40+ Unique Girl Names That Start with Z

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Hunting for zesty girl names that start with Z? This list showcases 40 of the best Z names for baby girls, handpicked to help you on your name search.

Z names are ultra fashionable today. The rarity of names starting with Z adds a little something extra that helps Z names stand out. They’re unique, they’re fun and they’re fresh.

I’ve put together this collection of ‘Z’ girl names to fit a variety of naming tastes, ranging from unique Z names for girls to sweet and cute Z names. As a researcher with over 5 years of experience analyzing baby name trends, I handselected these names to help make finding the right name easier.

Each name is paired with its meaning and origin, drawn from my personal database of over 2000+ names. This collection is the result of thorough research from various sources including books, pop culture, forums and websites.

I hope that this compilation of Z girl is a valuable resource in your naming journey. My goal is to provide a personally handpicked collection of girl Z names that you may not see elsewhere.

Now, let’s zoom into these zesty Z names for girls!

the bottom picture shows the back of a girl in a straw hat holding a lot of rainbow balloons at sunset. the text says Z names for girls too unique to miss.

Unique Z names for girls

Let’s kick off the list with unique girl names that start with Z. Each of the names on this list are outside the top 1000 list in the U.S. per Social Security Administration name data.

Zelma is a name that I wished I had found before making lists of names for my own kids.

Though it is rare today and seems like a misspellings of Selma, the name actually ranked #216 in 1902 — only a few spots lower than the Selma spelling . It was a steady hit in the first part of the 1900s that could be due for a revival.

1. Zahara

  • Meaning: flowering
  • Origin: Arabic, Hebrew

2. Zelenia

  • Meaning: moon
  • Origin: Greek

3. Zella

  • Meaning: blessed
  • Origin: Yiddish; African – Bangi

4. Zelma

  • Meaning: helmet of God
  • Origin: German

5. Zena

  • Meaning: Gift of Zeus
  • Origin: Greek

6. Zenobia

  • Meaning: life of Zeus
  • Origin: Greek

7. Ziba

  • Meaning: beautiful
  • Origin: Persian

8. Ziva

  • Meaning: radiance
  • Origin: Hebrew

Beautiful girl names that start with Z

Next up are beautiful girl Z names. While beauty is subjective, I hope you agree that each name below is charming in sound and spelling.

I’m so glad that Zelda finally seems to be shaking it’s video game association, appearing on the top name list again in 2015 after having fallen off in the 60s. It’s a stunning name that’s bold and irrestible.

9. Zahra

  • Meaning: bright
  • Origin: Arabic

10. Zainab

  • Meaning: fragrant flower
  • Origin: Arabic

11. Zamora

  • Meaning: city in Spain
  • Origin: Spanish

12. Zara

  • Meaning: blooming flower, princess
  • Origin: Arabic; Hebrew

13. Zariah

  • Meaning: dawn
  • Origin: Hebrew; Arabic

14. Zelda

  • Meaning: gray fighting maiden
  • Origin: German

15. Zendaya

  • Meaning: give thanks
  • Origin: African – Bantu

16. Zipporah

  • Meaning: bird
  • Origin: Hebrew

17. Zola

  • Meaning: earth
  • Origin: Latin

18. Zora

  • Meaning: dawn
  • Origin: Arabic; Slavic

19. Zosha

  • Meaning: wisdom
  • Origin: Greek

20. Zoya

  • Meaning: life
  • Origin: Russian
This image is a text list that says Unique Z Names for girls: zelie, zenobia, ziggy, zoya, ziv, zadie

Cute girl Z names

Now let’s check out some cute girl names starting with Z. These names are personable and charming.

With the overwhelming popularity of Ellie, I’m shocked that Zelie hasn’t made more waves. It has the coolness of the Z and the cute sound of Ellie (it’s one of my favorites on my list of Ellie full names).

21. Zada

  • Meaning: prosperous
  • Origin: Arabic

22. Zadie

  • Meaning: abundance
  • Origin: Arabic

23. Zaniyah

  • Meaning: forever
  • Origin: Aztec

24. Zayla

  • Meaning: night
  • Origin: Arabic

25. Zaylee

  • Meaning: hay clearing
  • Origin: Arabic; Americanized Spelling

26. Zelie

  • Meaning: noble
  • Origin: French

27. Zinnia

  • Meaning: flower
  • Origin: Latin

28. Zira

  • Meaning: moonlight
  • Origin: African – Berber

29. Zoe

  • Meaning: life
  • Origin: Greek

30. Zoila

  • Meaning: lively
  • Origin: Greek

31. Zuri

  • Meaning: good
  • Origin: African – Swahili

Unisex Z names for girls

Finally, we close the list with gender neutral Z names for girls. Unisex Z names are doubly fashionable since non-gendered names are very in vogue.

Of the names below, I love Ziggy as a spunky and memorable name. It also fits in well with the trend of nickname-style names that are very popular today.

32. Ze

  • Meaning: to add; God increases
  • Origin: Portuguese

33. Zeal

  • Meaning: enthusiasm or great energy
  • Origin: English

34. Zenon

  • Meaning: Gift of Zeus
  • Origin: Greek

35. Zeph

  • Meaning: hidden by God
  • Origin: Hebrew

36. Zephaniah

  • Meaning: hidden by God
  • Origin: Hebrew

37. Zephyr

  • Meaning: a soft gentle breeze
  • Origin: Greek

38. Zia

  • Meaning: splendor or light
  • Origin: Latin

39. Ziggy

  • Meaning: victorious protector
  • Origin: German

40. Ziv

  • Meaning: light of God or radiance
  • Origin: Hebrew

41. Ziya

  • Meaning: splendor or light
  • Origin: Turkish

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