135+ Quadruplet Names for Four Times the Fun

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Do you love thinking up quadruplet names? Daydreaming about what you’d name quadruplets is a favorite activity of name-lovers.

These quadruplet name ideas are perfect for lucky expectant parents, fellow name nerds and those hunting for character names for stories.

I am a researcher who loves analyzing baby name data. I handpicked these quad names using my database of over 2000+ names. Each quad name set below has a unifying theme, such as similar style, sound or meaning.

Quadruplets are extremely rare, only occurring in an estimated 1 out of 700,000 pregnancies. The average quadruplet pregnancy lasts only 30 weeks, with quad babies weighing an average 2.9 lbs at birth (source).

If you are one of the lucky few expecting quadruplets, congratulations! I hope you find some unique quadruplet name ideas here to add to your list.

Below are quadruplet names with similar meanings, rhyming names for quadruplets and names starting with the same letter for each letter of the alphabet.

You’ll also find matching quadruplet names based on theme, and names for boy quads, girl quads and boy-girl quads. And we close the list with unisex names for any set of quadruplets.

If you are looking for more multiples name ideas, don’t forget to visit some of my twin name lists:

Let’s “four-age” ahead to the names!

quadruplet names

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Top 10 Quadruplet Names

Don’t have time to read the whole article? Here are my ten favorite quadruplet name sets.

  1. Ainsley, Leighton, Presley & Sydney (meadow meanings)
  2. Winnie, Bonnie, Lottie & Tillie (grandma-chic nicknames)
  3. Onyx, Lux, Dax & Fox (names ending in x)
  4. Remy, Navy, Sage & Ash (trendy unisex names)
  5. Fiona, Finnegan, Frida & Fergus (same letter names)
  6. Adele, Isabelle, Elle, & Giselle (rhyming)
  7. Violet, Sienna, Bianca, & Afra (color names)
  8. Darcy, Robin, Delaney & Finley (gender neutral)
  9. Harriet, Louise, Martin & Albert (girl-boy set)
  10. Linus, Ames, Harvey & Milo (old-fashion boys)

Quadruplet names with similar meanings

First up on our quadruplet name list are names with similar meanings. Each set of quad names below share connected meanings, like names meaning moon or thunder.

Of these meaning-themed sets, I personally love Blyth, Rhea Wren and Sora which all have bird meanings (if you also love bird names, visit my full list of bird-inspired baby names).

  1. Claire, Elena, Robert and Clarence: names that mean bright
  2. Ander, Lev, Ariel and Leonel: names with lion meanings
  3. Helen, Eleanor, Lucy and Nora: names meaning light
  4. Blyth, Rhea, Wren and Sora: quadruplet names with bird meanings
  5. Efron, Jonas, Arden, and Lind: names with bird meaning
  6. Dal, Luan, Mani, and Zira: names meaning moon
  7. Selene, Luna, Mona and Artemis: girl names meaning moon
  8. Nigel, Sullivan, Kieran and Donahue: boy names meaning dark
  9. Zilla, Ombra, Dell and Ena: names that mean shadow
  10. Fabian, George, Olden and Stedman: names that mean farmer (more: 101+ farmer-themed name ideas)
  11. Zara, Flora, Anthea, Ayana: flower meaning names
  12. Ainsley, Leighton, Presley and Sydney: names with meadow meanings
  13. Thora, Torben, Bronto and Raiden: names meaning thunder
  14. Eliana, Lenora, Samson and Solenne: names meaning sun (more: 50 names meaning sun)
  15. Zephyr, Aura, Coro and Bayu: names with wind and breeze meanings
  16. Marvin, Dorian, Miriam, and Cordelia: names with sea meanings
  17. Wolf, Channing, Rudy and Zev: wolf meaning names

Rhyming names for quadruplets

Some people may like rhyming names for their multiples. Here are 15 sets of four names that rhyme for quadruplets.

I personally like quadruplets names that rhyme as nicknames like Winnie, Minnie, Linnie and Vinnie. Then each baby could have a non-rhyming formal name — Winifred, Mary, Linnea and Vincent — to give them flexibility in the future.

  1. Tru, Rue, Bleu, and Drew
  2. Beau, Cleo, Rio, and Theo
  3. Winn, Finn, Flynn and Gin
  4. Cove, Tove, Jove and Grove
  5. Perry, Mary, Cary and Ary
  6. Aaron, Maren, Baron and Seren
  7. Anna, Hannah, Savannah, Montana
  8. Adele, Isabelle, Elle, and Giselle
  9. Irene, Maxine, Nadine and Pauline
  10. Arlo, Milo, Lino and Leo
  11. Faye, May, Bay and Kay
  12. Kit, Britt, Emmett, and Whit
  13. Fawn, Dawn, Shawn and Anton
  14. Allan, Fallon, Callan, and Stellan
  15. Winnie, Minnie, Linnie and Vinnie

Matching quadruplets names by theme

Next up are matching quadruplets names, grouped by themes. These names all have a unifying element to make them match, like a distinct letter, length of name, or category like gemstones.

Harbor, Bay, Cove and Ocean would make an ultra-trendy, genderfluid name set. I also like the subtle connection of names Fitz, Boaz, Franz and Diaz which all end in Z.

  1. Winnie, Bonnie, Lottie and Tillie: grandma-chic nickname names
  2. Hawk, Falcon, Peregrine and Drake: cool bird names
  3. January, October, August and July: month themed names
  4. Ruby, Jade, Gemma and Opal: gemstone names
  5. Pearl, Beryl, Amber and Coral: gemstone names
  6. Slate, Stone, Flint and Eban: stone names
  7. Rose, Lily, Azalea and Florian: flower names
  8. Rosalind, Primrose, Rosanna and Bellerose: rose names
  9. Onyx, Lux, Dax and Fox: names ending in x
  10. Autumn, Winter, Summer and Spring: season names
  11. Rain, Gale, Sol and Misty: weather inspired names
  12. Mo, Oz, Ty and Bo: two-letter names
  13. Fitz, Boaz, Franz and Diaz: names ending in -z
  14. Ash, Arbor, Aspen and Cedar: tree names
  15. Hope, Faith, Joy and Honor: virtue names
  16. Harbor, Bay, Cove and Ocean: water-themed names
  17. Oslo, Milan, Paris and London: city names
  18. Violet, Sienna, Bianca, Afra: color names

Quad names starting with the same letter

If you’d like your quads to all have quadruplet names that start with same letter, this section is for you. Below you’ll find great name sets for each letter of the alphabet.

  1. Abram, Arlo, Annette and Asa
  2. Beatrice, Belen, Baylor and Birdie
  3. Cora, Caroline, Colette and Claire
  4. Dorian, Delphine, Desmond and Diana
  5. Emerson, Elliott, Emory and Eden
  6. Fiona, Finnegan, Frida and Fergus
  7. Greta, Goldie, Georgia and Gable
  8. Harper, Harlow, Harley and Harbor
  9. Iker, Imogen, Isaac, and Ivy
  10. Jackson, Jameson, Jett and Jonathon
  11. Keaton, Katherine, Kip and Kennedy
  12. Layla, Landon, Leo and Levi
  13. Monroe, Murphy, Marlow, and Milan
  14. Noelle, Noah, Nico and Nash
  15. Otto, Odette, Olivia and Oscar
  16. Powell, Pippa, Percy and Paloma
  17. Quill, Quincy, Quentin and Quinn
  18. Reagan, Remi, Reese, and Riley
  19. Sullivan, Samuel, Sawyer and Sebastian
  20. Twyla, Topanga, Tinlsey and Tempest
  21. Una, Urban, Uriel and Ursula
  22. Vivienne, Victor, Valorie and Vincent
  23. Wallace, Walter, Warren and Winston
  24. Ximena, Xena, Xander, and Xavier
  25. Yael, Yuri, Yahir and Yara
  26. Zara, Zane, Zia and Zory

Quadruplet boys names

Now, let’s turn to quadruplet names by gender. Here are names for all-boy quadruplets.

If you’re looking for unique names for boy quadruplets, Finlo, Perrin, Liev and Dion are a handsome set. For a more all-American feel, I like Tucker, Sawyer, Hunter and Tanner.

  1. Linus, Ames, Harvey and Milo
  2. Gentry, Waylon, Huck and Boone
  3. Dexter, Huxley, Axel and Felix
  4. Isaiah, Ephraim, Jonas and Elijah
  5. Desmond, Wendell, Abraham and Ambrose
  6. Stellan, Soren, Anders and Odin
  7. Tucker, Sawyer, Hunter and Tanner
  8. Archie, Wesley, Henry and Jack
  9. Dallas, Easton, Grady and Silas
  10. Wells, Ellis, Graham, and Caden
  11. August, Mateo, Louis and Elias
  12. Atticus, Thatcher, Idris and Benedict
  13. Finlo, Perrin, Liev and Dion
  14. Rupert, Otis, Arthur and Nolan
  15. Preston, Abner, Vance and Thurman

Quadruplet girls names

Next we have four names that go together for girls. I love the grandma-chic feel of Augusta, Georgia, Esther and Agatha. And there’s a bonus J-name set because I liked it so much: Joelle, Juliet, Jessamine, and Jocelyn.

  1. Augusta, Georgia, Esther and Agatha
  2. Susannah, Dorothy, Henrietta, and Winifred
  3. Joelle, Juliet, Jessamine, and Jocelyn
  4. Perla, Etta, Faye and Opal
  5. Clementine, Daisy, Mabel and Betty
  6. Aurelia, Angelina, Anastacia, Adrianna
  7. Willow, Raven, Luna and Olive
  8. Molly, Clara, Elise and Lucy
  9. Freya, Maeve, Lyra, and Althea
  10. Aubrey, Vera, Sylvia, and Hazel
  11. Della, Mirabel, Nell and Alma
  12. Celia, Felicity, Rosemary and Salma
  13. Abigail, Penelope, Emmeline and Josephine
  14. Delphine, Madeline, Florence and Evangeline
  15. Annabelle, Julianna, Aubriella and Carolyn

Boy-girl quadruplet names

For mixed gendered quadruplets, try out some of these name sets. Lily, June, Evan and Liam are subtly connected by their four-letter length. And, Jeremiah, Theodora, Josiah and Odelia would be great for someone who likes long, flowing formal names.

  1. Harriet, Louise, Martin and Albert
  2. Grover, Luther, Calvin and Edith
  3. Neo, Luz, Nova and Halo
  4. Martha, Edith, Albert and Grover
  5. Jeremiah, Theodora, Josiah and Odelia
  6. Lily, June, Evan and Liam
  7. Alma, Viola, Amos and Wilbur
  8. Piper, Casey, Clark, and Blaire
  9. Simona, Olanna, Joshua and
  10. Magnolia, Birch, Dixon and Huckleberry
  11. Tilda, Ursula, Bjorn and Viggo
  12. Dane, Emmett, Peyton and Sadie
  13. Cosette, Jean, Pascal and Lowell
  14. Evelyn, William, Mia and James
  15. Alice, Lyle, Lewis and Ada

Unisex names for quads

Finally, we close the list with names that work for both boys and girls. These unisex quadruplet names are fashionable and could work for any set of quadruplets. Plus, gender neutral names are great for giving your kids identity flexibility.

I’m partial to Ellery, Ollis, Lanier, and Bellamy, which all have cute nickname options (Ellie, Ollie, Laney, and Belle). Collins, Henley, Palmer and Landry are also great if you like surname-style names.

  1. Zion, Sol, Ravi and Blaze
  2. Remy, Navy, Sage and Ash
  3. Collins, Henley, Palmer and Landry
  4. Darcy, Robin, Delaney and Finley
  5. Brynn, Wren, Linden and Rowan
  6. Nova, Sky, Vesper and Aster
  7. Eli, Pip, Joss and Dell
  8. Logan, Harper, Avery and Parker
  9. Amari, Kai, Capri and Remi
  10. Haven, Ember, Indigo, and Banks
  11. Ellery, Ollis, Lanier, and Bellamy
  12. Cedar, Clover, Creek and Cyprus
  13. Greer, Sloane, Sutton, and Tatum
  14. Waverly, Oakley, Bexley, and Blakely
  15. Freddie, Charlie, Billie, and Frankie
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