80 Names That Start With C for Boys

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Looking for cute baby boy name that start with C? Check out these 80 handpicked C names for boys to help you on your name search.

My baby name lists come from my experience as a researcher analyzing baby name trends, and also waaay too many hours researching for my own kids’ names.

The list below includes a wide variety of boy ‘C’ names so that there is something for every naming style. You’ll find unique C boy names, classic ideas, and fresh modern names.

With every name you’ll find its meaning and origin too to help save you time. I sourced these from my own database of over 2000+ names, compiled over the years from books, forums, and the internet.

Now, let’s find you the perfect C name!

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Unique C Names for Boys

Up first are unique C boy names. The names below are all outside the Top 500 list, according the U.S. Social Security Administration name data. Most of the names don’t even crack the Top 1000.

Of these names, I love Calloway as a flowing and soft surname-style name. It makes my list of one of my favorite posh baby names too.

1. Cade

  • Meaning: round
  • Origin: English

2. Cain

  • Meaning: spear
  • Origin: Hebrew

3. Calloway

  • Meaning: pebbly place
  • Origin: Latin; French

4. Canaan

  • Meaning: Old Testament place name
  • Origin: Hebrew

5. Canyon

  • Meaning: footpath
  • Origin: Spanish

6. Cassian

  • Meaning: hollow
  • Origin: Latin

7. Castiel

  • Meaning: God is my shielf
  • Origin: Hebrew

8. Cedar

  • Meaning: evergreen tree
  • Origin: English

9. Cedric

  • Meaning: bounty
  • Origin: English

10. Channing

  • Meaning: wolf cub
  • Origin: English; Irish

11. Ciro

  • Meaning: sun
  • Origin: Italian; Spanish

12. Clover

  • Meaning: herb that symbolizes luck
  • Origin: English

13. Coleson

  • Meaning: swarthy; son of Nicholas
  • Origin: Constructed Name; English

14. Cormac

  • Meaning: charioteer
  • Origin: Irish

15. Cosmic

  • Meaning: of the universe
  • Origin: English

16. Creek

  • Meaning: small river
  • Origin: English

17. Crosby

  • Meaning: village of crosses
  • Origin: Irish; English; Scottish; Norse

18. Cy

  • Meaning: sun
  • Origin: Greek

Cute Boy Names Starting with C

Next up are cute boy names starting with C. These names are friendly and charming. Many of the names on the list include soft sounds to balance the C sound, with lots of vowels and soft consonants like L and S.

From the cute names below, I like Case for those who like unique word names and Callum for those looking for something more classic.

19. Callan

  • Meaning: rock
  • Origin: Irish; Scottish

20. Callum

  • Meaning: dove
  • Origin: Scottish

21. Carmelo

  • Meaning: garden
  • Origin: Hebrew; Spanish; Italian

22. Case

  • Meaning: box
  • Origin: English

23. Cash

  • Meaning: hollow; money
  • Origin: English; Latin

24. Chaim

  • Meaning: life
  • Origin: Hebrew

25. Chance

  • Meaning: good fortune
  • Origin: English; French

26. Chase

  • Meaning: to hunt
  • Origin: English; French

27. Cillian

  • Meaning: little church
  • Origin: Gaelic; Irish

28. Clark

  • Meaning: cleric
  • Origin: English

29. Cody

  • Meaning: helpful
  • Origin: English

30. Colby

  • Meaning: from a coal town
  • Origin: English

31. Conner

  • Meaning: lover of dogs
  • Origin: Irish; Scottish

32. Cooper

  • Meaning: barrel maker
  • Origin: English

33. Cullen

  • Meaning: handsome
  • Origin: Irish
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Modern Boy C Names

Modern names are names that fit in current naming trends. These are names that appeal to the current generation of new parents because they feel fresh. Modern names often define a generation of naming.

You can’t go wrong with Cassius with it’s built-in ultra-cool nickname Cash. Similar Caspian also fits in very well as a fresh, modern name.

34. Caden

  • Meaning: fighter
  • Origin: Irish

35. Cairo

  • Meaning: victorious
  • Origin: Arabic

36. Camden

  • Meaning: valley
  • Origin: Scottish

37. Camilo

  • Meaning: young helper
  • Origin: Spanish; Portuguese

38. Cannon

  • Meaning: clergyman
  • Origin: English

39. Casen

  • Meaning: hollow
  • Origin: Constructed Name

40. Caspian

  • Meaning: Caspian Sea
  • Origin: English

41. Cassius

  • Meaning: hollow
  • Origin: Latin

42. Cayden

  • Meaning: fighter
  • Origin: Irish; Americanized Spelling

43. Cayson

  • Meaning: vigilant
  • Origin: Irish; Constructed Name

44. Clayton

  • Meaning: clay settlement
  • Origin: English

45. Colt

  • Meaning: young male horse
  • Origin: English

46. Colter

  • Meaning: colt horse herder
  • Origin: English

47. Colton

  • Meaning: from a coal town; swarthy
  • Origin: English

48. Crew

  • Meaning: group of people
  • Origin: English

49. Cruz

  • Meaning: cross
  • Origin: Spanish; Portuguese
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Classic C Names for Boys

Next, here are classic C names for boys. Classic names have stood the test of time and have a longer history than the modern picks above. These names are great picks if you’re looking for something that doesn’t go out of style.

Calvin used to feel like a grandpa-name that has come roaring back in the big way. It’s a good example of following the “100 year name cycle,” having last peaked in the 1920’s and enjoying another peak 100 years later.

50. Caleb

  • Meaning: faithful
  • Origin: Hebrew

51. Callahan

  • Meaning: bright-headed
  • Origin: Irish

52. Calvin

  • Meaning: bald
  • Origin: French

53. Carl

  • Meaning: free man
  • Origin: German

54. Carlos

  • Meaning: free man
  • Origin: Spanish; Portuguese

55. Carson

  • Meaning: son of marsh dwellers
  • Origin: Scottish; Scandanavian

56. Cesar

  • Meaning: head of hair
  • Origin: Spanish; Latin

57. Charles

  • Meaning: free man
  • Origin: English

58. Christian

  • Meaning: follower of Christ
  • Origin: Greek; Latin; English

59. Christopher

  • Meaning: bearer of Christ
  • Origin: Greek

60. Clay

  • Meaning: clay worker
  • Origin: English

61. Clyde

  • Meaning: Scottish river
  • Origin: Scottish

62. Cole

  • Meaning: swarthy
  • Origin: English

63. Colin

  • Meaning: young one
  • Origin: Irish; Scottish; Greek

64. Conrad

  • Meaning: bold ruler
  • Origin: German

65. Corbin

  • Meaning: crow
  • Origin: Latin; English

66. Creed

  • Meaning: belief
  • Origin: Latin

67. Curtis

  • Meaning: polite
  • Origin: English; French

68. Cyrus

  • Meaning: sun
  • Origin: Persian
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Gender Neutral C Names

Finally, let’s close the list with gender neutral C names. I used unisex names with my own kids and love their flexibility. Plus, gender neutral names are on-trend, being a favorite of modern parents.

I really like the name Capri for a boy, though it leans more towards girls right now. Cove and Cyprus are unique nature names, which often fall outside of gendering since they are common word.

69. Cal

  • Meaning: devoted
  • Origin: Hebrew

70. Cameron

  • Meaning: crooked nose
  • Origin: Scottish

71. Capri

  • Meaning: Italian island
  • Origin: Italian

72. Carter

  • Meaning: transport goods by cart
  • Origin: English

73. Cary

  • Meaning: stream; pure
  • Origin: Latin; English

74. Casey

  • Meaning: vigilant
  • Origin: Irish

75. Cassidy

  • Meaning: clever; curly hair
  • Origin: Irish

76. Chandler

  • Meaning: candle maker
  • Origin: English; French

77. Charlie

  • Meaning: free person
  • Origin: English

78. Cory

  • Meaning: from a hollow
  • Origin: Irish

79. Cove

  • Meaning: bay, inlet
  • Origin: English

80. Cyprus

  • Meaning: tree
  • Origin: English

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