75 Magnetic Middle Names for Morgan (Girl, Boy & Unisex)

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middle names for morgan

On the hunt for the perfect name to go with Morgan? Then you’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll find middle names for Morgan, including girl names, boy names, and unisex names.

I’m a Ph.D.-trained researcher with a passion for baby name trends and data. Using my personal database of over 2000+ names, I handpicked the names below to match Morgan’s style. Unlike other lists you may find, these names were all personally selected to have a similar fashionability to Morgan.

I hope this list will save you time and add some new Morgan middle name ideas to your list. Since Morgan is a unisex name, the list includes Morgan middle names for boys, girls, and many gender neutral options.

In addition, you’ll also find other Welsh names to go with Morgan. Plus, I’ve curated a selection of M-names to give that instant, alliterative connection to Morgan’s full name.

And if you like unisex names, you may also like this list of gender neutral names that are short and sweet.

On to the middle names for Morgan!

Top 10 Middle Names for Morgan

  1. Morgan REESE
  2. Morgan MONROE
  3. Morgan ADELA
  4. Morgan DEAN
  5. Morgan BRYNN
  6. Morgan LUCIA
  7. Morgan DAVIS
  8. Morgan EMRYS
  9. Morgan MAREN
  10. Morgan PERCY

Morgan meaning and popularity

Morgan comes from Welsh roots and means “sea chief.” The name originated as a boy’s name from its mother-Welsh but has since transitioned to being gender neutral in the United States. You’ll also see Morgan used as a surname.

From 1900 to 1976, Morgan only charted as a boy name in the U.S. It began creeping up in popularity for girls in the 70s and quickly reached its peak popularity in the 1990s for both genders (per Social Security Administration data).

morgan name popularity graph

Since the 80s, Morgan’s popularity for girls has surpassed its use for American boys. At its peak, Morgan was the #22 most popular name for girls, compared to the boys’ peak at #275.

Both names have trended down some since their 90s peak but are still popular picks for babies today.

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Girl middle names for Morgan

Let’s look first at middle names for a girl Morgan. Below are general feminine names that go well with Morgan. These are followed by a selection of M-names to give alliterative full name ideas for Morgan.

The first set of girl names includes many unique options that you may not have found elsewhere. Seraphine is a fresh alternative to Seraphina. And Adela is a beautiful name that adds softness to Morgan.

Morgan ADELA(noble, serene)German
Morgan ALLEGRA(joyful)Italian
Morgan CECILIA(blind)Latin
Morgan EDA(riches)English
Morgan EDWINA(rich friend)English
Morgan ELODIE(wealth)French
Morgan LUCIA(light)Latin
Morgan LUELLE(beautiful elf)English
Morgan NADINE(hope)French
Morgan OLEANDER(evergreen tree)Greek
Morgan OONA(lamb)Scottish
Morgan OTTILIE(prosperous in battle)French; German
Morgan SERAPHINE(fiery)Hebrew
middle names for girl morgan: adela, mabel, brynn, elodie, cecilia, mira

Girl M names that go well with Morgan

Next up are M-middle names for Morgan. Alliterative full names make for easy flow and connection between the first and middle names.

Of the M-names below, I love Morgan Mabel and Morgan Mira.

Morgan MABEL(lovable)English; Latin
Morgan MAGNOLIA(flower)Latin
Morgan MAISIE(pearl)Scottish
Morgan MARCELLA(warlike)Latin
Morgan MAREN(sea)Latin
Morgan MARTINE(warlike)French
Morgan MEADOW(field of grass)English
Morgan MILA(gracious)Russian; Slavic
Morgan MIRA(admirable)Latin
Morgan MONROE(mouth of the river)Scottish; Irish

Boy middle names for Morgan

Now we turn to middle names for a boy Morgan. Again, you’ll find general boy names listed first, followed by a list of M-names.

Morgan Walker would fit well in current name trends, while Morgan Oslo would be unique and modern. I personally favor Morgan Park as a crisp and handsome name.

Morgan CHASE(to hunt)English; French
Morgan DAVIS(beloved)Hebrew
Morgan DEAN(from the valley)English
Morgan LEANDER(lion man)Greek
Morgan OLLIS(holly tree)English
Morgan OSLOcity nameScandanavian
Morgan PARK(of the forest)English
Morgan PERCY(pierces the valley)French
Morgan RAFFERTY(prosperous)Irish
Morgan ROSS(headland)Scottish
Morgan WALKER(to walk)English
Morgan WALLACE(stranger)English
Morgan WILLIS(resolute protector)English
middle names for boy morgan: vaughn, miller, park, chase, emrys, maxwell

Boy M names that go well with Morgan

Here are the M-names to go with Morgan. These alliterative full names would also make for the cute initials nickname, M&M.

I like Morgan Miller as an under-the-radar surname-style name and Morgan Marshall as a classic name option.

Morgan MISHA(who resembles God)Hebrew; Russian; Slavic
Morgan MILLER(grain grinder)English
Morgan MICHAEL(who is like God?)Hebrew
Morgan MICAH(who is like God?)Hebrew
Morgan MERRITT(boundary gate)English
Morgan MAXWELL(great stream)Scottish
Morgan MATTHEW(God’s gift)Hebrew
Morgan MARSHALL(horse caretaker)French
Morgan MALCOLM(devotee of Saint Columba)Scottish

Unisex middle names for Morgan

The next section highlights gender neutral middle names for Morgan. Pairing Morgan with a unisex name makes for a totally genderless full name. Unisex names are very fashionable for baby names today (and there were some great gender neutral names back in the day too).

Morgan CHANDLER(candle maker)English; French
Morgan JOVE(Jupiter)Latin
Morgan LARK(songbird)English
Morgan LOEW(lion)German
Morgan MADISON(son of Matthew)English
Morgan MALONEdevotee of St. JohnIrish
Morgan MILAN(gracious)Slavic
Morgan MURPHY(sea warrior)Irish
Morgan NOBLE(high born)Latin
Morgan WHITLEY(white meadow)English
unisex middle names that go well with Morgan: malone, noble, lark, reese, murphy, jove

Welsh names that go well with Morgan

Finally ,we close the list of middle names for Morgan with a selection of Welsh names. Morgan comes from Wales so other Welsh names will fit well with Morgan’s style.

Girl Welsh names

Here are Welsh middle names for girl Morgans. Morgan Reese fits in well among popular American names. For a more rare pick stateside, consider Bronwen or Ceridwen.

Morgan BRONWEN(fair breast)Welsh
Morgan BRYNN(hill)Welsh
Morgan CERIDWEN(fair poetry)Welsh
Morgan CERYS(love)
Morgan FFION(foxglove)Welsh
Morgan GWYNETH(happy)Welsh
Morgan MEREDITH(great ruler)Welsh
Morgan REESE(ardent)Welsh
Morgan RHIANNON(queen)Welsh
Morgan WINIFRED(blessed peacemaking)Welsh

Boy Welsh names

These are Welsh middle names for boy Morgans. Emrys would be a cool alternative to Reese, and the “em” sound gives a nice connection to the M in Morgan. I also like Griffin as a middle name for Morgan.

Morgan BOWEN(son of Owen)Welsh
Morgan DYLAN(of the sea)Welsh
Morgan EMRYS(immortal)Welsh
Morgan EVAN(God is gracious)English
Morgan GRIFFIN(lord)Welsh; Latin
Morgan OWEN(young noble)Welsh; Irish
Morgan POWELL(son of Howell)Welsh
Morgan SULIEN(sun born)Welsh
Morgan TREVOR(large village)Welsh; English
Morgan VAUGHN(little)Welsh

Sibling names for Morgan

Perhaps you found this page on your hunt for sibling names that go well with Morgan. If that’s the case, I’ve got you covered! This section is also helpful to envision how the name Morgan will work with future children.

Brothers for Morgan

First, we have brother names for Morgan. From the names below, Adrian fits wells as another unisex name that has a sea meaning like Morgan

  • Parker
  • Adrian
  • Marvin
  • Rowan
  • Sawyer
  • Cameron
  • Ellis

Sisters for Morgan

Here are sister names for Morgan. Much like Adrian, I also like Maren with its sea meaning as a sibling for Morgan.

  • Harper
  • Riley
  • Hunter
  • Reese
  • Logan
  • Piper
  • Maren
  • Maggie

Morgan alternatives

If you love the name Morgan but aren’t sure if it is the right name, you may like some of these Morgan alternatives. It includes a mix of names that sound similar to Morgan and other gender-neutral M names.

  • Morgana
  • Mora
  • Marley
  • Marlowe
  • Madison
  • Miller
  • Murphy

Need more name ideas? If you like Morgan, you might also like my middle name lists for Quinn or Logan.

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