85+ Lively Middle Names for Logan (Boys, Girls & Unisex)

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Looking for lively and likable middle names for Logan? Then you have to check out this list. Below are 85+ handpicked names that go well with Logan, including boy, girl and unisex name ideas. With each name you’ll also find its meaning and origin.

I’m a researcher who loves analyzing baby name trend data. hand-selected these names using my database of over 2000+ names.

The names were picked to go well with Logan based on flow and style. I also focused on unique middle names for Logan so that you find new ideas to add to your list.

Logan was originally a Scottish-derived surname that now is a very popular given name for both gender. Because of that, I also researched Scottish names, surname-style names and unisex names to match Logan’s style.

Below you’ll find Logan middle names for boys and girls, plus a list of nonbinary name ideas. For the boys and girl sections, I include subsections for Scottish names and alliterative full names.

If you love the name Logan, you’ll likely also love the surname section at the end. These surname-as-names definitely capture a similar essence as Logan and are very on-trend today.

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Now, let’s turn to the middle names for Logan.

10 Best Middle Names for Logan

If you’re looking for a TL:DR, here are my 10 favorite middle names for Logan.

  1. Logan Marshall
  2. Logan Landry
  3. Logan Evander
  4. Logan Noelle
  5. Logan Arbor
  6. Logan Harley
  7. Logan Louise
  8. Logan Channing
  9. Logan Harris
  10. Logan Calloway

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Boy middle names for Logan

First up we have boy middle names for Logan. You’ll find a mix of unique middle names for Logan, like Logan Joss, mixed with more classic names like Logan Anthony and Logan Rupert.

Logan ANTHONY(priceless)Latin
Logan ARCHIBALD(brave)German; Spanish; Scottish
Logan BAYLOR(delivery person)English
Logan HARRIS(son of Harry)English
Logan JOSS(one of Goths)English; German
Logan KYLER(archer)Dutch
Logan MARSHALL(horse caretaker)French
Logan OTIS(wealth)English; German
Logan RUPERT(bright fame)German
Logan TANNER(leather maker)English
Logan WALLACE(stranger)English
Logan ZANE(God’s gift)Hebrew

Boy middle names for Logan starting with L

Choosing a middle name that also starts with L is an easy way to assure the full name has great flow. These L names go well with Logan without being too matchy-matchy (looking at you, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days characters!). I love Logan Landry for its androgynous cool factor.

Logan LACHLAN(land of lakes)Irish; Scottish
Logan LANDRY(ruler)French
Logan LAWRENCE(from Laurentum)English; Latin; Greek
Logan LELAND(meadow land)English
Logan LEON(lion)Greek
Logan LEVI(joined)Hebrew
Logan LEWIS(renowned warrior)German; English
Logan LINDEN(Linden tree)English
Logan LUCIAN(light)Latin
Logan LUCIO(light)Portuguese
boy middle names for logan

Scottish boys names that go well with Logan

As a Scottish-derived name, you may want to pair Logan with other names with Scottish roots. Below is a list of Scottish boy names that go well as middle names for Logan.

Logan Evander is a handsome option, and Logan Niven would be a great if you want something unique.

Logan ALISTAIR(defender)Scottish
Logan ANGUS(choice)Scottish
Logan CALLUM(dove)Scottish
Logan EVANDER(good man)Greek; Scottish
Logan FERGUSON(son of Fergus)Scottish
Logan GRAHAM(gravel homestead)Scottish; English
Logan HAMISH(supplanter)Scottish
Logan MAXWELL(great stream)Scottish
Logan NIVEN(sacred)Scottish
Logan ROSS(headland)Scottish

Girl middle names for Logan

Next, let’s check out girl names that go well with Logan. These girl names add a touch of a femininity to otherwise gender neutral Logan.

I love the idea of the name Jolene making a comeback and it pairs well with Logan. If you want to use the middle name slot for a bit of fun, Logan Zinnia is both pretty and vibrant.

Logan ARIEL(lion of God)Hebrew
Logan HOLLY(red berry plant)English
Logan JOLENE(pretty)French
Logan KAMILA(helper to the priest)Latin
Logan KATE(pure)Greek
Logan MALIA(perhaps)Hawaiian
Logan NOELLE(Christmas)Latin
Logan PAIGE(assistant)English; Greek
Logan PEPPER(capsicum, spicer)English; German
Logan RAYA(friend)Hebrew
Logan SUSANNAH(lily)Hebrew
Logan ZINNIA(flower)Latin

Girl middle names for Logan starting with L

These girl middle names for Logan all start with the letter L. When well executed, alliterative full names instantly sound like the perfect pair because the flow is effortless. For example, Logan Louise sound like they were meant to go together while still sounding respectable.

Logan LAYLA(night)Arabic
Logan LEAH(weary)Hebrew
Logan LIANA(wrap around like a vine)French
Logan LILY(pure, flower)Latin
Logan LINNEA(lime tree)Scandinavian
Logan LORIS(laurel)Latin
Logan LORRAINE(from Lorraine)French
Logan LOUISE(renowned warrior)French
Logan LUCILLE(light)French
Logan LUNA(moon)Latin; Italian
girl middle names for logan

Scottish girl names that go well with Logan

Also for girls, we have pretty Scottish names that go well with Logan. As a Scottish name, Logan stylistically fits with other Scottish names.

Logan Blaire is a nice option if you want to stay more neutral; while Logan Maisie adds a bit of feminine fun to Logan.

Logan BLAIRE(plain)Scottish; Irish
Logan DAVINA(beloved; little deer)Hebrew; Scottish
Logan GREER(watchful)Greek
Logan INNES(from the river island)Scottish
Logan ISOBEL(God’s promise)Scottish
Logan MAISIE(pearl)Scottish
Logan MIRREN(drop of the sea)Scottish
Logan OLEAN(surname name)Scottish
Logan OONA(lamb)Scottish
Logan PAISLEY(church)Scottish

Unisex Logan middle names

We close our list of middle names for Logan with unisex names. Opting for a gender neutral full name gives your child more identity options in the future, plus they are very fashionable today.

Of these fully unisex names, I like Logan Adley for its movement and Logan Arbor for it’s subtle nature vibe (if you like Arbor, check out this list of more unisex nature names)

Logan ADLEY(God is just)Hebrew
Logan ARBOR(tree)English
Logan BAILEY(berry clearing)English
Logan CAMERON(crooked nose)Scottish
Logan DARCY(dark)French; Irish
Logan KADE(from the wetlands)Scottish
Logan LAEL(of God)Hebrew
Logan LANDRY(ruler)French
Logan PERRY(pear tree)English
Logan RILEY(wood clearing)English; Irish
Logan SHEA(dauntless one)Irish

Surname-style names that go well with Logan

And finally, the last section is surname-style names that go well with Logan. Surname-originating names are usually gender neutral so they have the same fashionability as Logan.

While it is an uncommon as a given name, Logan Calloway sounds high-toned and formidable. Carter and Harper have the same approachability as Logan and give an All-American vibe when paired with Logan.

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Logan ANDERSON(son of Andrew)English
Logan BANKS(lives by the river or hill)English
Logan CALLOWAY(pebbly place)Latin; French
Logan CARTER(transport goods by cart)English
Logan CHANNING(wolf cub)English; Irish
Logan DARBY(deer park)English
Logan ELLINGTON(from Ellis’s town)English
Logan HARLEY(hare’s field)English
Logan HARPER(harpist)English; Irish; Scottish
Logan LENNOX(scottish elm grove)Scottish
Logan SAWYER(woodcutter)English

Meaning of Logan

The name Logan checks the boxes on three big trends in names today: gender neutrality, surname-origins, and place names. Logan started as a Scottish surname that has since become a wildly popular given name in the U.S.

As a surname, the name likely originated as a place name from Ayrshire. The word Logan comes from lag which means “hollow.”

Logan has been on the scene as a boy’s name since before 1900. It really started hitting it’s stride though in the 1980’s and today sits atop the boy’s Top 1000 at #21 (down from it’s peak at #5 in 2017).

baby name popularity trend graph for Logan for boys and girls
Popularity graph of the name Logan for boys and girls. Source: our baby name visualization tool

The story of Logan as a girl’s name is more muted. It didn’t chart until 1988 and has never kept up with boy Logan’s popularity. Still, it has been a steady favorite for the last 30 years, ranking around the #300-400’s on average.

In 2021, the name was given to 1031 girls and 8786 boys.

Siblings for Logan

Perhaps you stumbled on this page in search of names that go well with Logan for a future sibling. Or, if you’re already thinking about future kids, here are some name ideas for brothers and sisters for Logan:

Brothers for Logan

  • Mason
  • Levi
  • Hudson
  • Luke
  • Parker
  • Carter
  • Noah

Sisters for Logan

  • Lane
  • Piper
  • Elliott
  • Blake
  • Harper
  • Sawyer
  • Peyton

Names like Logan

If you love the name Logan but maybe it is not the one, take a look at these names that are similar to Logan:

  • Lane
  • Lowry
  • Dylan
  • Taylor
  • Landry
  • Quinn
  • Linden
  • Lowen

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