125+ Rocking Names for Pet Rocks

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Looking for good names for rocks in your life? Check out this list of 125+ pet rocks names, including funny and punny names, cute names, and unique names for pet rocks.

For real, is there anything a toddler loves more than a rock? I truly did not appreciate how many rocks there are everywhere I go until I spent a day with a 3-year-old.

And I’m not going to lie, my toddler’s love of rocks is pretty great. He shows me cool rocks I wouldn’t have otherwise noticed and the world is basically full of free “toys” for him.

When we go somewhere, my kid’s idea of a souvenir is a handful of rocks he finds in the parking lot — it’s perfect.

(Our baby has also recently become very rock-focused, which obviously is less great since most rocks are perfectly choking hazard size. I’m definitely looking forward to getting out of everything-goes-in-the-mouth phase…)

Our toddler’s collection of small parking lot rocks was my inspiration for this list of names for pet rocks. He is still at the age where he names things very literally but I’m hoping one day he’ll get into creative name ideas too.

Below you’ll find 125+ pet rock name ideas. I handpicked this list of names from my own database of name, from researching rocks, and from online forums.

The list is divided into the following categories for easier reading: names with rock meanings, funny names for rocks, pun names for a pet rock, pretty and cute names for pet rocks, and famous rocks in pop culture.

Let’s rock and roll!

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What is a pet rock?

Pet Rocks were a 1975 fad invented by Gary Dahl. He made a joke about pet rocks and realized the opportunity to make it into a novelty gift (source).

He sold pet rocks in a box that looked like a pet store box with a owner’s manual on caring for a pet rock. The humor of his product was a hit and he went on to sell over a million pet rocks for great profit.

If you’re looking for some nostalgia, you can actually still buy the original pet rock, though Gary Dahl passed away in 2015.

Since you can’t exactly patent a rock, you can also find spin off pet rocks like these that are shaped like animals that you can paint.

The true legacy though of pet rocks is that any kid can find a cool rock and make it their “pet rock,” no purchase necessary.

two pet rocks on a toddler's hand
Treasured “pet rocks” our toddler found on a recent walk

Top 10 Names for Pet Rocks

So now that you have a pet rock, what should you name it? Here are my 10 favorite names you’ll find on this list.

  1. Jasper: this name means “spotted stone”
  2. Chris Rock: a doubly funny rock name
  3. ShamROCK: a funny pun name for a pet rock, since a rock is definitely a sham pet
  4. Rocketeer: a cute name for a rock
  5. Moonstone: a pretty rock name of an actual gemstone
  6. Hope: a girl name referencing the famous Hope Diamond
  7. Iggy: a nickname name for igneous rock
  8. Pride: the name of the famous Pride Rock from the Lion King, and perhaps your pet rock will be your pride and joy
  9. Geodude: the name of a rock looking Pokemon
  10. Druzy: the name of the crystal coating on rocks

Names with rock meanings

To kick off the list, here are names with rock meanings that would obviously fit well for pet rocks.

  1. Rocky: the most obvious rock name
  2. Stone: Stone is an English originating boy’s name
  3. Peter: the classic name Peter actually means “rock” and comes from Greek
  4. Jewel: beautiful rocks are called jewels, which is also an uncommon girls name
  5. Jasper: a boy name meaning “spotted stone”
  6. Flint: Flint is a name meaning “hard grey rock”
  7. Dahl: a name in honor of Gary Dahl, the inventor of the 1970’s Pet Rock toy
  8. Winston: this classic boy name means “joyful stone”
  9. Mason: a boy name meaning “one who works with stone”
  10. Druzy: the name for the coating of crystals on a rock
  11. Obsidian: a glass-like rock formed from lava
  12. Onyx: Onyx is the name of a black gemstone rock
  13. Jacinth: Jacinth is a name meaning “precious stone”
  14. Pietra: Pietra is a name of Italian origins meaning “stone”
  15. Kaya: Kaya is a girls name that is also a Turkish word for rock
  16. Stein: a German word for rock
  17. Callan: Callan is an Irish name meaning “rock”
  18. Harlan: Harlan is a name meaning “rocky land”
  19. Gemma: Gemma would be a cute and fitting pet rock name since it means “precious gemstone”

Funny pet rock names

If you’re looking for funny name ideas for your pet rock, then this section is for you.

These names include plays on rock idioms, famous people with stone or rock in their names, and unique names you wouldn’t expect for a rock, like Lassie.

  1. Dwayne Johnson: the real name of the Rock
  2. Spot: this common dog name would be funny for a pet rock
  3. Emma Stone: the surname Stone would make this a funny pop culture reference name for a pet rock
  4. Sharon Stone: a similar idea to Emma Stone, just a generation earlier
  5. Bottom: a play on ‘rock bottom’
  6. Hard Rock: both a literal name for a rock and a pop culture reference
  7. Steady: a name inspired by the idiom “steady as a rock”
  8. Hard Place: between a rock and a hard place
  9. Rockstar: rockstar would be a cheeky name for a pet rock
  10. Jingle Bell: a joke name off the song Jingle Bell Rock
  11. Stone Cold: for Stone Cold Steve Austin
  12. Lassie: perhaps one of the most famous and loyal pet names of all time
  13. Rolling Rock: a name for a pet rock and a beer
  14. Chris Rock: a funny pet rock name in honor of funny man Chris Rock
  15. Slater: a Save by the Bell character and a play on the rock slate
  16. Climber: for rock climbers
  17. TwoBirds: for the idiom “kill two birds with one stone”

Rock pun names

Keeping with the humorous theme, here are some rock name puns that would make especially good names for pet rocks.

Each name includes a play on rock or stone in the word, like b-rock-oli as a pun on broccoli (which would make a truly ridiculous and unique name for a pet rock).

  1. COALossol: a pun on colossal, and a name for a rock-looking Pokemon
  2. ROCKet: Rocket would be a cute pun name for a rock
  3. SkyROCKet: another word that plays on the word rock
  4. Crock: in slang crock means nonsense, which is fitting since having a pet rock is kind of nonsense
  5. Pome-granite: a play on the word pomegranate and the rock granite
  6. ShamROCK: this name works on two levels because a pet rock is also a sham of a pet
  7. Magma Cum Laude: a pun on the volcanic rock magma and the graduation distinction magna cum laude
  8. Sedimental Value: a pun name from rocks being sediment and a pet rock having sentimental value to their owner
  9. Clean Slate: slate is a metamorphic rock
  10. BROCKoli: a pun name playing off the word broccoli
  11. ROCKSanne: this play on the name Roxanne would be funny for a pet rock

Cute names for a pet rock

Next up we have cute names for your pet rock. These cute pet rock names all have ties in some way to rocks or stones, like Skippy as a reference to skipping stones.

  1. Precious: the name precious is a cute play on ‘precious gems’ for a regular old pet rock
  2. Rocco: a name coming from Italian that means “rest”
  3. Skippy: a name in honor of skipping stones
  4. Pebbles: a cute name for little rocks
  5. Candy: a name for a pet rock inspired by rock candy
  6. Ice Cube: “on the rocks” is another way to ask for a drink over ice
  7. Rockabilly: a style of music that would also be a cute name for a pet rock
  8. Rocketeer: the name someone who pilots rockets
  9. Rockhopper: Rockhopper is a type of penguin that would also work for a pet rock
  10. Marble: a cheeky name for a rock
  11. Star: a name for the Star of India, the largest sapphire in the world
  12. Quarry: a deep pit where rocks are excavated
  13. Rubble: a cute name meaning rock debris
  14. Doc: Doc the Rock has a cute ring to it

Pretty rock names

These pretty rock names are names of real rocks and minerals. Most of these names are gemstone names, which are currently a popular naming trend for babies.

  1. Ruby
  2. Diamond
  3. Beryl
  4. Moonstone
  5. Sunstone
  6. Turquoise
  7. Fayalite
  8. Jade (don’t forget to check out my list of names like Jade)
  9. Amethyst
  10. Garnet
  11. Opal
  12. Topaz
  13. Sapphire
  14. Crystal
  15. Sphene
  16. Emerald

Good pet rock names by gender

Perhaps you’d like a human name for your pet rock. Here are some cool rock names that are actual girl and boy names.

Girl names for rocks

  1. Hortensia: the name of a diamond in the French crown jewels collection
  2. Tiffany: for the Tiffany diamond and iconic jeweler
  3. Cora: for the Cora Sun-Drop diamond
  4. Hope: for the Hope diamond
  5. Goldie: a nickname style name for the mineral gold
  6. Ramona: Ramona the Rock is a good alliterative name for a pet rock
  7. Amber: Amber is a name and word for a tree resin that hardens like rocks
  8. Coral: Coral is a pretty girl’s name that also is a rock-like sea formation
  9. Harlow: Harlow is a neutral name more often given to girls meaning “rocky hill”
  10. Bryce: Bryce Canyon is a national park with irregular columns of rocks

Boy names for rocks

  1. Jett: a name meaning “jet black”, perfect for a black pet rock
  2. Brock: a boy name that rhymes with rock
  3. Iggy: a name meaning “fiery one” and a nickname for igneous rocks
  4. Hudson: a name for famous American actor Rock Hudson
  5. Pierce: a name meaning “rock” coming from English and Irish roots
  6. Axton: a boy name meaning “sword stone”
  7. Dustin: this name meaning “Thor’s stone” would be a unique name for a pet rock
  8. Logan: the name Logan means “little hollow” but also means “balanced stone”
  9. Pedro: the Spanish form of Peter, Pedro means “stone”
  10. Stanley: Stanley would make a good pet rock name and means “stone meadow”
  11. Royce: Royce the Rock has a nice with a nice ring to it

Famous rock names in pop culture

The following name ideas come from pop culture, such as rock characters and famous rocks in movies and books.

My favorite on this list is Cocoa in honor of the classic cereal, Cocoa Pebbles which look like little rocks.

  1. Pride: for Pride Rock in the Lion King
  2. Stonekeeper: the antagonist in the animated movie Smallfoot
  3. The Thing: the rocky mutant in the Fantastic Four
  4. Uku and Lele: the names of the animated volcanos in the Pixar short Lava
  5. Fruity: for the famous “rock” cereal Fruity Pebbles
  6. Cocoa: for the rock-looking cereal Cocoa Pebbles
  7. Gibraltar: a name inspired by the Rock of Gilbraltar
  8. Stone Phillips: the name of a famous reporter
  9. Sorcerer: a name for the famous stone in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer Stone
  10. Excalibur: a name for the Sword in the Stone
  11. Easter: a name for the famous Easter Island rock heads
  12. Blarney: the name of the Irish rock that is said to give eloquence to those who kiss it

Name of rock type Pokemon that look like rocks

Lastly, we close the list with names of rock Pokemon. These Pokemon all look like rocks or are made of rock matter. They are all names of Pokemon in the ground type.

  1. Graveler
  2. Geodude
  3. Stonjourner
  4. Boldore
  5. Onix
  6. Coalossol
  7. Golem
  8. Gigalith
  9. Minior
  10. Rhyhorn
  11. Nosepass
  12. Carkol
  13. Solrock
  14. Regirock
  15. Rhyperior
  16. Roggenrola
  17. Rolycoly

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