20 Pretty Four Kids Tattoo Ideas for Moms

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On the hunt for mom of four tattoo ideas? You’ll love these mom of 4 tattoos that celebrate having four kids and honor motherhood.

This article highlights four kids tattoos for moms that are simple, pretty and meaningful. You’ll find feminine, minimalist 4 kid tattoos for moms and unique mom of four tattoo ideas.

These tattoos draw inspiration from family symbols, children’s art, birth details, nature images and more.

Each tattoo idea is specifically for moms with four kids who want tattoos that highlight “four” and their unique family size. I like the simple tattoo ideas that subtly pay tribute to each child’s birth, like a bouquet birth month flowers.

Let’s check out the tattoos!

This is a collage image of tattoo designs for mom of four kids include handprints, four foxes, kids name, four seasons and motherhood designs and the text says four kids tattoos for mom

1. Minimalist four foxes

a line sketch of four foxes as a tattoo on the arm

I love the minimalist sketch style of this four fox tattoo. It looks cool and is a subtle way to symbolize having four kids in your “pack.”

2. Number 4 tattoo

Simply using the number four as a tattoo is an obvious mom of 4 tattoo idea. What I like about this straightforward idea is that the number four can be personalized in endless ways. Here, the 4 is made feminine with a flower and vine.

3. Birth times

a list of four times and text that says mom of 4 tattoo ideas

Children’s birth times would make a tattoo that is unique only to you. It could also be done in endless fonts to match your personality or style. I like that it is also a minimalist tattoo that could be done small and on anywhere on the body.

4. Four kids

wrist tattoo of four stick figure-style kids

Next is a tattoo that shows four children. The tattoo above uses simple stick figures holding hands. Want a more simple mom tattoo? Use only the children’s images and not the surrounding design.

5. Four elephants

a forearm tattoo of four elephants

Elephant tattoos feel timeless and I like the simple line sketch style of the elephants above. The tattoo could be personalized by changing the size of the elephants to match ages, like the one above symbolizing two old kids and two smaller young kids.

6. Children’s art

four sketches of trees that look to be drawn by a child in a line

Using children’s art is meaningful and also an absolutely unique-to-you tattoo design. In the example above, each child draws a tree to make a “forest” to represent the four kids. The trees also have a cool nature vibe.

7. Four seasons

a tattoo of symbols for the four seasons (sun, snowflake, leaf and flower) in a circle

Another way to honor having four kids is to use symbols that traditionally come in fours. I love the example above that is a tattoo of the four seasons. This could also be done where you use the symbols for the seasons of each child’s birth.

8. Four small hearts

If you’re looking for a simple and small mom tattoo, four hearts is an obvious option. I like the version shown here with the hearts in a vertical line instead of horizontal — it’s a little more unexpected and fresh.

9. Four daisies

a wrist tattoo of four daisies in a bouquet

Flowers always make for beautiful tattoos and you’ll find a few variations on this list. Here, four daisies represent four children.

10. Four minimalist flowers

a simple drawing of four flowers as a tattoo

Another flower tattoo design for four kids could be to do more simple and minimalist flowers. These could be personalized by using birth month flowers too.

11. Baby names

four names in a vertical list in pretty script: liam, isaac, maeve and olive

Using your children’s names as a tattoo in a pretty font is such a classic mom tattoo idea. I made this example because I loved the motion and interest of this handwriting font.

For moms with older kids, I really love the idea of using their own handwritten names instead of a font. I find the early preschool handwriting names so so heartwarming.

12. Morse code

morse code of the letters a i w and t

Morse code could be a chic and unique tattoo, and also could be done as a small mom of four tattoo since the style is so flexible.The design above is morse code initials for each child.

13. Four birds

a tattoo on the arm of four birds

I love a bird tattoo. They feel very on trend, with a cool nature vibe. Here, each bird represent a child, but you could vary the type of birds to match your kids unique personalities.

14. Four leaf clover

a bicep tattoo of a four leaf clover

Here’s another example of using a “four” symbol to honor having four kids. A four leaf clover highlights the luck and specialness of four. It also flexible and would make an easy small mom tattoo.

15. Children’s handprints

a heart made out of children's handprints in black and white

Using miniaturized versions of your kids’ handprints would be a very meaningful and truly unique mom tattoo since only that mother would ever have those prints.

16. Four connected hands

a tattoo of four hands in a circle lightly holding each other

If you can’t get your kids to sit still for doing handprints, you could also go with four hands as a symbol of your kids. Here the hands are connected to symbolize the connectedness of the family.

17. Birth weights

a list of 4 weights with text that says birth weights as a mom of 4 tattoo idea

Using your children’s birth weights in a pretty font is a subtle way to celebrate their births. Plus, it is definitely unique since no one else would ever have the same birth weights.

18. Four animals

a tattoo of four foxes in black and white

A set of any animal in fours is another mom of 4 tattoo idea. Here, we revisit the foxes as more realistic drawings instead of minimal sketches. You could also do each of your kids favorite animals if they make sense as a set.

19. Birth month flower bouquet

a forearm tattoo of a bouquet of four flowers

A bouquet of the birth month flowers is a subtle and feminine tattoo for a mom. A flower bouquet is a cool idea if you want to progressively add to the tattoo after each child’s birth too.

20. Four elements

a tattoo of the four elements (earth, wind, water, fire), each in a circle with a circle around them

Finally, we close the list with a tattoo of the four elements — earth, wind, water and fire. This is another “comes in fours” set tattoo and it could highlight the uniqueness of each of your kids.

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This is a collage image of tattoo designs for mom of 4 kids, including flowers, 4 birds, elephants, four leaf clover and four symbol designs and the text says mom of four tattoos: 20+ unique and simple ideas

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