20 Easy DIY Baby Christmas Photos

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Looking for cute and easy DIY baby Christmas photos you can do at home? Check out these Christmas baby photoshoot ideas you need to take this year.

There’s nothing I love like a holiday-themed baby photo. Seriously, I made us put both of our fall babies in a pumpkin within days of being born (and missed the memo to put a blanket inside first — they’re screaming their heads off and the pictures are true perfection).

For Christmas, we did a bunch of photoshoots, including putting our baby with Christmas lights, dressed as an elf and under the Christmas tree. There are so many easy and fun Christmas family photo ideas that its an easy thing to DIY.

Below are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing as you plan for your baby’s 1st Christmas photos.

Let’s get festive!

collage of many small baby christmas pictures with text that says baby christmas photo ideas

1. Baby feet

Is there anything cuter than baby feet? I’m putting this idea first so you don’t forget to snap some cute festive feet pictures.

I really wish I had more pictures of mine’s little feet, especially with something else in the photo for scale.

Baby feet with a little knit beanie on them and text that says baby feet: 20 baby's first christmas photos

2. Baby hands

Similar to feet, you have to snap some easy baby hand pictures too. It’s so easy to have them hold a candy cane and this also puts how small their little hands are into perspective.

baby hand holding a candy cane, text says: baby hands 20 baby's 1st christmas photo ideas

3. Candy cane

If your baby is old enough, you can also use a candy cane to get an adorable picture of them eating the candy cane like the photo below.

baby in a santa outfit trying to eat a candy cane. text says candy cane: 20 christmas baby photoshoot ideas

4. Christmas Lights

A baby tangled in Christmas lights is a quintessential baby first Christmas photo. However, it can be a little tricky to get the lights to appear well so you may have to play with the perspective on this one.

baby in a santa hat trying to eat some christmas lights. text says 'with christmas lights: 20 christmas baby photoshoots'

5. Black and white shot

So much of Christmas is light and bright that contrasting that with black and white photos can make for more interest in the pictures. They are a surprise amongst a see of red and green.

black and white picture of a baby on a chest sleeping in a reindeer costume

6. Christmas present

Clearly a baby is the ultimate Christmas present so celebrate that with this easy photo op. Pop that baby into a Christmas gift box and you’ve got yourself a cute and easy DIY Christmas photo.

baby in a santa costume in a gift box with a tree in the background. text says: in a present, 20 baby's christmas photo ideas

7. Elf costume

Some of my absolute favorite Christmas pictures of my daughter are in an elf costume. We found a lawn with elf statutes in the same outfit and the same size as her. The pictures of her in the sleigh with them will never be topped.

baby in an elf costume trying to take off his hat. text says elf costume 20 cute and easy DIY baby christmas photos

8. Cozy family Christmas portrait

There is so much pressure to get good family Christmas photos that it can be easy to lose sight of simple and sweet picture moments.

Instead of getting fancy, try taking a photos of an easy and relaxing family activity, like reading Christmas stories by the tree as pictured below.

Parents with a toddler on their lap and a baby in christmas pjs reading a story by the christmas tree

9. Tree decorating

Similarly, decorating the Christmas tree is another natural family Christmas photo opp. You can even set your phone into the branches of the tree to get this looking down angle as you hang an ornament together.

Parents holding a baby as they reach for an ornament on a white Christmas tree

10. Festive basket

Having done my far share of taking pictures of my babies in cute baskets, I can attest to this being a very easy baby Christmas photo to capture. Plus, cute and festive baskets seem to just appear around Christmas so this should be an easy one to do on the fly.

baby in a santa hat sleeping in a santa themed basket with christmas tree and presents around them

11. Proof of mom

A la Busy Toddler, never forget to get a proof of mom shot. Get in the picture, you’ll be glad for it later.

mom and baby in santa hats by the christmas tree as baby reaches for an ornament

12. Ornaments

Put your baby on a cute rug or blanket. Throw some ornaments around them. Take some aerial pictures — an instant cute and easy Christmas photoshoot!

baby in red and white strip pjs and santa hat with ornaments around them

13. Pajama feet

When you’re taking family Christmas pajama photos, don’t forget to take one of everyone’s feet. It’s feels a little more artsy and it would be very cute to do it over the years to see how the feet change.

the legs and feet of three kids in different sets of christmas pajamas sitting on the stairs

14. Reindeer outfit

Dressing your baby as a reindeer is obvious but come on, it’s so cute. Just do it.

baby in reindeer antlers looking up with a red background behind them

15. Santa outfit

Another cliche but perfect baby Christmas photo is baby dressed up like Santa Claus. This one is so popular that it is also very easy to find secondhand Santa outfits.

smiling baby in a santa costume with a christmas tree and presents in the background

16. Santa’s cookies

Looking for something Santa-themed that’s a little more unique? Pose your baby with Santa’s milk and cookies. These are easy props that you likely already have around the house so it’s a great one to DIY.

baby asleep next to a plate of santa's cookies and milk

17. Sibling picture

There’s nothing cuter than a good sibling picture in coordinating outfits. You can do it in front of any Christmas-y background, like with presents or the Christmas tree.

a toddler holding a baby laying on the floor next to a Christmas tree and present

18. Snowman costume

Come on, just look at that baby below in that snowman costume. Is there anything better? No, no there is not.

baby in a very plumb snowman costume sitting on the ground

19. Newborn in cozy knits

A different spin on the snowman look is to do a newborn Christmas photoshoot with cozy knits, like pictured below.

a newborn asleep in a knit blanket, with a knit beanie, scarf and little knit snowman

20. Wreath

This idea is another great one for newborn Christmas pictures. Pose your baby in the center of a wreath to feel festive without being kitschy.

newborn wrapped in a red blanket in the middle of a holly wreath

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collage of baby christmas pictures with text that says: baby's first christmas photoshoots - easy & sweet DIY pictures you have to take this year

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