75+ Middle Names for Royal & Royalty (Boys, Girls & Unisex)

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middle names for royal and royalty

Are you looking for middle names for the names Royal or Royalty? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here is your ultimate list of middle name ideas for Royal and Royalty, with the meanings and origins of each middle name.

Plus, a list of middle names of famous royals too!

I’m a researcher and handpicked these middle names with fashionability and flow in mind. I used my personal database of over 2000+ names to curate this list.

I also researched unique middle names for Royal and Royalty, and did a deep dive on the middle names of famous royals and monarchs around the world to add to the regal theme.

Word names on are on-trend as parents look for more unique name options for their children. Both Royal and Royalty have found themselves entering (or re-entering) on the top 1000 baby name lists in the last decade.

Here you’ll find both boys and girl middle name ideas. Royal is a gender neutral name, though it is more frequently used for boys. Royalty, on the other hand, is a unisex name that leans more to girls.

And if you like the names Royal and Royalty, you might also like my list of truly unique unisex sex names.

On to the regal names!

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Meaning of Royal and Royalty

The name Royal is an English word name meaning “having the status of king or queen, or their family member.” Similarly, Royalty means “someone of royal status.”

Royal has been in use as a boys’ name for over a century. Its peak popularity at the beginning of the 1900’s before falling out of the top 1000 in the 1970’s. As virtue and word names have grown in fashionability, Royal has reemerged and steadily climbs for boys in the last decade. Upon its return, it also started charting as a girl’s name.

name popularity trend graph for the name royal

Royalty is new on the scene, entering the top 1000 for girls in 2016. Debuting at #534, Royalty was the fastest rising name in 2016 and it has been climbing since. It has yet to rank for boys.

name popularity trend graph for the name royalty

In addition to its regal association, the name Royal also has some cultural touchstones as a name, such as the movie protagonist Royal Tenenbaum. Royalty joins other popular elevated title names, like King, Messiah, and Legend. It also fits in well with other trendy names ending with -ty, like Loyalty.

Middle names for the name Royal

First, let’s look at middle names for Royal. Being a classic name that also fits well with modern name trends — like word names and virtue names — Royal works well with a wide breadth of middle names. Royal could pair well with other classic names like Sebastian or Rosemary as easily as it could fit with trendy names like Onyx and Amari.

Boy middle names for Royal

Here are boy middle names that go well with Royal. Of these names, I like Royal Augustus for its grandeur and Royal Asher for a fresh feel.

Royal ASHER(happy)Hebrew
Royal AUGUSTUS(magnificent)Latin; Slavic
Royal BECKETT(beehive)English
Royal DANE(God will judge)English
Royal KANE(warrior, man, golden)Irish; Hawaiian; Japanese
Royal LEANDER(lion man)Greek
Royal MATTEO(gift of God)Spanish; Italian; Latin
Royal ONYX(black gemstone)Greek
Royal SEBASTIAN(revered)Latin
Royal SOL(sun)Spanish
Royal VINCENT(conquerer)Latin
Royal WESTON(from the west town)English
Royal WILDER(untamed)English

Girl middle names for Royal

Let’s turn now to girl middle names for Royal. Royal Ciara has an easy flow to it, and Royal Juliana blends modern and classic very well.

Royal CIARA(dark haired)Irish
Royal FARRAH(happiness)Arabic
Royal JANESSA(God is gracious)English
Royal JULIANA(youthful)Latin
Royal KALANI(heavens)Hawaiian
Royal KIMORA(from the golden meadow)English
Royal LEORA(I have light)Hebrew
Royal ODETTE(wealth)French; German
Royal ROSEMARY(herb, dew of the sea)Latin
Royal SELENE(moon)Greek
Royal SENNA(brightness, yellow flower)Arabic
Royal TINSLEY(Tynni’s meadow)English
list of middle names for the name Royal

Unisex middle names for Royal

For our last set of middle names for the name Royal, here are some unisex name options. As a unisex name itself, pairing Royal with another gender neutral name gives your baby maximum flexibility in the future. You’ll notice I added both Amari and Amaris as unisex middle name ideas for Royal — I liked both and they flow in different ways.

Royal AMARI(eternal)African (Yorba); Hebrew; Sanskrit
Royal AMARIS(promised by God)Hebrew
Royal BANKS(lives by the river or hill)English
Royal DELANEY(dark challenger)Irish; French
Royal ELLERY(joyful)English
Royal ENSLEY(meadow)English
Royal KEATON(place of hawks)English
Royal LARK(songbird)English
Royal MARICI(beam of light)Sanskirt
Royal OLLIS(holly tree)English
Royal QUILL(feather, pen)Irish
Royal QUINN(wise)Scottish; Irish
Royal SADE(honor earns a crown)African – Yoruba

Middle names for the name Royalty

Now let’s turn to the name Royalty. Below you’ll find middle names for Royalty for girls, boys and gender neutral options.

Girl middle names for Royalty

Since Royalty is more commonly given seen as a girl’s name, let’s first look at girl middle names for Royalty. Of the options below, I particularly like the rhythm of Royalty Jolie and Royalty Evangeline. If you like alliterative full names, Royalty Rosalie also has great flow.

Royalty EUGENIA(noble)Greek
Royalty EVANGELINE(bringer of good news)Latin; Greek
Royalty ILIANA(bright)Greek
Royalty JOLIE(pretty)French
Royalty JUNE(young)Latin
Royalty KIARA(clear, dark one)italian, Irish
Royalty LIANA(wrap around like a vine)French
Royalty MAGNOLIA(flower)Latin
Royalty MARIE(of the sea)French; Latin
Royalty MAURA(of the sea)Irish
Royalty ROSALIE(pretty rose)French
Royalty RUBY(precious red gem)Latin
Royalty SERAPHINA(fiery)Hebrew

Boy middle names for Royalty

Next we turn to boy middle names for Royalty. While Royalty isn’t given to boys often, as a word name it works on both genders. Of these names, Royalty Arthur and Royalty Maxwell have a nice balance of a modern first name with a classic middle name.

Royalty APOLLO(destroyer)Greek
Royalty ARTHUR(bear)Celtic
Royalty BROOKS(by the brook)English
Royalty EMMANUEL(God is with us)Hebrew
Royalty HERSH(deer)Yiddish
Royalty HOLT(small woods)English
Royalty MAXWELL(great stream)Scottish
Royalty OTTOwealthGerman
Royalty PRESTON(priest’s town)English
Royalty TIMOTHY(honoring God)Greek
Royalty TUCKER(tailor)English
Royalty TY(thunder)English
Royalty VICTOR(winner)Latin
list of middle names for the name Royalty

Unisex middle names for Royalty

As a word name, Royalty is inherently a unisex name. You can go for a fully gender neutral name by opting for one of the middle names below that go well with Royalty. My personal favorites are Royalty Alessi, a unique Greek name, and Royalty Wren for it’s flow.

Royalty ALESSI(defender)Greek
Royalty ANGEL(messenger)Greek
Royalty BLAKE(white, dark)English
Royalty EMERSON(brave; son of Emery)German
Royalty JONE(God is gracious)Hebrew
Royalty MONROE(mouth of the river)Scottish; Irish
Royalty OLEY(oil merchant)German
Royalty REESE(ardent)Welsh
Royalty REMI(oarsman)French; Latin
Royalty RIVER(wide stream of water)English
Royalty TATUM(cheerful)English
Royalty WREN(songbird)English

Middle names of famous royals

Finally, we close the list with middles names of famous royals around the world. You could pick one of these middle names for your future baby named Royal or Royalty to have a fully regal theme.

Plus, royals are usually conservative with their naming traditions, so most of the middle names you find below are classic, gendered name. This could add nice balance to the modernness and gender neutrality of the names Royal and Royalty.

Middle names of famous royals around the world

  • Alexandra Mary: Middle name of Queen Elizabeth II
  • Meghan: Middle name of Meghan Markle, who goes by her middle name
  • Diana: Middle name of Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor
  • Harrison: Middle name of royal grandson Archie Mountbatten-Windsor
  • Charles Albert David: Middle names of Prince Harry
  • Arthur Phillip Louis: Middle names of Prince William
  • Elizabeth: Middle names of Princess Kate Middleton
  • Elizabeth Diana: Middle names of Princess Charlotte
  • Alexander Louis: Middle name of Prince George
  • Arthur Charles: Middle name of Prince Louis
  • Victoria Helena: Middle name of Princess Eugenie
  • Wilhelmina: Middle name of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands
  • Philip Edmund Bertil: Middle name of Prince Carl Phillip of Sweden
  • Juan Pablo Alfonso: Middle name of King Felipe VI of Spain
  • Margarita Victoria Federica: Middle names of Queen Sofia, queen of Spain
  • Léopold Louis Marie: Middle names of King Phillippe of Belgium
  • Mignonette: Middle name of Princess Mia in the Princess Diaries

Similar Names to Royal and Royalty

If you like the style of Royal and Royalty but are still considering other options, here are some names that are similar to Royal and Royalty that you may like.

Names similar to Royal

  • Reign
  • River
  • Phoenix
  • Journey
  • Honor
  • Legend
  • Ace
  • Able
  • Heir

Names similar to Royalty

  • Loyalty
  • Amity
  • Affinity
  • Charity
  • Celebrity
  • Liberty
  • Majesty
  • Serenity

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