meaningful tattoo. Only that mother would ever have those prints and it would be easy to add more handprints if you have more children.

Another cute alternative to handprints would be to use each child’s fingerprints.

7. Birds

an inner arm tattoo of two simply drawn birds on a thin branch

Birds are so on-trend and this simple mom of two tattoo is cool and chic. Each bird can represent a child, and you could personalize the type of birds to match your child’s personality. I love the minimalism and it could also be easily added to for future children.

8. Celestial tattoo

A celestial themed tattoo that is a circle with two large stars and many little stars and a thumbnail moon.

This celestial tattoo is a subtle and pretty tattoo design. The two large stars can represent the two children in a mom’s life. It is a subtle and cool way to honor being a mom of two.

Bonus: you could add additional stars to match the star pattern on the night your children were born.

9. Birth stones

a wrist tattoo of a ruby and a sapphire next to each other and very small gems around them

A tattoo of your children’s birthstones can be a nice symbol of your children. I like the idea of doing two small stones on the inner wrist, smaller and more subtle than the picture above.

10. Names

a light peach square that has two names on top of each other in pretty font that says quinn and maisy. the text underneath says 'children's name in pretty script as a mom of 2 tattoo'

Tattooing your children’s name in a pretty font is an obvious and simple mom of two tattoo idea. I love this handwriting font that has lots of motion and interest.

Even better, if your kids are old enough, you could have them write their own names and use their handwriting for the tattoo. This would be especially heartwarming in their early preschool handwriting.

11. Two elephants

An arm tattoo of two elephants drawn with simple lines in a row

Two meaningful animals could be a cute way to honor being a mom of two. These simple elephants are an example of that type of tattoo. You could also pick meaningful animals like your children’s favorite animals or stuffed animals.

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12. Abstract colorful design

an abstract tattoo of colorful swirling lines and two line figures with little hearts around them

A colorful and abstract tattoo could also make a unique motherhood tattoo. Here, there are geometric design elements along with symbols for two children at the bottom.

13. Morse code

a light peach square that has two morse code letters in a row and text underneath that says "morse code of children's initials as a tattoo idea"

The tattoo design pictured above is of morse code letters for each child’s initial. This is a chic and unique motherhood tattoo, and also could be done as a small mom of two tattoo since it is so flexible.

14. Line drawing

a mother and two children draw as a simple line with no facial features, as an inner arm tattoo

Another simple mom of two tattoo is doing a minimalist line drawing. In the tattoo design above, a mom with two children is represented by very simple outlines of the family.

15. Two flowers

An abstract line design with two flowers, hearts and stars, and a mom drawn with lines holding a baby. This image is shown as an upper arm tattoo

The tattoo design above uses a beautiful design of lines, hearts and stars to make a symbol of a mother. The two flowers in the design can symbolize the two children growing up with the mom’s care.

16. Mom and flower symbol

Two flowers with stems intertwined and a line drawings of a parent and child as lines coming out of the stems.

This design is similar to the design above where two flowers can represent the two children. It is simpler than the above design and puts the abstract symbol of the mother at the center of the design.

17. Infinity symbol

A tattoo of an infinity symbol with two stick figure girls and little hearts around them

An infinity symbol is a cool and minimalist symbol that can represent a mother’s never-ending love. In this tattoo design, two daughters are included.

I like the idea of using less hearts for an even simpler design, with only the children in one part of the simple and a single heart in the other.

18. Birth times

a light peach square with two times that says 11:56 and 9:10 with text underneath that says birth times for a mom of two tattoo idea

Your children’s birth time could make a simple script tattoo. It is minimalist so it could also be done anywhere on the body, making it a very flexible tattoo idea. Plus, it is definitely unique since no one else would ever have the same times.

19. Colorful design

A colorful design of two people symbols surrounded by hearts, leaves, flowers, circles and lines.

The next three mom of two tattoo ideas focus on using color in different ways. In this first design, two children are represented with a heart as symbols of a mother’s love. They’re surrounded by simple but pretty design elements, like hearts and flowers, to give a complete look.

20. No-black ink mom of two tattoo

A wrist tattoo of a mom with two kids as simple symbols in pink, with little feet print and a heart underneath

This tattoo is a very simple design that shows a mother with a daughter and a son using only pink ink. It uses the baby footprints under the babies to represent the children and a heart under the mother.

21. Watercolor aesthetic

a tattoo that looks like dripping water colors in blue, green and purple shades with figures of a mom and two kids

I think a tattoo with a watercolor aesthetic would make a beautiful mom of two tattoo. I love the colors of this design and the uniqueness of the colors dripping out of the figures of the mother and two sons.

22. Birth weights

a light peach square that says 9.01 8.66 and has text underneath that says "birth weights for a mom of two tattoo design"

Using your children’s birth weights in a pretty font is a way to celebrate their births in a subtle tattoo. This minimalist tattoo only uses numbers to capture the moment of a child’s birth in a meaningful and simple way.

23. Mom of 2 wrist tattoo

a wrist tattoo of black figures of a mom and a son and a daughter holding hands with a circle around them

This is an obvious mom of two tattoo, with a mother holding the hands of her two children. I like the design of the circle surrounding them with the leaf details.

24. Acorns to trees

a tattoo of two acorns with little trees growing out of them

The tattoo design above is unexpected, symbolizing how parents help their kids grow like a tree blossoming from an acorn. Plus, the nature vibe adds to the aesthetic of this mom of two tattoo.

25. Two hearts

a very small and simple wrist tattoo of two hearts interconnected

A small mom of two tattoo could be as simple as two small interconnected hearts. I really like the minimalist style of the design above. It would also be easy to add additional hearts for future children.

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A collage image of tattoos for a mom of two: two flowers, a mom with two kids, quinn and masiy baby names in pretty font, two brids, two elephants and two handprints. The text says mom of two tattoos: 25 unique and simple ideas

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