65+ Fresh Middle Names for Freya

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Looking for beautiful middle names for Freya? Check out this list of 65+ middle names with meanings that flow well with the name Freya.

I’m a researcher who uses my skills to analysis name data and trends. I hand-selected these names from my personal database of over 2000+ name ideas. Each name was picked based on flow and style to go well with Freya.


Freya is a refreshing name that recently hit the top names in the U.S. It debuted on the Top 1000 name list in 2013 at #908 and has quickly gained momentum.

Last year, Freya was the #152 most popular baby girl name in the States. A long time favorite in the UK, Freya currently is a Top #20 name across the pond.

Below you’ll find a list of Freya middle names organized by classic, hip, unisex and cute names — something to fit every naming style.

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On to the names!

10 Favorite Middle Names for Freya

No time to read the whole article? Here are my ten favorite names for Freya

  • Freya Amabel
  • Freya Blyth
  • Freya Delphine
  • Freya Eden
  • Freya Faith
  • Freya Jolie
  • Freya Josephine
  • Freya Linden
  • Freya Maeve
  • Freya Rosalind

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Meaning of the Name Freya

The name Freya is of Old Norse-origin meaning ‘noble woman.’ Freyja was also a Norse goddess of love, beauty and fertility.

Freya feels both strong and feminine, and its soft flowing sounds give the name a very contemporary feel.

Parents seem to agree as Freya has quickly risen in the name popularity ranks. In the last decade, the name has jumped up the charts whooping 756 spots. Freya currently sits in the top 200 names with no signs of slowing down.

Name popularity trend graph for Freya
Freya Name Popularity Graph (source: our baby name visualization tool)

Now, let’s jump into the middle name ideas for Freya. First up are my personal top 10 favorite middle names to go with Freya. Then you’ll find even more names, with each name’s meaning.

Cute Middle Names for Freya

cute middle names for freya: jolie, amabel, neve, dawn and iris

First up are cute middle name ideas for baby girls named Freya. Freya is a feminine and light name that it flows beautiful with other soft and cute middle names.

My favorite cute middle names for Freya are Freya Jolie and Freya Faith for a flowy alliteration.

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Freya Amabel(lovable)
Freya Belle(beautiful)
Freya Cecily(blind)
Freya Dawn(daybreak)
Freya Eileen(beautiful bird, light)
Freya Eve(life)
Freya Faith(trust)
Freya Iris(rainbow)
Freya Jolie(pretty)
Freya Joy(happy)
Freya Kareen(beloved)
Freya Lily(pure, flower)
Freya May(fifth month)
Freya Neve(snow)
Freya Paige(assistant)
Freya Serenity(peaceful)

Classic Middle Names for Freya

Classic middle names for Freya: alma, catherine, elle, delphine and ruth

A classic middle name fits well with the soft sounds of Freya. An old Norse name itself with a strong meaning, pairing Freya with a classic middle name will give a distinguished vibe.

Of the classic options below, I love Freya Delphine and Freya Catherine.

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Freya Alma(nourishing)
Freya Angeline(angel)
Freya Beatrice(blessed)
Freya Catherine(pure)
Freya Corinne(maiden)
Freya Delphine(born of the water)
Freya Elizabeth(oath of God)
Freya Elle(feminine)
Freya Estelle(star)
Freya Felicity(happiness)
Freya Gabrielle(God is my strength)
Freya Imogen(maiden)
Freya Ingrid(beautiful)
Freya Kathleen(pure)
Freya Noelle(Christmas)
Freya Ruth(friend)

Modern Middle Names for Freya

modern middle names that go well with freya: camille, ottilie, lilias, heloise, and esme

Next up we have modern middle name for your future Freya. Though the name is an ancient Norse name, in the U.S. Freya feels new and fashionable given its recent popularity. Matching it with a modern middle name will give a very fresh full name.

Freya Camille and Freya Soleil are particularly hip middle name options.

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Freya Ainsley(meadow)
Freya Amal(hope)
Freya Camille(helper)
Freya Ember(spark)
Freya Esme(loved)
Freya Guinevere(white phantom)
Freya Heloise(warrior)
Freya Josephine(God will increase)
Freya Lavender(purple flower)
Freya Lilias(lily)
Freya Maeve(hilarity)
Freya Opal(precious stone)
Freya Ophelia(help)
Freya Ottilie(prosperous in battle)
Freya Rosalind(pretty rose)
Freya Simone(hear, listen)
Freya Soleil(sun)

Gender Neutral Middle Names for Freya

unisex middle names for Freya: sky, augustine, blyth, eden and linden

Here are some fun unisex names to pair with Freya. A nonbinary middle name is great for giving your baby a gender neutral option in the future.

I personally think Freya Brynn has great flow and Freya Augustine feels powerful and commanding.

Freya Augustine(magnificent)
Freya Belen(house of bread)
Freya Blair(plain)
Freya Blyth(cheerful)
Freya Briar(shrub)
Freya Brynn(hill)
Freya Celeste(heavenly)
Freya Eden(biblical garden)
Freya Jean(God is gracious)
Freya Linden(flowering tree)
Freya Luz(light)
Freya Monroe(mouth of the river)
Freya Rue(herb)
Freya Sky(upper atmosphere, Norse for ‘cloud’)
Freya Teagan(poet)
Freya Winn(friend)

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First Names that go with Freya

Freya can be an elegant middle name option too. These first names pair well with Freya:

  • Audrey Freya
  • Elodie Freya
  • Frances Freya
  • Ivy Freya
  • Juniper Freya
  • Margaret Freya

Names Similar to Freya

Looking for names with a similar modern vibe to Freya? Consider the following:

  • Calliope
  • Flora
  • Florence
  • Maeve
  • Philippa

Considerations Before Choosing a Middle Name

Here are a few things to consider before deciding on a middle name for Freya:

  • Overall Flow: how well does the full name flow together?
  • Initials: do the initials spell out any words or resemble anything?
  • Nicknames: will the middle name give you any future nickname options for your future Freya?
  • Search the first and middle name together: is the name associated with any famous people or characters?
  • Trends: has the popularity of your chosen names changed recently? (Make sure to double check our baby name popularity tool.)

Looking for more middle names ideas? Don’t forget to consider significant places, family trees, or special dates. Or, check out our other middle name lists, such as Middle Name Ideas for Poppy (that really pop!).

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