13 Fun Easter Snacks for Kids

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Looking for fun Easter snacks for kids? Then check out these cute Easter-themed snacks to serve this Easter season.

Below you’ll find some really easy Easter snacks for kids, like arranging items on a plate to look like a bunny or simply dying hard boiled eggs to add a festive touch.

You’ll also find some fun healthy Easter snacks, like frozen greek yogurt which is so pretty and a nice alternative when your kids are begging for ice cream.

Since my kids are young, I also wanted to highlight Easter snacks for toddlers. Many of these would also be great Easter snacks for preschool lunch too.

Let’s check out the Easter snacks!

This is a collage image showing thumbnails of easter snacks like bunny pretzels and cheeseballs that look like chicks. The text says healthy and easy easter snacks that kids will totally love

1. Easter Bunny Sandwich

This is an open faced sandwich with vegetables arranged to make it look like a bunny face

This bunny sandwich is so cute and the novelty can encourage picky eaters to engage with their food more. I like that you can adapt it to work with whatever vegetables you have on hand too.

2. Chick Cheese Balls

cheese balls on a plate made to look like little chicks using carrots for a beak and feet.

These chick cheeseballs are another very cute Easter snack for kids. I love how simple and adorable these are and will be making them for my kids ASAP. The one adjustment I’ll make when I make them is use capers for the eyes because my kids really love capers.

3. Almond Flour Easter Egg Cookies

There is a plate of cookies with colorful mini easter eggs in them. There are a few cookies and easter eggs scattered on the table too.

I love a more filling cookie as a snack so these almond butter mini egg cookies are a fun Easter twist on that. What I like about these cookies is that they’re made with almond flour so they are more filling and a nice balance of satiating fats and nutrients along with the cookie part to make my kids happy. 

4. Baked Easter Ravioli

this shows a plate of baked easter ravilio

Look, I already love ravioli as an easy kids snack (you may have seen them on my list of our favorite Aldi snacks), so raviolis that are already traditionally served as an Easter snack is right up our alley. These baked raviolis are eaten on Easter in the Ascoli Piceno province of Italy.

I love ravioli as a kid snack because it is filling and can also be handheld without making a huge mess, as long as you skip the sauce.

5. Easter Egg Deviled Eggs

there are two cups of dye liquid with halves of hard boiled eggs in them

My kids absolutely love deviled eggs and they’re a very easy snack to make. Making them is very forgiving too, you can mix the yolks with things to fit your taste. We will do a tradition deviled egg with mayo, mustard, salt, pepper and capers, or sometimes we’ll mix it with mashed avocado for a lighter snack.

For Easter, we make deviled eggs more festive by dying the halves of the hard boiled egg in food dye before filling them. I add a drop of food dye and a splash of vinegar in a cup and put in the eggs before I make the filling. Usually by the time I finish the filling they’re done.

BONUS: Peeling hard boiled eggs is a favorite activity of my toddler and preschooler so you can put them to work. It makes my list of fun Easter egg activities for toddlers.

6. Greek Yogurt Bark

This shows pieces of greek yogurt bark on a plate with swirls of pink and pink sprinkles on top.

There are a lot of things I like about this greek yogurt bark as a kids Easter snack. First, the colors are pretty and festive to catch kids attention. Second, it being frozen is a novelty that really appeals to my toddlers. And third, I love that it is a fun frozen treat alternative that I could hand my kids when they’re asking for ice cream again.

7. Easter Egg Granola Bites

this shows a tray full of little chocolate granola nests with candy easter egg on each

These Easter Egg granola bites are a cute, handheld Easter snack for kids. They look like little nests holding an Easter egg and their sweetness would definitely appeal to my kids.

Since my kids are still in the “everything’s choking hazard” phase, I would adjust these by topping them with Easter egg sprinkles instead of an uncooked mini egg.

8. Feta & Spinach Muffins

There are three muffins in a stack and they have some spinach in them

These spinach and feta muffins are a riff on spanakopita, a Greek dish that many people make for Easter. I like that they are an easy and different way to serve veggies. Plus, muffins are something you can make ahead and have a snack on hand for days.

9. Easter Fruit Salad

There are little glass jars with kebabs of fruit pieces with a white cottage cheese dip in the base of the jars.

These cute fruit salad cups are a fun snack to help balance all the sweet treats at Easter. I really like how it uses cottage cheese as a base for a dip to make them more filling with protein and fat.

10. Homemade Peanut Butter Cups

Two cut-in-half chocolate peanut butter cups with three peanut butter cups in mini muffin tin wraps stacked behind them.

It’s not Easter without some sweet treat snacks. I love Reeses so these homemade peanut butter cups are perfect. I like that you can up the peanut butter to chocolate ratio when you make them at home to make them a more filling and less sugary snack than the store bought version.

11. Easter pretzels

There are five bowls of decorated pretzels with candy around them. The pretzels are decorated like sheep and bunnies.

I can’t even with how cute these bunny and sheep pretzels are. These pretzels take a little more decorating effort than some of the other snacks on this list. But if you have kids old enough to help, this could be a great activity to do together.

12. Easter popcorn

A bowl of popcorn with popcorn on the table around it. The popcorn has pastel sprinkles and easter egg candy in it.

This Easter popcorn is a sweet treat that has nice Easter touches to make it adorable. Note, since it is popcorn this is an Easter snack for kids who are out of the “choking hazard” phase (and before the teenage braces phase!).

13. Healthy Cake Pops

I am a sucker for cake pops. They just go down way too easy so I love the idea of these healthy cake pops. I can’t wait to make these because I also love substituting in almond flour into desserts to make them into a snack food that is actually filling.

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