56 Best Girl Names That Start with B

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If you’re looking for the beautiful baby girl name that start with B, you’re in luck. Below you’ll find 56 of my favorite B-names for girls — each handpicked to save you time on your name search.

Finding the perfect baby name can feel daunting. I went through it myself, spending waaaay too many hours of hunting for names for my kids. These baby name lists were born out of my own research and years of experience analyzing baby name trends.

I’ve gathered the best of ‘B’ girl names to fit a variety of naming styles. On this list, you’ll find B names for girls that are unique, that are timeless, and that are modern. Plus you’ll find lists of cute B girl names and unisex B names.

Each name includes the name’s meaning and origin. These meanings come from my personal database of over 2000+ names that I’ve put together cross-referencing multiple forums, books, and websites.

Whether you’re an expecting parent or a name enthusiast, I hope this guide helps you find a new name to add to your list.

Now let’s dive into these pretty B names for girls!

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Unique B Names for Girls

First up, here are unique B names for girls. These less common choices are perfect for those looking for individuality. The names below are all outside the top 500 names, as per Social Security Administration name data, making them truly unique picks.

Bloom is my favorite unique B name on this list because it is rare but fits in well with today’s popular floral and nature names. The name has never cracked the top 1000 list in the U.S., but I could see it gaining moment in the future.

1. Bay

  • Meaning: sea inlet
  • Origin: Word Name

2. Bexley

  • Meaning: box tree clearing
  • Origin: English

3. Bidelia

  • Meaning: strength
  • Origin: Irish

4. Bijou

  • Meaning: jewel
  • Origin: French

5. Blathnaid

  • Meaning: flower
  • Origin: Irish

6. Blaze

  • Meaning: fire
  • Origin: Latin

7. Bliss

  • Meaning: happiness
  • Origin: English

8. Bloom

  • Meaning: new growth
  • Origin: English

9. Brecken

  • Meaning: freckled
  • Origin: Irish

10. Brennan

  • Meaning: raven, sorrow
  • Origin: Irish

11. Bronwen

  • Meaning: fair breast
  • Origin: Welsh

12. Bunny

  • Meaning: little rabbit
  • Origin: English

Cute girl names starting with B

Next are girl names that start with B that are cute and personable. These names feel approachable and friendly.

My favorite name perhaps on this whole list is Bonnie. It was on my list for my own kid but unfortunately I couldn’t get my partner on board. I think it’ll continue to grow in popularity in the coming years.

13. Bab

  • Meaning: foreign
  • Origin: Greek

14. Belen

  • Meaning: house of bread
  • Origin: Spanish

15. Bella

  • Meaning: beautiful
  • Origin: Italian; Latin

16. Belle

  • Meaning: beautiful
  • Origin: French

17. Bonnie

  • Meaning: pretty
  • Origin: Scottish; French

18. Bria

  • Meaning: noble
  • Origin: Irish

19. Brie

  • Meaning: marshland
  • Origin: French

20. Briella

  • Meaning: God is my strength
  • Origin: Italian; Hebrew

21. Brielle

  • Meaning: hunting ground
  • Origin: French

22. Bryce

  • Meaning: swift, freckled
  • Origin: Scottish

23. Brynn

  • Meaning: hill
  • Origin: Welsh
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Modern girl B names

Next we have modern B names for girls. These names fit in with recent trends and fashions. Picking a modern names feels fresh and also gives your baby a connection to her generation.

Banks is a surprise pick for a girl since nouns ending in ‘s’ are popular with boys today (think Brooks) but the name gained credibility from Hillary Duff using it for her daughter.

24. Banks

  • Meaning: someone who lives by the river or hill
  • Origin: English

25. Blakely

  • Meaning: dark wood
  • Origin: English

26. Braelynn

  • Meaning: primrose
  • Origin: Americanized Spelling

27. Braylee

  • Meaning: briar
  • Origin: Constructed Name

28. Brinley

  • Meaning: burnt meadow
  • Origin: English

29. Bristol

  • Meaning: at the bridge
  • Origin: English

30. Brixton

  • Meaning: place in London
  • Origin: English

31. Brooklyn

  • Meaning: stream
  • Origin: English

32. Brylee

  • Meaning: strong
  • Origin: Constructed Name

33. Brynlee

  • Meaning: burnt meadow
  • Origin: Constructed Name

Classic girl names that start with B

Now, let’s look at classic B names for girls. These are timeless options that have been around for generations, offering respectability and familiarity. Classic names are great choices if you’re after something recognizable and enduring.

Of the names below, I love Blyth as a rare option and Birdie to fit in today’s nickname-style trend.

34. Barbara

  • Meaning: foreign
  • Origin: Greek

35. Beatrice

  • Meaning: blessed
  • Origin: Latin; Italian

36. Beryl

  • Meaning: gemstone
  • Origin: Greek

37. Bethany

  • Meaning: house of figs
  • Origin: Hebrew

38. Bianca

  • Meaning: white
  • Origin: Italian

39. Birdie

  • Meaning: little bird
  • Origin: German; English; American; Scandinavian

40. Blaire

  • Meaning: plain
  • Origin: Scottish; Irish

41. Blyth

  • Meaning: cheerful
  • Origin: Scottish; English

42. Briana

  • Meaning: noble
  • Origin: Irish

43. Brianna

  • Meaning: noble
  • Origin: Irish

44. Bridget

  • Meaning: exhalted one
  • Origin: Irish

45. Brittany

  • Meaning: from Britain
  • Origin: Latin; French

46. Brooke

  • Meaning: small stream
  • Origin: English

Unisex B names for girls

Finally, we wrap up with unisex B names that would be great for a baby girl. I love gender neutral names (we gave each of our kids one gender neutral name) for the identity flexibility.

From the unisex names below, my favorites are Beck which feels effortless and Bellamy, which I expect to continue to gain momentum as a new hip unisex name.

47. Bailey

  • Meaning: berry clearing
  • Origin: English

48. Baylor

  • Meaning: delivery person
  • Origin: English

49. Beck

  • Meaning: stream
  • Origin: German; Hebrew

50. Bellamy

  • Meaning: good friend
  • Origin: French

51. Bennett

  • Meaning: blessed
  • Origin: Latin

52. Bentley

  • Meaning: meadow with coarse grass
  • Origin: English

53. Berkley

  • Meaning: meadow of birch trees
  • Origin: Scottish; English

54. Billie

  • Meaning: will, desire
  • Origin: English

55. Blake

  • Meaning: white, dark
  • Origin: English

56. Briar

  • Meaning: shrub
  • Origin: English
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