50 Rare Beautiful Names for Girls

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Choosing a name for your baby girl is no easy task, especially when you’re after truly unique girl names. You’re looking for that elusive blend of rarity and charm — a rare beautiful name that will stand out.

I’m here to help. I’m a researcher who has spent over five years digging into name trends, discovering hidden gems, and analyzing what makes a name fashionable. Now, I’m here to help you on your name search with this guide to rare, beautiful names for girls.

In this article, you’ll find a handpicked collection of 50 rare and beautiful girl names. Each name is so unique that you won’t find them anywhere on the U.S. top 1000 name listings.

These are unique baby girl names that you won’t find on other name lists.

Each name below also include their meaning and origins to help give you a fuller picture of the name and its roots.

This information is sourced from my personal database of over 2000+ that I’ve curated over the years from books, forums, pop culture and website sources.

Whether you’re soon-to-be parents, or simply a name enthusiast you loves a good name list (don’t we all?), you’ve come to the right place.

Now let’s delve into these ultra pretty baby girl names that you won’t find on any top 100 list.

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What makes a rare beautiful name?

You may be wondering what criteria I used when selecting names for this list of rare beautiful names.

First, to count as rare, the name had to be truly unique. I used the Social Security Administration name data as my source for determining unique baby girl names.

Every name on this list is outside of the top 1000. Many of them have never even entered the list in the last century.

As for beautiful, admittedly a lot of what makes a beautiful name comes down to personal preference and style.

I sought out names with lyrical sounds, appealing rhythm, and soft femininity.

Ultimately though, a beautiful name is one that feels right to you, and captures that perfect blend of sound and significance.

Beautiful unique names for girls

Now let’s check out the beautiful unique girl names. There are so many names below that I love. One of my favorites is Thora, a name I wish I had heard before naming my own daughter.

I also love the unique flower names on the list, like Zinna and Azelia. These would make rare and beautiful alternatives to popular floral names like Rose and Daisy.

For more unique alternatives to popular names, take a look at Amabel instead of Annabelle and Odelia as an Olivia. Both names are as beautiful as the originals with the added bonus of being ultra rare.

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1. Amabel

  • Meaning: lovable
  • Origin: Latin

2. Apolline

  • Meaning: belonging to Apollo
  • Origin: Greek

3. Araminta

  • Meaning: prayer
  • Origin: English

4. Astra

  • Meaning: star
  • Origin: Greek

5. Bloom

  • Meaning: new growth
  • Origin: English

6. Ceren

  • Meaning: gazelle
  • Origin: Turkish

7. Cosette

  • Meaning: little thing
  • Origin: French

8. Delphi

  • Meaning: of Delphi
  • Origin: Greek

9. Elowen

  • Meaning: elm tree
  • Origin: English

10. Fia

  • Meaning: raven
  • Origin: Irish

11. Galilee

  • Meaning: province, north Israel
  • Origin: Hebrew

12. Heloise

  • Meaning: wide
  • Origin: French

13. Idalia

  • Meaning: behold the sun
  • Origin: Greek

14. Jessamine

  • Meaning: jasmine
  • Origin: Persian; French

15. Joella

  • Meaning: Jehovah is God
  • Origin: French; Hebrew

16. Josette

  • Meaning: God will increase
  • Origin: French

17. Jovial

  • Meaning: cheerful and friendly
  • Origin: English

18. Liesel

  • Meaning: God’s oath
  • Origin: Hebrew; German

19. Lilac

  • Meaning: blue, flower
  • Origin: Arabic

20. Lilias

  • Meaning: lily
  • Origin: Latin

21. Loa

  • Meaning: long
  • Origin: Hawaiian

22. Lucette

  • Meaning: light
  • Origin: English; Latin

23. Martine

  • Meaning: warlike
  • Origin: French

24. Morgana

  • Meaning: bright sea
  • Origin: Welsh

25. Nessa

  • Meaning: pure
  • Origin: Greek
list of beautiful rare names for girls: lilias, delphi, idalia, zinnia, thora, cosette

26. Neve

  • Meaning: snow
  • Origin: Latin; Irish

27. Oceania

  • Meaning: ocean
  • Origin: Greek

28. Odelia

  • Meaning: praise God
  • Origin: Hebrew

29. Ofra

  • Meaning: deer
  • Origin: Hebrew

30. Olala

  • Meaning: well spoken
  • Origin: Greek

31. Olivine

  • Meaning: olive tree, gem
  • Origin: Latin

32. Orla

  • Meaning: golden princess
  • Origin: Irish

33. Ozara

  • Meaning: treasure
  • Origin: Hebrew

34. Persimmon

  • Meaning: fruit
  • Origin: Native American

35. Phila

  • Meaning: loving
  • Origin: Greek

36. Primrose

  • Meaning: first rose
  • Origin: English; Latin

37. Roseate

  • Meaning: roseate spoonbill
  • Origin: Latin

38. Salome

  • Meaning: peace
  • Origin: Hebrew

39. Seraphine

  • Meaning: fiery
  • Origin: Hebrew

40. Solange

  • Meaning: angel of the sun
  • Origin: French

41. Solenne

  • Meaning: sunlight
  • Origin: Latin

42. Sora

  • Meaning: small waterbird; sky
  • Origin: Japanese

43. Thora

  • Meaning: thunder
  • Origin: Scandinavian

44. Uma

  • Meaning: light
  • Origin: Sanskrit, Hebrew

45. Viveca

  • Meaning: alive
  • Origin: Scandinavian

46. Wisteria

  • Meaning: flower
  • Origin: English; German

47. Zenobia

  • Meaning: life of Zeus
  • Origin: Greek

48. Ziba

  • Meaning: beautiful
  • Origin: Persian

49. Zinnia

  • Meaning: flower
  • Origin: Latin

50. Zira

  • Meaning: moonlight
  • Origin: Hebrew; Berber


I hope you found some new rare and beautiful name ideas to add to your lists.

As you search for unique names, remember that name trends are often unpredictable. A rare name today may not stay rare forever.

For example, names like Wrenley and Navy have gone from total obscurity to top 500 names in less than five years (source: Social Security Administration data).

Ultimately, select a beautiful name that you love and will feel timeless to you, since there is no guarantee that a name will always be rare.

Looking for more pretty baby girl names? Explore this list of handpicked first and middle names for girls that go beautifully together.

And for more unique names, don’t forget to check out my list of truly rare unisex names.

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