65+ Middle Names for Poppy (That Really Pop!)

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middle names for poppy

Looking for great middle names for Poppy? Explore this list of 65+ middle names with meanings that really pop when paired with the name Poppy.

I’m a researcher with a passion for baby name data. I handpicked this list of Poppy middle names using my database of over 2000+ names. I included both classic and modern names so there is something for every naming style.

Poppy is an adorable name that has been quickly gaining popularity in the States. It first appeared in the Top 1000 name list in 2016 at #747 and has already jumped to #401 last year.

In the UK, Poppy has been a Top #25 name since 2009, peaking at the #5 most popular name in 2014.

Below you’ll find a variety of middle names for Poppy, divided in the following categories for easy navigation: cute middle names for Poppy, classic names, modern names and unisex names.

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Now, let’s pop over to the middle names!

Top 10 Middle Names for Poppy

No time to read the whole article? Here are my ten favorite middle names for Poppy.

  • Poppy Alexandra
  • Poppy Eloise
  • Poppy Elowen
  • Poppy Fallon
  • Poppy Jolene
  • Poppy Monroe
  • Poppy Ophelia
  • Poppy Piper
  • Poppy Simone
  • Poppy Solenne

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Meaning of the Name Poppy

Poppy is a flower name of Old English and Latin origins that means “red flower.” Poppy feels fun and punchy, giving it a fresh feel compared to other flower names like Marigold and Rosemary. In the U.K., poppies are associated with Remembrance Day honoring fallen patriots.

Poppy name trend data in the U.S. since 1900.

Now let’s dive into middle name ideas for Poppy. First up are my Top 10 favorite names to go with Poppy. Then you’ll find even more names with their meanings.

Cute Middle Names for Poppy

cute middle names that go well with Poppy: claribel, liza, elle, vera and delia

Below are cute middle name ideas for baby girls named Poppy. Poppy is such a delightful and spunky name that it pairs well with other feminine and cute middle names.

My favorite pairs include Poppy Annabel and Poppy Jolene, which would give the fun nickname Poppy Jo.

Poppy Alma(nourishing)
Poppy Annabelle(lovable)
Poppy Belle(beautiful)
Poppy Celilia(blind)
Poppy Claribel(bright)
Poppy Elle(feminine)
Poppy Flora(flower)
Poppy Delia(from Delos)
Poppy Jolene(pretty)
Poppy Mila(gracious)
Poppy Mirabel(wonderful)
Poppy Liza(oath of God)
Poppy Liliana(lily)
Poppy Seraphina(fiery)
Poppy Solenne(sunlight)
Poppy Susannah(lily)
Poppy Vera(faith)

Classic Middle Names for Poppy

Classic middle names for Poppy: estelle, julianne, jane, elizabeth and mia

A classic middle name is a great way to balance out the whimsy of the name Poppy. Long and strong middle names also give punchy Poppy a fuller flow.

Of the classic name options below, I love Poppy Alexandra and Poppy Estelle.

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Poppy Alexandra(defend)
Poppy Amelia(industrious)
Poppy Anne(favour)
Poppy Christine(Christian)
Poppy Ester(myrtle leaf)
Poppy Eleanor(light)
Poppy Elizabeth(oath of God)
Poppy Estelle(star)
Poppy Jacqueline(supplanter)
Poppy Jane(God is gracious)
Poppy Julianne(youthful)
Poppy Lillian(lily)
Poppy Louise/Lou(renowned warrior)
Poppy Lucielle(light)
Poppy Marie(of the sea)
Poppy Mia(mine)

Modern Middle Names for Poppy

modern middle names for poppy: willow, elowen, iona, linnea, and portia

Having only debuted on the U.S. charts in the last few years, Poppy is a decidedly modern name to the American audience. Pairing on-trend Poppy with another modern name would give you a very fresh full name.

Poppy Elowen and Poppy Simone are particularly charming and fashionable middle name options. For a cute alliteration, try out Poppy Portia or Poppy Pearl.

Poppy Aurora(dawn)
Poppy Calla(beauty)
Poppy Camilla(young helper)
Poppy Iona(island)
Poppy Inara(illuminating)
Poppy Elowen(elm tree)
Poppy Adelaide(noble)
Poppy Ophelia(help)
Poppy Matilda(mighty)
Poppy Mira(admirable)
Poppy Maura(of the sea)
Poppy Linnea(linden tree)
Poppy Pearl(gem, precious)
Poppy Portia(offering, pig)
Poppy Sienna(reddish)
Poppy Simone(hear, listen)
Poppy Willow(willow tree)

Gender Neutral Middle Names for Poppy

unisex middle names for poppy: monroe, belen, laurel, jo and winn

If you’d like to give your baby a gender neutral option in their name, here are some great unisex names to pair with Poppy. Giving your child a gender neutral name is a nice way to give them the space for identity flexibility in the future.

Of these names, I personally think Poppy Celeste and Poppy Monroe have a great flow. While Celeste is often associated with girls in the U.S., it is considered a gender neutral name in Italian, French and Spanish speaking countries.

Poppy Adair(fortunate)
Poppy Augustine(magnificent)
Poppy Belen(house of bread)
Poppy Celeste(heavenly)
Poppy Fallon(leader)
Poppy Eden(biblical garden)
Poppy Jo(God is gracious)
Poppy Jean(God is gracious)
Poppy Lark(song bird)
Poppy Laurel(bay laurel tree)
Poppy Luz(light)
Poppy Monroe(mouth of the river)
Poppy Piper(player of pipes)
Poppy Rue(herb)
Poppy Winn(friend)

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Examples of Poppy as a Middle Name

Poppy can be a fun middle name option too. Poppy pairs well with the following first names:

  • Caroline Poppy
  • Eileen Poppy
  • Primrose Poppy
  • Reagan Poppy
  • Stella Poppy
  • Victoria Poppy

Names Similar to Poppy

Looking for names with a similar spunky vibe to Poppy? Consider the following

  • Maisie
  • Daisy
  • Goldie
  • Pippa
  • Piper
  • Rosie

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Considerations Before Choosing a Middle Name

Here are a few things to consider before deciding on a middle name for Poppy:

  • Overall Flow: does the full name flow well all together?
  • Initials: do the initials spell out anything or resemble anything?
  • Nicknames: will the middle name open up any possible future nicknames for your baby?
  • Search the first and middle name together: are there any famous people or well-known associations with the full name?
  • Trends: how has the popularity of the name changed in recent years? (Make sure to double check our baby name popularity tool.)

Looking for more middle names ideas? Don’t forget to consider significant places, family trees, or special dates.

Or, check out our other middle name lists, such as Middle Name Ideas for Finley.

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