Perfect Middle Names For Mary: 101 Names & Tips

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Looking for lovely middle names for Mary? Then you’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll find 101 names that go well with Mary.

Mary is the perennial girl’s name. The name has been popular for centuries, and its timelessness and simplicity helps it continue to hold its appeal with parents around the world.

Mary is the classic biblical name, as the name of the mother of Jesus. Mary and her name have become symbols of motherhood, purity, and faith within Christianity.

Mary has been used as a name in English-speaking countries since the 12th century (source). Notable Marys in history include: biblical Marys such as the mother of Jesus and Mary Magdelene, royal Marys such as Mary Queen of Scots and Queen Mary II of England, and famous authors like Mary Shelley (Frankenstein) and her feminist mother Mary Wollstonecraft, who wrote A Vindication of the Rights of Woman.

Below you’ll find a list of middle name ideas for Mary, each with their meaning and origins. And if you like traditional names like Mary, you may also like my list of middle names for Mabel.

Now, on to the middle names for Mary!

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Meaning & popularity of Mary

The name Mary has a rich history and has been used in many cultures and languages throughout the centuries. It is believed to have originated from the Hebrew name Mariam, which means “wished-for child”, “bitterness” or “rebellion”.

Mary held to #1 spot in the U.S. from the late 1800’s until 1947 when it briefly dipped to #2 when it was dethroned by Linda (data pulled from the Social Security Administration database). By the 1950’s though, it was back to the #1 slot and didn’t start slipping from the top 3 until 1967.

Graph of the popularity of the name Mary from 1880 to today.
Mary name popularity graph (source: our baby name trend visualization tool).

While Mary doesn’t feel on-trend today, it still remains a solidly popular choice for American parents. In the last decade, Mary has sat around the 120’s on the U.S. popularity charts.

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Best middle names for Mary

Whether you’re looking for a classic, timeless middle name or something more unique and modern, you will find the perfect match among these handpicked middle names for Mary.

These middle names have been popular choices for parents naming their daughters Mary. I particularly like Mary Louise and Mary Margaret since both work as beautiful double-barrel names.

  1. Mary Anne: “Grace; Merciful”; Hebrew
  2. Mary Claire: “Bright; Clear”; French
  3. Mary Elizabeth: “God is my oath”; Hebrew
  4. Mary Ellen: “Sunray; Shining light”; Greek
  5. Mary Grace: “Goodness; generosity”; Latin
  6. Mary Jane: “God is gracious”; English
  7. Mary Katherine: “Pure”; Greek
  8. Mary Louise: “Famous warrior”; French
  9. Mary Margaret: “Pearl”; Greek
  10. Mary Rose: “Rose; Flower”; Latin
  11. Mary Victoria: “Victory”; Latin

Unique middle names for Mary

If you’re looking for a middle name for Mary that is far from ordinary, we’ve got you covered with our list of unique and one-of-a-kind middle names that will make your Mary stand out from the crowd!

Of these unique names, Mary Maple has great alliterative flow and a pop of fun. Mary Dawn is also a lovely option, as Dawn hasn’t been seen on the U.S. top 1000 names since 2000 (data from the social security administration).

I also have a soft spot for Sable as a middle name. I suggested the alternatively-spelled Sabal for my own baby as I hoped to find a baby name with Florida roots.

  1. Mary Aria: “Air; Song”; Italian
  2. Mary Blossom: “Flower; Bloom”; English
  3. Mary Cedar: “Strong and sturdy”; Latin
  4. Mary Dawn: “The first appearance of daylight”; English
  5. Mary Dove: “Symbol of peace”; English
  6. Mary Elara: “A cheerful and happy individual”; Italian
  7. Mary Fable: “A short story with a moral”; English
  8. Mary Fern: “The wing of comfort”; English
  9. Mary Gaia: “Goddess of the Earth”; Greek
  10. Mary Hazel: “The hazel tree”; English
  11. Mary Ivy: “Vine”; English
  12. Mary Laurel: “Laurel tree”; Latin
  13. Mary Lily: “Symbol of purity”; Latin
  14. Mary Maple: “Tree”; English
  15. Mary Niamh: “Bright; Radiant”; Irish
  16. Mary Phoenix: “Dark red; Crimson”; Greek
  17. Mary Sable: “Black”; English
  18. Mary Vesper: “Evening star”; Latin
  19. Mary Willow: “Freedom”; English
unique middle names for Mary

Pretty middle names for Mary

Adding a pretty middle name to the timeless classic of Mary can create a beautiful and elegant combination. In this section, we’ll present some of the prettiest middle names that will bring out your Mary’s graceful charm!

  1. Mary Mae: “Pearl”; English
  2. Mary Abigail: “My father’s joy”; Hebrew
  3. Mary Aurora: “Dawn”; Latin
  4. Mary Celeste: “Heavenly”; Latin
  5. Mary Charlotte: “Petite”; Germanic
  6. Mary Diana: “Divine”; Latin
  7. Mary Elise: “God’s promise”; French
  8. Mary Gabrielle: “God is my strength”; French
  9. Mary Isabel: “God is my oath”; Hebrew
  10. Mary Juliette: “Youthful”; French
  11. Mary Lucille: “Light”; French
  12. Mary Octavia: “Eighth”; Latin

More beautiful middle names for Mary

If you’re looking for more inspiration, we’ve curated a list of even more beautiful and enchanting middle names that will elevate the charm and grace of your Mary to the next level.

I love Mary Maxine for a full name for Mary. And, Mary Adelaide and Mary Harper have a lovely blend of classic and modern.

  1. Mary Adelaide: “Noble kind”; Germanic
  2. Mary Alexandra: “Defender of mankind”; Greek
  3. Mary Alice: “Of the noble kind”; Germanic
  4. Mary Anastasia: “Resurrection”; Greek
  5. Mary Angelica: “Angel”; Latin
  6. Mary Annabelle: “Graceful and beautiful”; French
  7. Mary Antonia: “Priceless one”; Roman
  8. Mary Arabella: “Yielding to prayer”; Latin
  9. Mary Beatrice: “Blessed one”; Latin
  10. Mary Bernadette: “Brave as a bear”; French
  11. Mary Bernice: “Bringer of victory”; Greek
  12. Mary Brooke: “Small stream”; English
  13. Mary Caroline: “Strong”; French
  14. Mary Constance: “Steadfastness”; Latin
  15. Mary Cordelia: “Heart”; Latin
  16. Mary Delilah: “Delicate”; Hebrew
  17. Mary Dorothea: “Gift of God”; Greek
  18. Mary Edith: “Prosperous in war”; English
  19. Mary Elaine: “Shining light”; French
  20. Mary Eleanor: ” Shining light”; Greek
  21. Mary Emilia: “Strength”; Latin
  22. Mary Eugenia: “Well-born”; Greek
  23. Mary Evelyn: “Wished for child”; French
  24. Mary Faith: “Trust and belief”; English
  25. Mary Felicity: “Happiness”; Latin
  26. Mary Florence: “Flourishing”; Latin
  27. Mary Francine: “Free one”; French
  28. Mary Genevra: “Fair one”; Welsh
pretty middle names to go with Mary
  1. Mary Georgina: “Farmer”; Greek
  2. Mary Gwendolyn: “Blessed ring”; Welsh
  3. Mary Hannah: “Grace of God”; Hebrew
  4. Mary Harper: “Harp player”; English
  5. Mary Helena: “Shining light”; Greek
  6. Mary Henrietta: “Ruler of the home”; Germanic
  7. Mary Imogen: “Maiden”; Celtic
  8. Mary Jacqueline: “Supplanter”; French
  9. Mary Jeanette: “God is gracious”; French
  10. Mary Josephine: “God will add”; Hebrew
  11. Mary Lillian: “Lily”; Latin
  12. Mary Lorraine: “Kingdom of Lothar”; French
  13. Mary Magdalene: “Of Magdala”; Hebrew
  14. Mary Marcella: “Warlike”; Latin
  15. Mary Marina: “From the sea”; Latin
  16. Mary Matilda: “Strength in battle”; Germanic
  17. Mary Maxine: “Greatest”; Latin
  18. Mary Miriam: “Wished-for child”; Hebrew
  19. Mary Naomi: “Pleasantness”; Hebrew
  20. Mary Olive: “Symbol of peace”; Latin
  21. Mary Penelope: “Weaver”; Greek
  22. Mary Philomena: “Lover of strength”; Greek
  23. Mary Rosalind: “Pretty rose”; German
  24. Mary Sage: “Wise; Healthy”; Latin
  25. Mary Savannah: “Grassy plain”; Spanish
  26. Mary Sierra: “Mountain range”; Spanish
  27. Mary Susanna: “Lily”; Hebrew
  28. Mary Theresa: “Harvest”; Greek
  29. Mary Vivienne: “Life”; French
  30. Mary Winifred: “Joy and peace”; Welsh
  31. Mary Wren: “Small songbird”; English

Sibling names for Mary

Perhaps you stumbled on this page looking for names that go well with Mary for a future sibling. If that’s the case, here are name ideas for brothers and sisters of a Mary. Someone who likes the name Mary likely appreciate its timelessness and simplicity so below you’ll find siblings for Mary with similar style.

Brothers for Mary

  • John
  • Adam
  • William
  • Christopher
  • Benjamin
  • Daniel
  • James

Sisters for Mary

  • Jane
  • Anna
  • Ruth
  • Margaret
  • Elizabeth
  • Emma
  • Alice

Similar names to Mary

If you love Mary but aren’t sure its the one, you may enjoy some of these names similar to Mary. Given their closeness to Mary, they’d also pair well with the Mary middle names found on this list above.

  • Maria
  • Marie
  • Maryanne
  • Miriam
  • Marion
  • Margaret
  • Molly

What Name Goes Well With Mary?

Here are some things to remember when choosing a middle name for your daughter.

Firstly, consider the sound and flow of the name. A good middle name should complement the first and last names, creating a harmonious and pleasing combination. Say the full name aloud to see how it sounds, and make sure it rolls off the tongue easily.

Secondly, think about the meaning and significance of the name. A middle name is an opportunity to add another layer of meaning to your child’s identity. Consider choosing a name that honors a beloved family member, friend, or historical figure. You could also opt for a name that reflects your values, aspirations, or cultural heritage.

Thirdly, take into account the origin and history of the name. Consider choosing a name with a strong connection to your cultural background or a name with historical or literary significance. You could also look for names with a unique and interesting story behind them.

Fourthly, consider the popularity and trendiness of the name. Remember that your child will carry this name for their entire life, so choosing a name that will age well and remain relevant is important. You may want to choose a classic and timeless name or one currently trending but not too popular.

Choosing a middle name for your daughter is a personal decision that should reflect your taste, preferences, and values. Take your time, research, and consider all your options carefully. With some thought and effort, you’ll find the perfect middle name for your little girl.

Looking for more name ideas? You may also like my list of middle names for Imogen or Arlo.

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