101+ Dino-Mite Names for a Stuffed Dinosaur

101 names for stuffed dinosaurs

Looking for some ROARsome names for a stuffed dinosaur? Then this is the list for you. Below you’ll find the ultimate list of dinosaur name ideas, perfect for the new pet dinosaur in your life.

One day at the library, our toddler picked out a Jurassic Park video game. Each time a new dinosaur character appeared, it would let out a roar. And that is how one of our baby’s first words turned out to be her roaring anytime she saw a dinosaur (or any big animal at the zoo…).


When your baby has a dinosaur party trick like that, you end up with a dinosaur themed gifts. After the holidays this year, we were flush with stuffed and toy dinosaurs in need of names.

Below you’ll find a list of names curated after hours of my research. I consulted references on dinosaurs, my own name database, and paleontological history to find unique and clever names for stuffed dinosaurs.

For better navigation, I’ve divided the list down into categories. Up first are names with dinosaur meanings, many of which are root words in dinosaur names. Then you’ll find funny names for dinosaurs (including pun names) and cute names for a stuffed dinosaur.

For those looking for gendered options, I include boys and girls names that would be cute on a dinosaur. We close the list with dinosaur character names from pop culture and names of famous paleontologists.

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On to the dino names!

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What does the name dinosaur mean?

The name dinosaur comes from the biologist and paleontologist Richard Owen (source), who coined the term dinosauria to mean “fearfully great reptile” or “terrible reptile.” The name originates from Greek, with deinos meaning “terrible” and sauros meaning “lizard.”

Names with dinosaur meanings

First on our list of names for a “pet” dinosaur, we have ideas that derive closely from dinosaur names.

  • Cedar: a nickname for the dinosaur Cedarpelta and a gender neutral nature name that
  • Edmon: a name in honor of the dinosaur Edmontonia, and a name meaning “wealthy protector”
  • Terry: for teradactlys
  • Emmaus: a name meaning “hot springs” and a reference to the dinosaur Emausaurus
  • Gargoyle: Not only would Gargoyle be a cool name but there is also dinosaur called Gargoylesaurus
  • Gaston: not just a Beauty and the Beast character, there was a dinosaur called Gastonia
  • Gobi: for the Gobisaurus
  • Kent: a nickname for the Kentrosaurus dinosaur
  • Minmi: Minmi is a cute name and also the name of a small dinosaur
  • Tala: short for the Talarurus dinosaur
  • Ava: a shortened name from the Avaceratops
  • Atlas: a reference to the Atlascopcosaurus
  • Onyx: Onyx or Barry could be dino names in honor of the Baryonyx
  • Draco: for Dracorex, a former dinosaur name now considered part of the Pachycephalosaurus species. Draco also means “dragon” from Greek roots
  • Anzu: a oviraptor
  • Delta: for the Deltadromeus
  • Diablo: a name for a dinosaur called Diabloceratops
  • Maia: a short name for the dinosaur Maiasaura
  • Dino: perhaps a too obvious name for a dinosaur but Dino is also a given name of Italian origins meaning “little sword.”
  • Diplo: for the dinosaur diplodocus, or the famous American DJ
a brown stuffed dinosaur
Roar-y would make a cute name for our newest stuffed dinosaur

Funny names for a stuffed dinosaur

Next up are funny names for a dinosaur, including dinosaur pun names and pop culture references.

  1. ROARy: a funny name for a dinosaur that is a play on the name Rory
  2. DINO-mite: a pun name for a dinosaurs off dynamite
  3. Dino-snores: a cute word play on dinosaur
  4. ROARsome: a pun name for a dinosaur off the word awesome
  5. Rex Harrison: a famous actor and a play on T-Rex
  6. Tina Rex: a funny word play name for dinosaurs off of T-Rex
  7. Fluffy: an ironic name for a dinosaur, especially a fierce one.
  8. Clever Girl: a reference to the infamous quote from Jurassic Park
  9. Sara Tops: a play on the name Triceratops
  10. Butts: not only is Butts a funny name, it can also be a reference to the Jurassic Park quote “hold onto your butts”

Cute names for a dinosaur

I love the idea of juxtaposing a big or fierce stuffed dinosaur with a cute and adorable name. Here are some cute and nickname-style names for a dinosaur.

  1. Flossy: a cute nod to dinosaurs teeth
  2. Ryoko: a Japanese originating girl name meaning “like a dragon”
  3. Snowball: this cutesy name would be funny for a pet dinosaur
  4. Rawr-rawr: for dinoaurs roars
  5. Dash: Dash the Dino is a short and fun name idea
  6. Skippy: Skippy is a charming nickname name
  7. Nodo: from the name of the Nodosauridae dinosaur family, the root Nodo means “lumpy”
  8. Lumpy: from the Nodo root above, Lumpy would also be a cute name for a dinosaur
  9. Didi: a cute diminuitve name that would be perfect for a dinosaur
  10. Demi-Jo: double-barrel names are definitely cute and this one flows well with “dino”
  11. Dolly: Dolly would be a name you’d expect for a toy doll, which makes it a fun twist when you use it for a toy dinosaur instead
  12. Huxley: Hux would be a cute nickname for a stuffed dinosaur named Huxley
  13. Birdie: Birdie is an appropriate nickname for a pet dinosaur since birds are the surviving lineage of dinosaurs
  14. Echo: one of the raptors in the movie Jurassic World
  15. Fossil: a name for dinosaur fossils
  16. Allo: a root word found in dinosaur names meaning “strange”

Good names for a toy dinosaur by gender

Then, we turn to names for boy and girl dinosaurs.

Boy dino names

  1. Seymour: a boy name rhyming with dinosaur
  2. Essex: Essex the Rex is a catchy name for a T. Rex.
  3. Bo: a boy’s name rhyming with dino
  4. Saul: Saul the ‘Saur
  5. Dawson: an alliterative boy name for a pet dinosaur
  6. Felix: Felix, the T. Rex
  7. Titan: a name meaning “big, strong defender” which is an apt meaning for a dino name
  8. Charlie: one of the raptors in Jurassic World
  9. Timothy: the adult male name Timothy would be a funny choice for a pet dinosaur
  10. Denzell: a boy name meaning “powerful” which is fitting for a pet dinosaur
  11. Oswald: Oswald has the option for the cute nickname Ozzie
  12. Talon: for the claws of dinosaurs
list of names for toy dinosaurs

Girl dino names

  1. Dina: this girl’s name sounds close to Dino
  2. Daisy: an alliterative name for a girl dinosaur
  3. Bree: Bree is an Irish girl name meaning “power,” like a powerful dinosaur
  4. Deborah: Deborah the Dino has a nice ring to it
  5. Rue: Rue is a short and sweet gender neutral name, though it is more often given to girls
  6. Astra: a name that sounds akin to asteroids, which likely led to dinosaurs extinction
  7. Persephone: a Greek name meaning “destroy” and “slay”, this girl name would work well for a fierce stuffed dinosaur
  8. Claire: Claire is the name of the girl protagonist in the modern dinosaur movie Jurassic World
  9. Dove: naming one animal a different kind of animal is always fun
  10. Tala: Tala is the girl answer to the name talon
  11. Delphine: I like the idea of a flowing and feminine name for a dinosaur
  12. Holly: the name of a female character in the show Land of the Lost
  13. Chloe: Chloe is a girl name meaning “green sprout” which would be fitting for a green dinosaur

Names of famous dinosaur characters

If you like pop culture references, consider one of these dinosaur character names from movies and TV shows.

  1. Yoshi: the name of the dinosaur in Nintendo’s Mario
  2. Reptar: the name of the T-Rex in Rugrats
  3. Earl: the name of the father dinosaur in the show Dinosaurs
  4. Fran: the name of the mother character in the animatronic show Dinosaurs
  5. Charlene: the name of the daughter dinosaur in the show Dinosaurs
  6. Robbie: the name of the son character in the show Dinosaurs
  7. Ducky: a dino character name in Land Before Time
  8. Littlefoot: the main character in Land Before Time
  9. Cera: Cera is another character in Land Before Time
  10. Arlo: the main character in Pixar’s the Good Dinosaur
  11. Butch: a dinosaur character name in Pixar’s the Good Dinosaur
  12. Prickle: Prickle was a character in Gumby
  13. Adalar: the name of the main dinosaur character in Disney’s Dinosaur movie
  14. Todd: the name of the dino in the comic strip Todd the Dinosaur
  15. Rex: the name of the dinosaur characters in Toy Story and Night at the Museum
  16. Barney: the name of the iconic purple dinosaur
  17. Grumpy: the T-Rex in the show Land of the Lost
  18. Dopey: a friendly dinosaur character in Land of the Lost
  19. Denver: the name of the titular character on the show Denver, the Last Dinosaur
  20. Dino: the name of the dinosaur in the Flintstone
  21. Devil: the name of a dinosaur character in the Marvel comic series

Names for pet dinosaurs inspired by famous paleontologists

Finally, we close the list with names that reference the scientists who studied dinosaurs through the years. These names of famous paleontologists include people who discovered the T. Rex and who coined the word “dinosaur.”

  1. Owen: in honor of Richard Owen, the paleontologist credited with coining the name “dinosaur”
  2. Luis: Luis Alvarez is the scientist to develop the theory that a meteor impact killed the dinosaurs
  3. Cuvier: George Cuvier is often called the “Father of Paleontology”
  4. Barnum: Barnum Brown discovered the first T. Rex fossils
  5. Mary: Mary Anning was a 1800’s fossil hunter who received scientific recognition not common for women at the time
  6. Stephen: in honor of Stephen Jay Gould, the paleontologist famous for his evolutionary theories
  7. Osborn: Henry Osborn named the T. Rex and was the president of the American Museum of Natural History
  8. Darwin: for the infamous Charles Darwin
  9. Mudge: after scientist Benjamin Franklin Mudge
  10. Jack: Jack Horner is a scientist working to use dino DNA to make modern dinosaurs, a la Jurassic Park
  11. Alan: the name of the paleontologist character in Jurassic Park, and the name of a real paleontologist named Alan Walker
  12. Ellie: another paleontologist character in Jurassic Park

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