45 Baby Names Inspired by Alaska

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Baby name ideas inspired by Alaska

Looking for the last frontier of baby name ideas? These baby names are inspired by the state of Alaska. Known for it’s natural beauty and ruggedness, Alaska-themed names listed below highlight nature, landmarks and Alaskan history.

These easy, down to earth names like Willow (Alaska’s state bird) for girls or Fox (arctic foxes) for boys are great options for those wanting to give a nod towards the great northern state.

From Bristol to Winter, here are 45 baby name ideas with an Alaska twist.

Names Inspired by Alaska Cities

  • JUNEAU: This Alaska inspired baby name honors Alaska’s capital city and also means “young” (French origin).
  • CORDOVA: Cordova is a name of Spanish origins that likely derived from a surname.
  • PALMER: not only a city in Alaska, Palmer is a gender neutral baby name of Old English origins meaning “pilgrim.”
  • HAINES: Haines has its roots as a surname in Old Norse and/or German. The Alaskan city is located near Glacier Bay National Park.
  • STEELE: An Old English name meaning “like steel” and a nod to Steele Creek.
  • STERLING: In addition to being an Alaskan locale, the name Sterling means ‘little star’ or ‘excellent’ with English origins.
  • FRITZ: Fritz Creek, and a German-originating nickname for Frederick that means “peace.”
  • DELTA: Delta Junction, and a Greek originating name for the letter in the Greek alphabet.
  • BRISTOL: a baby name for Alaska’s Bristol Bay Borough, and an Old English name meaning “a place at the bridge.”

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Alaska mountains

Famous People & Stories of Alaska

  • VELMA: Velma Wallis is a Native American author from Alaska. The name Velma is a diminutive of Wilma meaning ‘protector.’
  • WYATT: Wyatt is an English name meaning ‘brave in war.’ Wyatt Earp opened a saloon in Nome Alaska and was a frontiersman.
  • CICELY: Cicely, the fictional Alaskan town in Northern Exposure, is also an English name meaning ‘blind.’
  • JEWEL: Jewel, singer-songwriter of ‘Foolish Games’ and ‘Who Will Save Your Soul’ grew up in Alaska. The name means ‘Precious Gem.’
  • JED: Jed is often a nickname of Jedidiah and means ‘beloved by God.’ Jed was the name of the dog actor in the Alaskan-set White Fang movies.
  • HOLLING: Holling, a character in Northern Exposure, is a name originating as an English surname.
  • SYDNEY: Sydney Laurence painted Alaskan Landscapes. The name Sydney is considered gender neutral, meaning ‘wide meadow.’

Baby Names Inspired by Alaska Landmarks

  • KENAI: The name Kenai is a character in Disney’s Brown Bear and is a Native American name meaning ‘flat lands.’ Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula is known for its fishing.
  • ANNETTE: a diminutive of the name Anne, and a possible homage to Alaska’s Annette Island.
  • ANTON: The name Anton means “Priceless” (Alaska’s Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel).
  • BAKER: Baker is a name deriving from a surname for those who baked, and a nod to Baker Island
  • ESTHER: Esther Island is located in south central Alaska. Esther is Persian origin meaning ‘star.’
  • FORRESTER: Forrester Island is located in the southern-most part of Alaska. Forrester is a surname name meaning ‘woodsman.’
  • KODIAK: Kodiak means ‘island’ or ‘bear.’ Alaska’s Kodiak Island is the second-largest island in the U.S.

Baby Name Ideas from Alaska’s Lakes

  • CLARK: Clark is a surname-originating occupational name meaning ‘cleric’ or ‘scholar.’
  • ALEXANDER: A latin-name meaning “defender of people.”
  • BEAR: Bear is a German name that means “brave and strong bear.”
  • CARMEN: Carmen is of Spanish or Hebrew origins, meaning “garden.”
  • ANDREW: This boy name means “strong and manly” [Greek origin].
  • ACE: Ace is a Latin name meaning “one” or “unity.”
  • AGNES: Agnes means “pure” and is a Latinized version of a Greek name.
  • ALMA: Alma is a name thought to have multiple origins, and means “kind.”
  • LILY: Lily is an English name in honor of the lily flower.
  • OONA: The name Oona is associated with the Latin word for ‘one,’ or a name of Irish-origins meaning “lamb.”

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Alaska lake with pink wildflowers.

Alaska-Themed Nature Baby Names

  • DENALI: Alaska’s Denali is the third highest peak in the world. The baby name is of Native American origins and means “great one.”
  • BERING: Bering Strait separates Alaska and Russia, and is originally a surname.
  • WILLOW: A name for Alaska’s state bird that is also an English girls’ name for “willow tree.”
  • JADE: a Spanish-origin baby name and Alaska’s state gemstone.
  • McKINLEY/KINLEY: McKinley and Kinley are both baby names inspired by Alaska’s Mount McKinley.
  • SPENCER: A gender neutral name of English origins, the name also works as a reference to Alaska’s Spencer Glacier
  • AUREL: Aurel is an Alaskan Glacier and a boy’s name of multiple origins meaning “golden.”
  • LAUREL: A latin-originating name for “laurel tree,” Bog Laurel is a lovely pink flower found in Alaska.
  • FOX: A hip boy’s name in honor of Alaska’s arctic fox.
  • WINTER: A name for Alaska’s climate, this name has the adorable nickname of Winnie (German origins).
  • HUNTER: an English-derived baby name and a nod to hunting in Alaska.
  • FINN: You’ll find fin whales in the Gulf of Alaska and the Bering & Chukchi Seas. Finn is a Gaelic name meaning “fair.”

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