101+ Names for Maids: Maid Name Ideas from Pop Culture

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101 maid names

On the hunt for great maid names? Then check out this list of 101+ names for maids, including maid names from television, movies, books and cartoons. It also includes names based on different styles that would work well for housekeeper characters.

Plus, it has male maid and butler names from pop culture too!

This list is perfect for people writing stories who need name ideas for maid characters. It is also great if you’re looking for cheeky name ideas for your new robot vacuum or roomba.

I used to run a bar trivia night and matching maid names to their television or movie reference would also make great trivia questions.

Below you’ll first find female maid names from popular culture including maids from television, movies, books and cartoons. Then we have male maid and butler names.

The list closing with different styles of names that may work well for maid characters, including classic names, French names and names with industrious meanings.

Let’s dive in!

Maid name ideas from television

Maid names from televsion

First up we have maid names that have appeared in television shows. These are some of the most famous housekeeper names, like Alice from the Brady Bunch and Daphne from Frasier.


Alice was the name of the housekeeper in the Brady Brunch, played by actress Ann B. Davis.


Alex is the name of the main character in Netflix’s limited series Maid.


Anne is the name of a maid character in Downton Abbey. She was first the head house maid and then served as lady maid to Lady Mary Crawley.


Bonnie is the name of Charlie’s mom on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, who is referred to as an untoward maid name in season 3.


Carmen is the first maid name from the Lifetime television show Devious Maids to make this list. She is played by actress Roselyn Sanchez.


Daphne Moon was the name of the live-in housekeeper and physical therapist, and eventual love interest of brother Niles, in the TV show Frasier.


The maid name in the pop hit Gossip Girl is a more unusual one. Dorota is a variation of the Greek name Dorthea, meaning “gift of God.”


Edna was the name of the housekeeper on Diff’rent Strokes. Edna was also a general maid and a lady maid in the television show Downton Abbey.


Better known as Mrs. Hughes, Elsie is the first name of the head maid in the show Downton Abbey.


Flora is the name of the murdered maid in the first season of Devious Maids.


Florida Evans was the name of the popular maid character on the show Maude. Her character was so successful that it was spun off into a new series called Good Times.


Hazel was the name of a television show about a maid that aired in the 1960’s. The first season was in black and white and the subsequent seasons showed in color.


Marisol is the name of the lead character on Devious Maids. She goes undercover as a maid to solve her son’s murder.


Lorelai, the main character of Gilmore Girls, worked as the maid at a small town inn when she ran away after becoming a teen mom.


Nell was the name of the second maid in the television show Maude.


Rosario was the name of the maid to Karen on the show Will and Grace.


Phyllis is the name of another lady maid character in the hit Downton Abbey.


Sadie Gray was the name of the long running maid character on One Life to Live. In later years, the role was played by Esther Rolle, who also played maid Florida Evans on Maude.


Sarah is the last of Downton Abbey lady maids’ names to make the list. Sarah was lady maid to Cora Crawley.


Valentina is another maid name from the show Devious Maids.


Zoila is a unique maid name from the show Devious Maids. Zoila comes from Greek and means “lively.”

Maid and housekeeper names in movies

example names of maids from movies

Next up are names for maids that have been featured in movies. These include unique maid names like Aibileen from the movie The Help and Euphegenia from Mrs. Doubtfire.


Aibileen was one the maid characters in the book turned movie, The Help.


After the death of her father, Cinderella was forced to become the maid to her stepmother and evil stepsisters.


Danny is the nickname of Mrs. Danvers, the house maid character in Rebecca. Rebecca is a 1940 Hitchcock film and a 1938 novel.


Ethel is the name of the maid in the movie Suspicion, staring Cary Grant and Jane Fontaine.


You may not recognize the name Euphegenia but her character is one of more beloved movie nannies of all time. Euphegenia is the first name of housekeeper Mrs. Doubtfire.


Magda was the name of the housekeeper and nanny to Miranda in the Sex in the City movies and television series. Magda is a name of Slavic and Hebrew origins.


Marisa is the maid name in Jennifer Lopez’s hit romantic comedy Maid in Manhattan.


Perhaps the most beloved live-in housekeeper and nanny of all time, Mary of course refers to titular character Mary Poppins.


Sofia was a character in The Color Purple who was ordered by a judge to be a maid. She was played by Oprah in her film debut.


Velma is the name of the housekeeper in the thriller Hush Hush Sweet Caroline.

Names for maids from books

names for maid characters in books

This section highlights cleaning lady names from literature. Perhaps the most famous maid from books was named Amelia — Amelia Bedelia, that is. Other modern maid names include Stephanie from the nonfiction tell-all Maid, and Christine from a 2020 novel.


Amelia is the name of the titular maid character in the children’s book series Amelia Bedelia. Amelia misinterprets all her maid tasks, such as dressing a chicken in clothes instead of dressing it to be cooked.


Bessie is the name of the nursemaid in the classic novel Jane Eyre.


Celestine was the name of the main housemaid character in the book Diary of a Chambermaid.


Christine is a maid character name in the 2020 novel The Maids.

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Constance was the name of another maid and caretaker character in the book The Help.


Emma was the main character in the novel Woman of Substance. As a teenager, Emma was first a maid before building a business empire. Emma is also the name of a manga about the titular character who becomes a housemaid.


Jellia was the head maid at the palace in Emerald City in the children’s book series the Oz book series, including The Marvelous Land of Oz


Martha is the name of another maid character in Jane Eyre.


The Help was a book that later was turned into a movie. Minny, short for Minerva, was the name of one of its maid characters.


Molly is the name of a hotel cleaning lady and main character in the 2022 novel The Maid by Nita Prose.


Rose is the name of a maid in the Bridgerton book series that was recently turned into a Netflix show.


Stephanie is the only maid name on this list inspired from a non-fiction work. Stephanie was the author of Maid, her memoir about her time working as a cleaning lady as a single mother.

Cartoon maid names

cartoon cleaning lady names

Next, we have cartoon maids. These maids appeared in children, adult and anime cartoons. Anime maid names include Rem and Roberta. The name of the robot maid in the Jetsons was Rosie, which would make a fun name for a roomba or robot vacuum.


Consuela is the name of a cleaning lady character in the cartoon show Family Guy.


Irona is the name of the robot maid in the cartoon and comic series Richie Rich.


Joan was the name of the cartoon character maid on an episode of Family Guy.


Maria is the name of the anime maid in Hayate the Combat Butler.


Mariel is a cartoon name in the anime Hanaukyou Maid-Tai. Mariel is a French and Dutch name meaning “drop of the sea.”


Rem is the name of a maid character in the fantasy novel and anime adaption of Re:Zero.


Roberta is the nickname of the anime antagonist Rosarita who dresses in a maid uniform in Black Lagoon


Rosie was the name of the robot cleaning lady in the animated television show The Jetsons. Rosie is also a maid name on the show Devious Maids.


Tom is a male maid name based on the minion character in Despicable Me 2, where he often dresses as a maid.

Male maid & butler names in pop culture

male maid names from pop culture, television, movies and books

Let’s shift now to male maid and butler names. Here are male maid names from pop culture, including famous butlers like Alfred in Batman and Jeeves from P.G Woodhouse’s short stories.


Alfred is one of the most famous male butlers, appearing throughout the Batman franchise.


Argus Finch is the caretaker at Hogwarts in Harry Potter.


Charles is the name of the butler in the popular television show Downton Abbey.


Edwin was the first name of Jarvis, the butler in the Marvel Universe’s Avengers.


Appropriately named Geoffrey Butler was the butler on the hit show Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.


The name Jeeves sounds like the quintessential butler name. It was popularized by the now-rebranded AskJeeves search engine, which referenced the valet character Reginald Jeeves in P.G Woodhouse’s short stories.


Lionel is the name of the head hotel butler in the movie Maid in Manhattan.


Max was the butler and general personal assistant on the show Hart to Hart.


Niles was the name of the butler to the Sheffield family on the TV show The Nanny.


Reginald Jeeves, known as Jeeves, was the shrewd valet in the humor short stories by P.G. Woodhouse.


In the widely circulated manga and animated series, Black Butler, Sebastian is the name of the demon butler character.


Tony was the name of the male live-in housekeeper on the show Who’s the Boss.


Thomas Barrow was the name of the underbutler and then butler on the show Downton Abbey.

Classic name ideas for maid characters

classic style names for maids

If you’re looking for great maid character names that haven’t been used elsewhere in pop culture, these next sections are for you. Here are names that would fit well for maid or housekeeper characters based on style. First up are classic names that would work well as maid names.


Agatha comes from Greek and means “good” and “honorable.”


Ann-Marie combines two of the most timeless girls’ names into a double-barreled classic. The name means “beloved” in Hebrew


Beverly is a unisex name with a long history. The surname name started as a boys’ name before being taken over by girls at the turn of the century. The name comes from English and means “beaver stream.”


Colleen is an Irish name that simply means “girl.” It was a mid-century hit in the U.S. but never gained traction in Ireland.


Dorothy is a historied name that has been in use since the 16th century. It means “gift of God” coming from Greek. It was the #2 name in the 1910’s and has reenter the top 1000 in the last decade as parents look for vintage names to revive.


Faye is a quiet classic of a name that more often is seen as a middle name. The name comes from English and means “fairy,” or may be an abbreviation of the name Faith.


Jean is a crisp and classic unisex name that would be a good name for a no-nonsense maid. The name comes from English and means “God is gracious.”


Glenda has a Welsh meaning that aligns well as an honest maid’s name. It is thought to mean “pure,” “clean,” and “good.”


Mavis is a French name meaning “song bird.” For other names inspired by birds, check out my bird-themed names list.


Susannah is a lovely biblical name that means “lily” from it’s Hebrew roots.

Matronly names good for maid characters

matronly names for maid characters

The next name style that you may consider for maid characters are matronly names. These names conjure images of older, serious or wise women. These names could work well for maids who also serve in nanny or lady-of-the-house roles.


Agnes sounds a little rough around the edges and old-fashioned; so much so that it may be posed for a revival. The name has a long history, hitting peak popularity in the 1890’s, and comes from Greek meaning “pure.”


Beryl is a punch of a name that would be a good name option for a formidable maid. Beryl is a unisex name that is a gemstone name.


Edith has such matronly grandma vibes that the name is becoming fashionable again. Edith comes from English and means “blessed.”


Ethel also feels matronly but unlike Edith, it has yet to come back into style. The name comes from English meaning “noble.”


Eunice sounds stately and strident, making it a good name choice for a serious maid character. The name comes from Greek meaning “good victory.”


Gertrude feels like a salt-of-the-earth name that would work well for an older maid character. The name comes from German and means “strength.”


Gladys is a grounded name — it means “land” and comes from Welsh.


Hortense is a sturdy name that would be good for a maid character. It means “gardener” which aligns well with housekeeping work.


Peaking in the 1920’s before falling out of fashion, Marjorie has an elderly feel. The name is a variation of Margaret, meaning “pearl.”


Mildred was a top 10 name at the turn of the century that has completely fallen out of fashion. It has a nice meaning for a stolid maid character, meaning “gentle strength” from Old English.

French maid names

example french maid names

One stereotypical image of a maid is that of a French maid. If you are writing a French maid character, here are some name ideas for you. These French maid names include a mix of serious and unique French names like Albertine, with more common French names like Marie.


Albertine would make a great French maid name because it feels matronly and serious. The name is a variation on Albert and means “noble.”


Bernadette would make a strong and hardy maid character name. The name has roots in German as well as French and means “brave bear.”


Cosette is a French name meaning “little thing.”


Eglantine feels like it would be the name of an older French maid. This rare French name, meaning “sweetbriar,” was the name of Angela Lansbury’s character in Bed Knob and Broomsticks.


Fleur is French for “flower.”


Madeline is a lovely French name meaning “woman from Magdala.”


Marianne blends two classic names, Mary and Ann, and is the name of a national symbol of France.


Marceline is a strong name that would work well as a name for a hardworking maid character. The name means “young warrior.”


Of the French maid names here, Marie is perhaps the most classic. Marie means “star of the sea.”


Nadine is a French name meaning “hope” and is a variation of the name Nadia.

Names meaning hardworking for maid characters

names that mean hardworking for maid characters

Lastly, here are names that have meanings that would fit well for a maid character. These names mean things like hardworking, industrious, or even maid itself.


Amelie is a name deriving from Latin that means “industrious.”


Emery comes from German and means “industrious.”


Emmaline is a German name meaning “work.”


Ida is a German name meaning “industrious.”


Idetta is a German name meaning “hard-working.”


The meaning of Millicent would work well for a maid since it means “strong in work,” coming from German and French.


We close this list of maid name ideas with Zelda. You may be surprised to see the iconic video game here but the name means “gray fighting maid” from it’s German roots.

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