65 Radiant Girl Names That Start With R

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R names for girls

Welcome to your ultimate list of baby girl names that start with R. This curated selection of 65 R names for baby girls was handpicked to save you time on your name search.

Choosing the right name is a monumental task for new parents. With my own experience naming kids and years as a Ph.D. researcher, I understand all too well how daunting it can be.

I handpicked the baby girl R names on this list and organized them by different naming styles to make your name decisions a little easier.

Below you’ll find girl names starting with R including timeless classics and modern favorites. You’ll find cute girl R names and gender-neutral choices too.

Each name is listed below with its meaning and origin so it’s a one-stop shop. The name information is sourced from my extensive database of over 2000+ names, compiled over years from pop culture, books, websites and forums.

No matter who you are – an expectant parent, a name enthusiast, or just a casual browser, I hope this guide makes your name search easier.

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On to the names!

Classic Girl Names Starting with R

Up first are classic girl names that start with R. These timeless girl R names have held a spot on U.S. top 1000 list for most of the last century (rankings sources from the U.S. Social Security Administration data).

Two classic girl R names I want to highlight are Ramona and Rita. Both names were popular in the first half of the 20th century before dipping off the charts. In the coming years, they are likely to feel fresh and fashionable again.

1. Rachel

  • Meaning: Ewe
  • Origin: Hebrew

2. Ramona

  • Meaning: Wise protector
  • Origin: Spanish; German

3. Raquel

  • Meaning: Ewe
  • Origin: Spanish; Portuguese; Hebrew

4. Rebecca

  • Meaning: Captivating
  • Origin: Hebrew

5. Regina

  • Meaning: Queen
  • Origin: Latin

6. Renee

  • Meaning: Reborn
  • Origin: French

7. Rita

  • Meaning: Pearl
  • Origin: Latin

8. Rosalind

  • Meaning: Pretty rose
  • Origin: French

9. Rosemary

  • Meaning: Herb, dew of the sea
  • Origin: Latin

10. Ruth

  • Meaning: Friend
  • Origin: Hebrew

Cute Girl Names That Start with R

The next section highlights cute girl names that start with R. These charming names are perfect for baby girls. Cute girl R names feel friendly and easy-to-wear.

Romilly and Rosalie are especially cute girl R names. Romilly is a unique gender neutral name that has yet to rank in the U.S. Not only is Romilly cute but it comes with the super cute nicknames Milly or Romi.

11. Raina

  • Meaning: Queen
  • Origin: Slavic

12. Ravi

  • Meaning: Sun
  • Origin: Sanskrit

13. Reina

  • Meaning: Queen
  • Origin: Spanish

14. Remi

  • Meaning: Oarsman
  • Origin: French; Latin

15. Romilly

  • Meaning: Of Rome
  • Origin: English; French

16. Romy

  • Meaning: Of Rome
  • Origin: English

17. Rosalia

  • Meaning: Rose
  • Origin: Italian

18. Rosalie

  • Meaning: Pretty rose
  • Origin: French

19. Rosie

  • Meaning: Little rose
  • Origin: Latin; English

20. Roxy

  • Meaning: Dawn
  • Origin: Persian

21. Rutha

  • Meaning: Friend
  • Origin: Hebrew
R names for girls: Ramona, Remi, Regina, Rosalia, Rae, Romilly

Unique R Names for Baby Girls

Perhaps you’re looking for unique girl names that start with R. These R names are all below the top 500 for girls. In fact, only Rivka and Romina appear in the top 1000.

All the other names on this list are so rare that they currently don’t rank in the U.S. Two I particularly like are Ripley for a gender neutral pick and Rosario as a cool full name for Rosie.

22. Rada

  • Meaning: Happy
  • Origin: Slavic

23. Rhiannon

  • Meaning: Queen
  • Origin: Welsh

24. Riona

  • Meaning: Queenly
  • Origin: Irish

25. Ripley

  • Meaning: Space in the woods
  • Origin: English

26. Rivka

  • Meaning: Tied or bound
  • Origin: Hebrew

27. Roisin

  • Meaning: Little rose
  • Origin: Irish

28. Romina

  • Meaning: Roman
  • Origin: Italian

29. Rosamund

  • Meaning: Horse protection
  • Origin: German

30. Rosario

  • Meaning: Rosary
  • Origin: Latin

31. Roseate

  • Meaning: Roseate spoonbill
  • Origin: Latin

Modern R Girl Names

Next we have girl R names that trendy and fashionable. Popular names today include creative word names, nature names and soft-sounding names.

From these modern girl names starting with R, I love Raven as a cool gender neutral bird-themed name.

32. Royalty

  • Meaning: Royal
  • Origin: English

33. Raelynn

  • Meaning: Ewe
  • Origin: Constructed name; Hebrew

34. Raven

  • Meaning: Large black passerine bird
  • Origin: English

35. Raya

  • Meaning: Friend
  • Origin: Hebrew

36. Rayna

  • Meaning: Queen
  • Origin: Bulgarian

37. Reign

  • Meaning: Sovereign
  • Origin: English

38. Renata

  • Meaning: Reborn
  • Origin: Latin; Italian

39. River

  • Meaning: Wide stream of fresh water
  • Origin: English

40. Roselyn

  • Meaning: Gentle horse; pretty rose
  • Origin: German; Latin

41. Royal

  • Meaning: Royalty
  • Origin: French; English

42. Ruby

  • Meaning: Precious red gem
  • Origin: Latin

43. Ryder

  • Meaning: Horseman
  • Origin: English

44. Rylan

  • Meaning: Island meadow
  • Origin: English
Girl names starting with R: Rosie, Rory, Rada, Ripley, Roxy, Riva

Short Girl R Names

Now let’s turn to short R names for girls. These names are one syllable or two syllables and four letters or less.

Short names are great for keeping things simple and easy to spell. From the names below, I like Riva as a unique pick. Riva comes from Hebrew and means “maiden.”

45. Rae

  • Meaning: Shy one, doe
  • Origin: English

46. Rain

  • Meaning: Rain shower
  • Origin: English

47. Ray

  • Meaning: Counseling protector
  • Origin: English

48. Rhea

  • Meaning: Flowing
  • Origin: Greek

49. Riva

  • Meaning: Maiden
  • Origin: Hebrew

50. Rosa

  • Meaning: Flower
  • Origin: Latin

51. Rose

  • Meaning: Flower
  • Origin: Latin; French

52. Roux

  • Meaning: Red
  • Origin: Latin; French

53. Row

  • Meaning: Rowan tree
  • Origin: Irish, Scottish

54. Rue

  • Meaning: Herb
  • Origin: English

Gender Neutral R Names for Girls

Finally, we close the list with gender neutral R names for girls. Gender neutral names are all the rage and give your baby future flexibility.

I love writing about gender neutral names so if you like these names, don’t forget to check out my list of vintage unisex names with old-fashion charms.

55. Randy

  • Meaning: Wolf
  • Origin: English

56. Rayan

  • Meaning: Wise, plentiful
  • Origin: Persian; Arabic

57. Reagan

  • Meaning: Little ruler
  • Origin: Irish

58. Reed

  • Meaning: Redhead
  • Origin: English

59. Reese

  • Meaning: Ardent
  • Origin: Welsh

60. Remington

  • Meaning: Raven’s town
  • Origin: English

61. Riley

  • Meaning: Wood clearing
  • Origin: English; Irish

62. Robin

  • Meaning: Songbird, bright
  • Origin: German; English

63. Rory

  • Meaning: Red king
  • Origin: Irish

64. Rowan

  • Meaning: Red-haired, rowan tree
  • Origin: Irish; English

65. Ryan

  • Meaning: Little king
  • Origin: Irish

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