65 Bird-Themed Baby Names [+ meanings]

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Looking for a cool baby name? Bird-themed baby names are very on trend. Check out this list of 65 baby name ideas inspired by birds with their meanings, perfect for your future baby bird.

65 Bird Inspired Baby Names for Girls and Boys

Baby names with bird meanings have a cool, subtle nature vibe that are easily wearable. Many bird baby names are also gender neutral making them cool and versatile.

From obvious bird name ideas, like Robin or Lark, to more understated bird connections, like Eileen or Jonas, bird names can be a great option for any baby naming style.

Bird names are very now. You’ll find bird names throughout the top 500 baby names list.

Girl names such as Wren (#361) and Ava (#3) have been flying up the rankings. Wren, a lovely bird baby name for girls, has jumped over 400 spots in less than a decade. Evelyn, meaning ‘beautiful bird,’ has held steady as a top 10 name for years.

For boys, you’ll find names like Jonah (#128) and Phoenix (#238) topping the charts.

There are also great options for gender neutral bird-inspired names, including Arden (meaning ‘eagle valley’) or Blyth (a type of pheasant). Names like Birdie and Pip can also make adorable nicknames for boys or girls when you use a bird-themed baby name.

Below you will find bird baby names that are classic, cute, & hip and unique.

Classic Baby Names with Bird Meanings

Birds flying in the sky at sunset

These classic names have bird-related meanings, great for people looking for more timeless or subtle name options.

I love the name Piper, a nod to sandpipers, as an option for boys. Blyth is an effortlessly cool and charming bird name, and you can’t go wrong with a classic like Rose.

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Arnold(eagle ruler)
Blyth(pheasant-like bird)
Eileen(beautiful bird)
Evelyn(beautiful bird)
Jay(jaybird, bluejays)
Jonah(Hebrew for ‘dove’)
Jonas(Hebrew for ‘dove’)
Mavis(song thrush bird)
Merle(French for ‘blackbird’)
Rhea(South American ostriches)
Robin(songbird, bright)

Cute Baby Names for the Birds

Bird soaring in the sky

These cute bird names are sure to charm. Of the names below, I personally love Paloma for baby girls and Rusty for boys. I also love how Daya sounds like a delicate name but has a strong, powerful meaning.

Birdie can be a standalone name or a great nickname for any bird-themed name.

Aerie(nest of birds of prey)
Alouette(French for ‘lark’)
Ani(black cuckatoo)
Aya(colorful, bird)
Birdie(little bird)
Covey(flock of birds)
Daya(Hebrew for ‘bird of prey’)
Dove(bird of peace)
Paloma(Spanish for ‘dove’)
Phoebe(small passerine bird)
Pip(pip a hole in an egg shell, like a hatching bird)
Roseate(roseate spoonbill)
Sora(small waterbird)
Tori(Japanese for ‘bird’)
Yona(Hebrew for ‘dove’)

Unique Name Ideas Inspired by Birds

Looking for something more unique? These unique bird names include bold names like Hawk and Falcon to charming names such as Starling and Rook. My favorite unique bird names are Linnet (an adorable unisex option!) and Drake.

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Aveline(beautiful bird)
Falcon(birds of prey)
Hawk(birds of prey)
Ibis(longlegged bird)
Lark(song bird)
Linnet(small songbird)
Phoenix(mythological immortal bird)
Rook(sociable bird in the crow family)
Royal(royal penguin)
Sparrow(small passerine bird symbolizing luck)
Starling(medium-sized passerine bird)
Swift(aerial bird)
Talon(like a literal foot talon)
Teal(small duck)

Bird-Inspired Baby Names with a Hipster Vibe

These hipster bird names sound fresh and modern. Of the options below, I love Efron as a soft name option for boys. Winnow is a fresh name idea for those who love the nickname Winnie. Zipporah, with its starting letter Z, feels fun and cool.

And I actually came back to update this post as soon as I learned that Keaton means “place of hawks” — what a cool meaning and I love it as a gender neutral name option.

Abbott(Abbott’s Booby seabird)
Arden(eagle valley)
Bran(Gaelic for ‘raven’)
Cassin(Cassin’s sparrow in honor of ornithologist John Cassin)
Efron(Hebrew for ‘singing bird’)
Keaton(place of hawks)
Raven(large black passerine bird)
Sephora(Hebrew for ‘bird’)
Soren(a nod to how birds soar)
Willow(Willow warbler)
Winnow(to blow the air with one’s wings)
Wren(passerine bird)
Zipporah(Hebrew for ‘bird’)

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