35 Delightful Diana Nicknames You Can’t Miss

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So you found the perfect baby name: Diana. But for many people, the name search doesn’t end there. You also have to think about nicknames for Diana. As if deciding on one name isn’t hard enough.

Thinking about your baby’s future nicknames is valuable so you can have the best shot in picking their nickname. For example, if you love the nickname Di for Diana, you’ll want to make that clear from the jump so people don’t call her Ana.

Don’t worry, I’m here to help. Below you’ll find 25 Diana nicknames to help you find the perfect term of endearment for your baby.

I’m a researcher who loves names. I personally put together this list of Diana nicknames using my database of over 2000+ names, my evaluation of the name, online discussion forums and other sources.

My goal was to write an exhaustive list so you could find all the nickname ideas you need in one place. I hope that this list saves you time on your hunt for the perfect nickname for Diana.

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Nicknames for Diana

Let’s dive right into the Diana nicknames!

1. Di: Perhaps the most famous nickname for Diana is Di, popularized by Princess Diana

2. Didi: Building off Di, Didi is a cute Diana nickname, especially for a young child.

3. Ana: A future Diana also has the ability to go by one of the most classic names, Ana.

4. Ann: Since Diana contains “Ana,” a Diana could take advantage of many of Ann-style nicknames.

5. Annie: Annie is another Ana-based nickname for Diana.

6. Dian: Diana could simply be shortened to Dian or Diane for a slightly less flowy alternative to Diana.

7. Dee: An alternative nickname to Di is Dee, another classic nickname to Diana.

8. Deedee: Deedee has a slightly different pronunciation to Didi, and is the more commonly used variation of the repeating D-sound nickname.

9. Duch: If you are looking for more Princess Diana inspiration for your Diana nicknames, the Princess was nicknamed Duch as a child according to her former chef (source)

10. Dia: Diana is a shortening of Diana that fits in well with popular names like Mia.

11. Dina: Dina is a lovely classic name that also works as a nickname for Dina

12. Dana: Like Dina, Dana is another nickname you can get by shortening Diana by one letter.

13. Dino: I love girl names with boyish nicknames so using Dino as a nickname for a Diana is one of my favorites on this list.

14. Dan: Much like Dino, Dan could be a cute and unique boyish nickname for a Diana.

15. Dianita: Dianita is actually a longer nickname that Diana. The “ita” suffix conveys a term of affection and means “little one” in Spanish.

16. Nan: Nan is a nickname that plays off the ending -na sound in Diana.

17. Dini: Dini is a more unique Diana nickname if you like a nickname ending in a -y sound.

18. Dani: Dani is a punchy and fun nickname for Diana.

19. Diya: Diya is a cool nickname playing off the opening ‘Di’ sound of Diana. Daya is a little farther from the hallmark Di-sound but could also work as a Diana nickname.

Nicknames for Diana: Di, Dina, Ana, Diya, Dia, Dino

Initial Nicknames for Diana

In addition to Diana-derived nicknames, you can also make nicknames from your baby’s initials. DJ is a common initial nickname that you could use by pairing Diana with a J middle name.

Additionally, you could select another D-middle name to give the initials DD, for the adorable nickname Deedee.

Below are some full name ideas that would give you DJ and DD initial nicknames for Diana.

DJ Name Ideas

  1. Diana Jade
  2. Diana Jean
  3. Diana Jolie
  4. Diana Josephine
  5. Diana James
  6. Diana Joy
  7. Diana Julie
  8. Diana June
  9. Diana Jovie
  10. Diana Josette

DD Name Ideas

  1. Diana Dawn
  2. Diana Darcy
  3. Diana Delphine
  4. Diana Dell
  5. Diana Dove
  6. Diana Dylan

Meaning of Diana

Diana is a strong name that comes from Latin and means “divine.” The name also has mythological roots, as Diana was a goddess in Roman mythology. Diana was the goddess of the moon and twin sister of Apollo (source).

Diana is a timeless name that has been a constant favorite in the United States for the last century. While it hit peak popularity in 1946, it remained a top 100 name for much of the 20th century (source: Social Security Administration Data). The name has slipped slightly in recent years but it sits in the low 200’s.

Diana is perhaps most known for its association with Princess Diana. Other famous Diana’s include Diana Ross, Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) and Diana Barry, best friend of Anne of Green Gables.

Tips for Picking the Perfect Nickname

Here are some tips to help you consider the best nickname for your baby.

  • Look to the actual name for inspiration. Do any of the sounds or parts of the name lend themselves to being nicknames?
  • Would the person’s initials or middle name open up more nickname options? For example, someone names Lenora Eloise could go by the nickname “Ellie” based on their L.E. initials.
  • Other places to look for nickname inspiration include: personality traits, interests and hobbies, memorable jokes, or relationship moments.
  • Keep it positive. If you want a nickname to stick, you’ll want to select a name that is respectful and the person will like.

What is a Nickname?

Nicknames are used in place of someone’s given name to express affection, familiarity or for brevity. Nicknames often derive from a person’s actual name, such as shortening the name, but they can also be selected based on someone’s traits, personality or inside jokes.

Some nicknames are used exclusively in place of a formal name, like a William who always goes by Will. Sometimes, the same person may have different nicknames with their family or friends, with the nicknames signaling closeness with the person.


I hope you found the perfect name for Diana on this list. If you aren’t sure if Diana is the one, don’t forget to check out some of my other name lists for inspiration.

For someone who appreciates strong names like Diana, you’ll probably also find names you love on my list of the poshest baby names.

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