AI’s Top 50 Baby Hacks: Tested by a Real Mom

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50 AI-Suggested Baby Hacks tested by a real mom

Looking for new baby hacks to make life easier? The 50 baby hacks below aren’t just another list of generic parenting tips. This is a fresh spin on baby hacks: each of the tips is suggested by AI.

But how does AI stack up against the real parenting experience? For each AI-generated suggestions, I’ve personally vet the tip as a real mom of two. I give you the lowdown on what works, what doesn’t, and why.

As an experienced researcher, I’ve spent countless hours analyzing parenting topics. And being a mom myself adds real life understanding too. I’ve been there, experiencing the similar challenges and searching for the same solutions. So rest assured, each hack includes tried and tested advice.

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In the following list, you’ll find practical tips to make your parenting experience just a little smoother. So, let’s dive into these baby hacks and find one to make your life easier.

50 baby hacks to make life easier

AI's best baby hacks tested by a real mom

1. Color-coded outfits

“Simplify dressing your baby by choosing outfits in coordinating colors, so you can mix and match without a fashion faux pas.”

Real mom verdict: Nearly all of our clothes are secondhand, so I don’t find this tip very practical. Instead, I would recommend color-coding outfits in bright colors when you go out so it is easier to spot your baby toddling around at the playground.

2. Reverse zippers

“Seek out onesies and sleepers with reverse zippers, making diaper changes a breeze without fully undressing your baby.”

Real mom verdict: Yes, this is a good tip. Our reverse zipper pjs are our favorites.

3. Frozen diaper wipes

“Pop a pack of diaper wipes in the freezer for a few minutes before using them on a diaper rash – the cold will soothe your baby’s skin.”

Real mom verdict: When my baby has bad enough diaper rash where this tip would be useful, we rinse our wipes per our pediatrician’s recommendation. I’d add that step to this tip.

4. Sing-song diaper changes

“Create a fun jingle or sing a favorite tune during diaper changes to keep your baby entertained and distracted.”

Real mom verdict: We have done this and it works okay while they’re little. Once they can move around, we have to constantly change up what we do to keep their interest long enough to do the change.

5. Popsicle bath

“Melt a fruity popsicle in warm water for a deliciously scented and colorful bath experience that’s gentle on the skin.”

Real mom verdict: When I read the title of this tip, I was on-board. Giving our kids a popsicle to eat while in the bath is a game changer because you don’t have to worry about them getting messy. Melting a popsicle in the bath feels wasteful to me so I wouldn’t try this tip.

6. Ice cube tray snacks

“Use ice cube trays to portion and serve bite-sized snacks for your little one, making mealtime visually appealing and organized.”

Real mom verdict: I use this tip and it is great, especially if you have bigger ice cube trays. It adds novelty to the food too.

7. DIY sensory bottles

“Fill empty water bottles with colorful beads, glitter, and water for an inexpensive, stimulating sensory toy.”

Real mom verdict: My kids love sensory toys like this. I’d add that an easier version of this is to simply put in some soap in a half filled water bottle because the bubbles will serve the same purpose as glitter or beads.

8. Baby clothes bouquet

“Turn outgrown baby clothes into a decorative bouquet by rolling them up and arranging them in a vase or basket.”

Real mom verdict: AI, are you drunk? How is this a baby hack? That said, this could be a cute way to gift hand-me-downs at a baby shower.

9. Muffin tin organization

“Repurpose a muffin tin as a storage solution for small baby items, such as pacifiers, hair ties, or small toys.”

Real mom verdict: A muffin tin feels a little bulky and not aesthetically pleasing to have out, but this could work in a drawer. Instead, I use muffin tins like the ice cube tray above as a way to add novelty to serving food.

10. Leggings hack

“Cut the feet off baby leggings to create trendy leg warmers, perfect for crawlers or cool days.”

Real mom verdict: Nope. When I tried this tip, the legs rolled up and bunched up weirdly on my baby’s legs.

11. Soothing sock rice pack

“Fill a clean sock with rice and heat it in the microwave for 20 seconds to create a soothing, warm pack for your baby’s tummy.”

Real mom verdict: I’ve done this but not specifically for tummy discomfort. This is also a nice way to heat a crib before you transfer your newborn in so they aren’t woken up by cold sheets. Remember to remove it though since nothing else should be in the crib with a baby (per the American Academy of Pediatrics safe sleep guidelines).

12. Edible finger paint

“Use yogurt mixed with food coloring as a safe and edible finger paint for messy sensory play.”

Real mom verdict: This is just breakfast in my house any time I serve yogurt.

13. Velcro bib storage

“Add Velcro strips to the backs of bibs for easy storage and organization on the inside of a cabinet door.”

Real mom verdict: This is a good idea but I’d use a command strip hook instead of velcro so you don’t have to add anything to the bib. You can also hook them to the back of the high chair.

14. Layering onesies

“Layer a short-sleeve onesie over a long-sleeve one for easy outfit changes without undressing your baby completely.”

Real mom verdict: We layer onesies for added warmth at night. Using that for quick changes though doesn’t sound very quick to me because you still have to put two onesies. I guess you could do this tip in lieu of a bib if you’re in a pinch.

15. Pool noodle door stopper

“Prevent tiny fingers from getting pinched by cutting a pool noodle and placing it on the edge of doors.”

Real mom verdict: We’ve done something similar to the bottom of doors to help keep in heat. However, doing it along the edge of the door would mean the door wouldn’t close fully, which is against fire safety recommendations to keep doors closed when you sleep (source: Fire Safety Research Institute).

16. Spa-like baby massage

“Create a calming atmosphere with dimmed lights, soft music, and warm towels for a relaxing baby massage session.”

Real mom verdict: This tip works best if you do it before bedtime or a nap.

17. Baby-safe slime

“Make baby-safe slime using chia seeds and water for a fun, gooey sensory experience.”

Real mom verdict: I am torn on this tip. We fed our baby a lot of chia seeds for fiber when she had GI issues from her formula for milk-intolerance. Nutritionally they’re great but cleaning up chia seeds is a total nightmare. They stick to everything.

18. Tummy time disco

“Encourage tummy time by placing colorful LED lights or a disco ball nearby, capturing your baby’s attention.”

Real mom verdict: I agree with the general idea of this tip to add a sensory element to tummy time, but I’d opt for something you already have around the house like Christmas lights instead. Our baby happily stared at Christmas lights for a long time when she was little.

19. Baby yoga

“Strengthen your bond and help your baby develop motor skills by practicing simple baby yoga poses together.”

Real mom verdict: This is a fine tip. We used some baby “stretches” where you bicycle their legs to help relieve gas (here are some more baby gas advice if you need from Penn Medicine).

20. DIY baby gym

“Create a homemade baby gym using a hula hoop, ribbons, and soft toys for a stimulating play area.”

Real mom verdict: I agree that you can DIY a baby play gym but I would not purchase something specific like a hula hoop for it. Our baby loved the ceiling fan for example. You can also check out my guide to whether you really need a play gym for your baby.

21. Silly face stickers

“Stick funny face stickers on your forehead during feeding to keep your baby engaged and entertained.”

Real mom verdict: My kids thought this was really funny. I’d use it during a diaper change instead of feeding.

22. Bathtub laundry

“Wash small baby items like bibs and washcloths in the bathtub during bath time to save on laundry.”

Real mom verdict: I’ll do this as a step before the washing machine if something is really dirty with food or a blowout. However, it does not save on laundry. Babies are dirty laundry machines, a few bibs or washcloths is not putting a dent in that.

23. Baby sock organizer

“Use a hanging jewelry organizer to store and sort baby socks, making them easy to find and pair.”

Real mom verdict: Here’s is the only baby sock tip you need — get socks that are all the same color. Then you can throw them all in a bin and never have to worry about matching socks or losing a sock again.

24. Peekaboo puppet show

“Use socks as impromptu puppets to play peekaboo, sparking laughter and bonding time with your baby.”

Real mom verdict: I’m surprised AI thought to include this one and am impressed. It is one I wouldn’t have thought of, even though my kids are absolutely delighted by finger puppets. They find them so funny and novel. Some of their favorite books are these finger puppet books; our oldest is 3 and is still obsessed with them.

25. Dance party diaper changes

“Turn diaper changes into a mini dance party by playing upbeat music, dancing, and singing to make the experience fun and enjoyable.”

Real mom verdict: This is a good tip as long as it is not before bed or nap. Any novelty you can add once your baby starts trying to escape diaper changes is always good.

26. DIY burp cloth bibs

“Transform old cloth diapers or absorbent towels into handy burp cloth bibs by adding snap buttons or Velcro.”

Real mom verdict: I agree that cloth diaper inserts like flats or prefolds make great burp cloths (we’ve been using the same OsoCozy flats and OsoCozy prefolds for over 3 years). The flat cloth diapers we got when my first was born were the best and we bought more when we got home because both our kids were big pukers.

27. Stroller workout

“Integrate your baby’s stroller into your workout routine for a fun and efficient way to stay fit together.”

Real mom verdict: Yes, I definitely use this baby hack regularly to help me squeeze a workout in. Some examples I do include doing lunges while you walk with the stroller, doing sprint intervals, and doing hill walks for added cardio.

28. Instant baby fort

Create a cozy baby fort by draping a large blanket over a table or chairs, offering a stimulating and safe play area.

Real mom verdict: Who doesn’t love a fort? My older baby and toddler love when we do this.

29. Toothbrush teether

“Chill a soft baby toothbrush and let your teething baby gnaw on it for soothing relief.”

Real mom verdict: This is a tip I hadn’t heard before and threw a wet toothbrush in the freezer to try it. My baby seemed to like it.

30. Baby talk translator

“Learn the different types of baby cries and coos to better understand your baby’s needs and respond effectively.”

Real mom verdict: Agreed. We watched this Oprah clip on deciphering baby cries a lot when our first was born.

31. Two-shirt nursing trick

“Layer two shirts for discreet nursing in public – lift the top shirt and lower the bottom one to maintain coverage.”

Real mom verdict: We are an exclusively-formula family so I can’t comment on this one.

32. Baby-safe smartphone case

“Invest in a durable, baby-safe smartphone case to allow your baby to play with your phone without risking damage or injury.”

Real mom verdict: Yes, this times 100. I also highly recommend tempered glass screen protectors if you don’t have one already. My baby is constantly grabbing and tossing my phone around.

33. Double diaper duty

“For overnight sleep, layer two diapers to prevent leaks and keep your baby dry through the night.”

Real mom verdict: I’ve done with with a cloth diaper over a disposable before. Cost-wise though, it’s likely cheaper to use a better quality diaper or overnight diaper than two regular diapers. For example, check out my review of Hello Bello overnight diapers or read more about how well name brand diapers Huggies vs. Pampers work (and find even more of my diaper comparisons here).

34. Beach day hack

“Bring a fitted bed sheet to the beach and use items like coolers or bags to prop up the corners, creating a sand-free play area for your baby.”

Real mom verdict: This may work for the littlest babies but not once they start moving. The minute you put a blanket down is the minute your mobile baby will promptly pour sand right on the blanket.

35. Baby-friendly gardening

“Plant a sensory garden with various textures, colors, and scents for your baby to explore and enjoy safely.”

Real mom verdict: This sounds like a ridiculous amount of work just for a sensory activity. My kids do love gardening and playing with plants but I definitely do not have time to plant a garden for that. Instead, you could pick baby-safe leaves and flowers and put them in a container to make a sensory bin.

36. Shopping cart hammock

Use a baby shopping cart hammock for a comfortable and secure place for your baby to rest during grocery shopping.

Real mom verdict: I never got to test these out because of our COVID precautions. However, I would have kept them in their infant car seat and put that in the cart to reduce having to transfer them and they’d be more secure with the car seat straps.

37. Crib shoe storage

“Repurpose an old crib rail as a shoe organizer by hanging it on the wall and clipping baby shoes to the slats.”

Real mom verdict: This seems overly complicated when over-the-door shoe organizers are so cheap.

38. DIY baby-proofing

“Create your own baby-proofing solutions using household items like pool noodles, rubber bands, or hair ties.”

Real mom verdict: We’ve done this for corners of tables and used zip ties to secure things. Zip ties are surprisingly indestructible. This DIY approach can work but it depends on your house set up.

39. Clothing size dividers

“Make DIY clothing size dividers for your baby’s closet using cardboard or foam sheets to keep outfits organized.”

Real mom verdict: This is fine but I find it easier to only have the clothes out in their current so drawers don’t get cluttered. I keep next-size-up clothes in a storage bin.

40. Baby-safe kitchen exploration

“Set up a baby-safe kitchen cabinet with pots, pans, and plastic containers for your baby to explore while you cook.”

Real mom verdict: This was our first baby’s favorite thing in the world. He loved pots, pans, bowls, and spatulas so much. We often when to the park with a pan or a spatula in hand. Highly recommend this tip.

41. Lullaby playlist

“Curate a playlist of soothing lullabies and calming tunes to help your baby relax and fall asleep.”

Real mom verdict: We sometimes pull out lullabies as a change of pace when our baby is particularly fussy. You’ll just want to make sure that the lullaby is calming; you can find a guide to music for baby sleep here, from maker of the Snoo (and if you’ve been thinking about a Snoo, here are my tips to saving money on a Snoo that you need to see).

42. Treasure basket play

“Fill a basket with baby-safe household items for your baby to explore, stimulating their curiosity and senses.”

Real mom verdict: I’d add to this tip and suggest saving the basket for specific occasions when you need your baby to independently play, like for work calls or when your newborn needs a bottle. This will increase the novelty and interest in the items.

43. Painters tape car track

“Use painters tape to create a temporary car track on the floor, encouraging your baby’s crawling and motor skills.”

Real mom verdict: I’ve done this with our toddler who is car and truck obsessed. He loves “roads” so much that we ultimately upgraded for a cushiony Ruggish playmat that has roads on one side (I love this one because there is a neutral side on the other side and the colors on the roads are more muted).

44. Baby art gallery

“Display your baby’s artwork on a dedicated wall or corkboard to celebrate their creativity and make them feel special.”

Real mom verdict: I plan to use this tip, especially once my babies get older and go to school. It seems like the right balance of celebrating their work and keeping the art influx organized.

45. DIY touch-and-feel book

“Create a touch-and-feel book using fabric scraps, textured materials, and a simple photo album or binder.”

Real mom verdict: Nice idea but who has time for that? The library is full of touch and feel books that you don’t have to make.

46. Baby-safe jewelry

“Wear baby-safe teething necklaces or bracelets for a fashionable and functional accessory while caring for your little one.”

Real mom verdict: Our baby is fascinated by all jewelry. I would put this on her but I wouldn’t personally wear it because I wouldn’t want to teach her to try to chew other adults’ jewelry.

47. Nature scavenger hunt

“Take your baby on a nature scavenger hunt, collecting and exploring various natural objects like leaves, rocks, or pinecones.”

Real mom verdict: This tip is always a winner. Babies and toddlers love a nature walk.

48. Story-time theater

“Act out your baby’s favorite storybook with homemade puppets or costumes for a fun and engaging bonding experience.”

Real mom verdict: This tip works very well for my kids. They are absolutely delighted to have a puppet along with their story. My oldest also regularly wears animal costumes as his street clothes so this tip is perfect for him. If your kid likes costumes, picking them up after Halloween is a good way to get them free or cheap.

49. Bubble wrap runway

“Lay down bubble wrap for your baby to crawl, roll, or stomp on, providing a sensory experience and auditory stimulation.”

Real mom verdict: Showing our baby bubble wrap for the first time truly blew his mind. I love this tip because it is easy since you likely get packages with bubble wrap sometimes. Again, I wouldn’t have thought to add this tip so I am glad the AI machine suggested it.

50. Baby sign language

“Teach your baby simple sign language gestures to help them communicate their needs before they can speak.”

Real mom verdict: We heard this advice from multiple parents and it is definitely a baby hack that makes life easier if it works for your baby. We tried this for months but our first baby’s language was late so this wasn’t a game changer for us. I still think it is great advice though and has worked very well for our friends.

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