17 Easter Egg Activities for Toddlers & Preschoolers

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Looking for fun Easter activities for toddler and preschoolers? Try out these fun Easter egg-themed activities to get in the holiday spirit.

These activities all focus specifically on Easter eggs. You’ll find unique Easter egg hunts, fun Easter crafts and some super simple ideas like peeling eggs (a favorite in our house).

We have a two-year-old and four-year-old so I am always on the hunt for new activities for this age group. My kids were super into plastic Easter eggs last year so I made this list to expand our toddler Easter activities this year.

I hope it helps you find a great Easter-themed activity for your preschooler or toddler.

Let’s do some Easter activities!

this is a collage image of easter activities including dying eggs, easter egg crafts and easter egg hunt. the text says easter egg activities for toddlers

1. Puzzle Egg Hunt

Puzzle piece Easter egg hunt are an easy and fun Easter activity for toddlers and preschoolers. Plus, it’s so simple to set up.

You can take whatever puzzle you have that has small enough pieces and use them as fillers in the plastic Easter eggs. Then hide the eggs. As they find the eggs, they put the puzzle pieces back on the board.

My kids absolutely love this activity. We have done the Alphabet puzzle variation made popular by Busy Toddler’s instagram and a smaller color-themed puzzle for our youngest.

2. Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt

There is a bucket full of plastic Easter eggs that are glowing in the dark on a child's lap.

Both my kids are fascinated by glow-in-the-dark things so a glow-in-the-dark Easter egg hunt is right up their alley. Making the eggs glow mixes up the type of hiding places you can use too, so it really shakes up the Easter egg hunt experience. Check out all the instructions for a glow in the dark egg hunt.

3. Easter Sensory Bin

There are little buffalo plaid bunnies, plastic bunnies, easter eggs and pom pons in a bin

Is it even a list of toddler activities if there isn’t a sensory bin on it? I love how cute this Easter sensory bin is. Plus, major bonus points for it not being rice-based, which is always a nightmare to clean up in our house (I don’t care what the influencers say…)

4. Easter Egg Ramp Roll

Fill the eggs with different items so they are varying weights and weight distributions to experiment with how they roll down a ramp. To add a little bit more science to the activity, race eggs with different filling to see how it impacts speed.

5. Jell-O Eggs

A bowl full of multi-colored jell-o easter eggs.

Jello-O eggs are like old school jell-o jigglers but in the shape of an Easter egg. This is a oduble activity because toddlers can help make them and then play with them once they’re ready. Check out the jell-o egg instructions.

6. Peeling Hard Boiled Eggs

Toddler hands holding a partially peel hard boiled egg

For real, peeling eggs is one of our 2-year-old’s absolute favorite activities. We’ve had to switch to mostly eating hard boiled eggs instead of scrambled or fried because anytime she hears the word “egg” she loses her mind about peeling them.

7. Easter Egg Snack Time

A cup of orange dye and a cup of pink dye with two hard boiled egg halves in each being dyed.

You can make snack time more festive for Easter and turn it into an activity for your kids. After you’ve peeled hard boiled eggs as an activity, dye them with food coloring like you would an unpeeled Easter egg.

All you have to do is cut them in half to take out the yolk, put a little food coloring and a splash of vinegar in a cup and then let them put the eggs in. We let ours sit for about 10 minutes while I prepped the other food.

My kids went wild for this simple activity. They were very invested in the colors they picked and both of them ate their eggs right up after (I made them into deviled eggs).

8. Painted Galaxy Eggs

Black eggs painted to look like a galaxy

I love the simplicity of painting the eggs black to give this unique look. Inexplicably, my kids always go for black paint first so obviously this is a great fit for them. Here are the instructions to make your own galaxy eggs.

9. Three-Legged Race Easter Egg Hunt

Add some uniqueness to your Easter egg hunt by making it a three-legged race. I love this idea from Paper Heart Family and can’t wait to watch my kids try to figure out moving around three-legged. We will 100% try this out this year, especially as we work on the kids cooperating peacefully.

10. Paper Flower Eggs

These paper flower eggs are a pretty alternative to dying Easter eggs. This is a great preschool Easter activity if you’re like us and need to practice scissor skills before they start elementary school. Try these paper Easter egg instructions out.

11. Easter Egg Water Table

Plastic Easter eggs are so versatile and can be easily throw into other toddler activities to make it feel Easter-y. One very easy toddler Easter egg activity is to add Easter eggs in their water table. This adds a new sensory element and novelty to usual water table play.

12. Easter Egg in the Bath

Similar to adding Easter eggs to a water table, you can also throw them into the bath tub for another easy activity. When the bath is over, simply lay the Easter eggs out on a towel to dry.

13. Easter Egg Washing Station

Set up a plastic Easter egg washing station. Put down a container of plastic Easter eggs, a container of soapy water with sponges, and a container of clean water and let your toddler wash all the eggs. This is like Busy Toddler’s beloved “pumpkin washing” activity, but with an Easter spin!

14. Raw Egg Drop

I’m constantly warning my kids about raw eggs breaking while we cook so giving them the opportunity to drop raw eggs on the ground is really a thrill.

I did this as a (not that great) science experiment in elementary school — drop eggs from different heights to see how it changes the splatter. You can add a little physics lesson to this Easter egg activity too!

15. Shaving cream eggs

There is a paper plate with shaving cream mixed with food color with a hard boiled egg in it. You can see the hands of a toddler above it with a paint brush.

My kids love playing with shaving cream as an activity (we spray it out on the table and they’ll play for a long tine). This is a fun spin on playing with shaving cream by using the shaving cream to dye easter eggs. Check out these shaving cream Easter egg instructions for more.

16. Crayon Eggs (Ukranian Easter Eggs)

The first year we dyed Easter eggs, we used crayons to repeal dye and my oldest responded as if he had just seen magic. These beautiful Ukrainian eggs are a big step up from the clear crayon we were using. It’s still simple enough to do with a toddler though!

17. Crayon Reveal Easter Eggs

This activity appeals the same idea as the crayon Ukrainian eggs above and appeals it to a craft, making a fun and easy egg-themed activity for toddler and preschoolers.

My toddler has been fascinated when we’ve used wax crayons to repeal dye on actual Easter eggs and doing it as a paper craft seems even easier. Check out the full instructions for these crayon watercolor eggs.

Need more Easter ideas?

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this is a collage image of easter activities including dying eggs, easter egg jell-o and easter egg hunt. the text says easter activities for preschoolers

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