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Looking for middle names for Ophelia? Check out this list of 75+ handpicked names that go well with Ophelia, with their meanings and origins.

I’m a researcher who loves analyzing baby name data. I curated this list of middle names for Ophelia using my database of over 2000+ names.

I looked for names that flowed well and had a similar style to Ophelia. I also researched unique and Greek-originating names to pair with Ophelia so that this list is an in-depth dive into Ophelia middle name ideas.

Ophelia’s Shakespeare association likely kept this name off the top 1000 name list for decades, since stylistically it is very similar to the most popular girl’s name — Olivia.

However, as parents are getting bolder with their name choices, Ophelia finally seems to be getting its moment in the sun. It is skyrocketing in popularity with no signs of slowing down.

Below you’ll find classic, cute, and unique middle names for Ophelia. You’ll also find categories for short middle names, names starting with O, gender neutral ideas, and Greek names to pair with Ophelia.

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On to the middle names!

Top 10 Middle Names for Ophelia

Short on time? Here are my ten favorite middle names that go well with Ophelia.

  1. Ophelia Pearl
  2. Ophelia Amal
  3. Ophelia Rosalind
  4. Ophelia Elodie
  5. Ophelia Spring
  6. Ophelia Opal
  7. Ophelia Imogene
  8. Ophelia Maren
  9. Ophelia Selene
  10. Ophelia Nessa

Ophelia Name Meaning

Ophelia has a long history as a name, first noted in a 1504 poem (with the spelling Ofelia). From Greek, the name means “aid” or “help.”

The name is most notably known as the tragic Shakespearean character from Hamlet. While that may have kept Ophelia from name popularity when naming convention was more conservative, parents today are more dauntless with their naming choices.

The name has many fashionable characteristics to appeal to parents today. The beginning O letter adds uniqueness, and the name is made up of only soft and flowing sounds that roll smoothly off the tongue. Ophelia has also benefited from more recent cultural references, such as a song by the Lumineers and a character in Pan’s Labyrinth.

All of this has added up to a fast rise for the name Ophelia in the last decade. It has jumped over 600 spots — from #979 to #321 — in only six years since its reentry into the top 1000 chart.

name popularity graph for the name ophelia
Ophelia name popularity graph from our Baby Name Popularity Visualization Tool

Classic middle names for Ophelia

First on our list of middle names for Ophelia are classic names. As a Shakespearean name, Ophelia has a long name history that would be a natural match for another well-established name.

I think Ophelia Florence has a nice flow with the ‘f’ sound connecting the two names. And what I like about Ophelia Pearl is you could call her Opie, which would be a cute nickname based on the initials O.P.

Ophelia EDITH(riches)English
Ophelia KATHERINE(pure)Greek
Ophelia ELEANOR(light)French; Greek
Ophelia FLORENCE(prosperous)Latin
Ophelia PEARL(gem, precious)Latin
Ophelia LORRAINE(from Lorraine)French
Ophelia FLORA(flower)Latin
Ophelia MARCELLE(warlike)Latin
Ophelia HESTER(star)Greek
Ophelia IMOGENE(maiden)Irish

Unique middle names for Ophelia

On the flip side, you could balance out Ophelia’s traditional vibe with a unique middle name. The middle name slot can be a place to have fun with a name and add some pizazz. Ophelia Amal sounds sophisticated, while Ophelia Moon gives a hippie, boho vibe (if that’s your style, don’t forget to check out my list of 75+ Hippie Name Ideas).

Ophelia MARICI(beam of light)Sanskirt
Ophelia LORIS(laurel)Latin
Ophelia IVA(God is gracious)Slavic
Ophelia MOON(natural satellite of a planet)English
Ophelia NYRA(beauty of Goddess Saraswati)Sanskrit
Ophelia AMAL(hope)Arabic
Ophelia SIGRID(victory)Norse; Scandinavian
Ophelia LINDEN(Linden tree)English
Ophelia HELOISE(wide)French
Ophelia FARRAH(happiness)Arabic
Ophelia CONSTANCE(steadfast)Latin

Cute names to go with Ophelia

Next we have cute names that go well with Ophelia. Of these middle names, I think Bliss is unique, charming and fun — perfect for the middle name position.

Ophelia ELODIE(wealth)French
Ophelia AUDRA(noble strength)English
Ophelia AVELINE(beautiful bird)French
Ophelia ARLETTE(lion of God)French
Ophelia LUELLA(famous elf)English
Ophelia MAGNOLIA(flower)Latin
Ophelia ANNALISE(grace)German
Ophelia GALILEE(province, north Israel)Hebrew
Ophelia ROSALIND(pretty rose)French
Ophelia JOLIE(pretty)French
Ophelia BLISS(happiness)English

Names starting with O that go well with Ophelia

In addition to cute middle names, you can also achieve a similar endearing feel with an alliterative full name. These names below all also start with letter O and go well with Ophelia. I like the flow of Ophelia Olene and think Ophelia Opal looks cool written out with both starting with ‘Op.’

Ophelia OFRA(deer)Hebrew
Ophelia ODELIA(praise God)Hebrew
Ophelia OPAL(gemstone)Sanskrit
Ophelia OTTILIE(prosperous in battle)French; German
Ophelia OLEANDER(evergreen tree)Greek
Ophelia OLENE(circumstances of life)Ukrainian; Greek
Ophelia OLIANA(oleander, God answers)Polynesian; Spanish
Ophelia OLIVA(olive tree)Latin
Ophelia OLIVERIA(olive tree)Latin
Ophelia OLATHE(lovely)Native American

One-syllable Ophelia middle names

As Ophelia is a three-syllable name, you may want to balance your baby’s full name with a short middle name. These one-syllable names work well as a middle names for Ophelia. I particularly like the flowing ‘f’ sounds in Ophelia Fleur.

Ophelia DOVE(bird of peace)English
Ophelia PLUM(by a plum tree)English
Ophelia WINN(friend, fair)Welsh; English
Ophelia SPRING(springtime)English
Ophelia REIGN(sovereign)English
Ophelia RUE(herb)English
Ophelia KIT(bearing Christ)English
Ophelia JOY(happy)Latin; French; English
Ophelia NOOR(light)Arabic
Ophelia FLEUR(flower)French
Ophelia GREY(gray-haired)English
Middle names that go well with Ophelia

Gender neutral middle names for Ophelia

To give your baby space for future identity flexibility, consider a gender neutral middle name for Ophelia. Unisex names are also very on-trend today. Of these unisex names, I like Ophelia Maren and Ophelia Fallon.

Ophelia DARBY(deer town)English
Ophelia MAREN(sea)Latin
Ophelia LUCINEmoonArmenian
Ophelia PALMER(pilgrim)English; French
Ophelia ARDEN(eagle valley)English
Ophelia AUBREY(elf ruler)German
Ophelia CADE(round)English
Ophelia KENNEDY(misshapened head)Irish
Ophelia RAIN(rain shower)English
Ophelia TEMPEST(stormy)French
Ophelia FALLON(leader)Irish

Greek middle names for Ophelia

Finally, we close the list of middle names for Ophelia with other Greek-originating names. Picking another Greek name is an easy way to give a theme and connection an Ophelia’s full name. Ophelia Philippa is an appealing name combination because of its symmetry. Both names are three-syllables with ‘f’ sounds that end on an ‘a’ note.

Ophelia ASTRA(star)
Ophelia LYRA(harp)
Ophelia NESSA(pure)
Ophelia DEMI(half)
Ophelia ANGELINE(angel)
Ophelia HARMONY(musical chords)
Ophelia IRIS(rainbow)
Ophelia PHILIPPA(lover of horses)
Ophelia SELENE(moon)
Ophelia ZELENIA(moon)
Ophelia CASSIA(cinnamon)

Sibling names to go with Ophelia

If you stumbled on this page looking for names that go well with Ophelia for a future sister or brother, this section is for you. Below you’ll find name ideas for brothers and sisters for Ophelia.

I really like Augustine to match Ophelia’s grandeur and Araminta for it’s uniqueness. For a book lover, pairing Ophelia with a sibling named Atticus could give a cool, subtle literary connection.

Brothers for Ophelia

  • Ezra
  • Atticus
  • Orfeo
  • Augustine
  • Phillip
  • Omero
  • Isaiah

Sisters for Ophelia

  • Helena
  • Philomena
  • Aurora
  • Persephone
  • Theodosia
  • Araminta
  • Nessa

Names similar to Ophelia

Finally, if you love Ophelia’s style but aren’t sure if the name is the one, here are some names that are similar to Ophelia:

  • Odelia
  • Cordelia
  • Alethea
  • Aurelia
  • Odilia
  • Athena
  • Evangeline
  • Octavia
  • Ottilie
  • Odessa

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