70 Rad Boy Names That Start With R

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Boy names that start with R

If you are looking for radiant boy names starting with R, you’ve landed in the right spot. The list below showcases 70 of the best R-names for baby boys, handpicked picked to help you on your name hunt.

Finding a baby name that is the one is no small feat. You have to consider personal taste, family tradition and an overwhelming amount of options. Having named two babies, I’ve been there myself.

That’s why I put together this list of boy names that start with R to help others on their search. I specifically picked names from a variety of name styles so there is something for everyone on the list. These names come from my years of experience as a researcher who loves analyzing baby name trends.

In this collection, you’ll find R names for boys that are timeless classics, along with modern names that are trendy and unique. Additionally, you’ll see a set of cute R names for boys and gender-neutral R options.

Each name includes details of its origin and meaning, sourced from my comprehensive database of over 2000+ names. I have been compiling this database for years from multiple sources, including discussion forums, books, pop culture, and websites.

I hope you find this selection of R names is helpful on your name search. My goal is to provide you with a thorough, carefully picked selection of boy R names to save you time and help in your decision.

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Now, let’s check out these remarkable R names for boys!

Classic Boy Names Starting with R

First up are classic boy names that start with R. These familiar names are time tested. Each name has been present on the U.S. top 1000 for most of the last century (source: Social Security Administration data).

From the names below, let me highlight Royce. Royce is a grandpa-chic name that hit peak popularity in the 1930’s. In the last decade, the name has started to enjoy a revival.

1. Rafael

  • Meaning: God has healed
  • Origin: Spanish; Portuguese; Hebrew

2. Ramon

  • Meaning: wise protector
  • Origin: Spanish; German

3. Raymond

  • Meaning: counseling protector
  • Origin: English

4. Reuben

  • Meaning: behold a son
  • Origin: Hebrew

5. Ricardo

  • Meaning: Brave ruler
  • Origin: Spanish

6. Richard

  • Meaning: Brave ruler
  • Origin: Germanic

7. Robert

  • Meaning: Bright
  • Origin: German

8. Rodney

  • Meaning: Island near the clearing
  • Origin: English

9. Roger

  • Meaning: Famed spear
  • Origin: German

10. Roland

  • Meaning: Famous land
  • Origin: German

11. Ronald

  • Meaning: Ruler’s counselor
  • Origin: Scottish

12. Royce

  • Meaning: Son of the king
  • Origin: French

13. Ruben

  • Meaning: Behold, a son
  • Origin: Hebrew

14. Russell

  • Meaning: Red-haired
  • Origin: French

Cute Boy Names That Start with R

Now let’s look at cute boy names that start with R. These personal names are charming and friendly. Cute boy R names are great for those looking for a softer name for their baby boy.

Of the cute R names for boys, I especially love Ralph for it’s grandpa-chicness. Ralph is also a very unique name today, having fallen off the top 1000 in the last decade.

15. Ralph

  • Meaning: Wolf counsel
  • Origin: Norse; English

16. Raylan

  • Meaning: From the queen’s land
  • Origin: English

17. Reid

  • Meaning: Redhead
  • Origin: English

18. Rene

  • Meaning: Reborn
  • Origin: French

19. Ricky

  • Meaning: Brave ruler
  • Origin: English

20. Robin

  • Meaning: Songbird, bright
  • Origin: German; English

21. Rodrigo

  • Meaning: Famous ruler
  • Origin: Spanish

22. Rohan

  • Meaning: Ascending
  • Origin: Sanskrit

23. Romeo

  • Meaning: Pilgrim to Rome
  • Origin: Italian

24. Rory

  • Meaning: Red king
  • Origin: Irish

25. Roscoe

  • Meaning: Deer forest
  • Origin: Norse

26. Rudy

  • Meaning: Famous wolf
  • Origin: German

27. Rupert

  • Meaning: Bright fame
  • Origin: German

28. Ryan

  • Meaning: Little king
  • Origin: Irish
R names for boys: Rudy, Remy, Rupert, Ravi, Rain, Rhett

Modern Boy R Names

Modern names are those names that are particularly popular today. They fit in with big name trends today, like unexpected word names, cowboy-chic names and new spellings.

I like Ridge as it fits in with many of today’s popular trends. It is a nature name (another hot trend), a new word name, and it feels like a rustic cowboy.

29. Remington

  • Meaning: Raven’s town
  • Origin: English

30. Ridge

  • Meaning: Narrow hilltop
  • Origin: English

31. Riggs

  • Meaning: One who lives by the ridge
  • Origin: English

32. Rocco

  • Meaning: Rest
  • Origin: Italian

33. Rocky

  • Meaning: Stony
  • Origin: English

34. Roman

  • Meaning: From Rome
  • Origin: Latin

35. Rome

  • Meaning: Citizen of Rome
  • Origin: Latin

36. Ronan

  • Meaning: Little seal
  • Origin: Irish

37. Royal

  • Meaning: Royalty
  • Origin: French; English

38. Ryder

  • Meaning: Horseman
  • Origin: English

39. Ryker

  • Meaning: Rich
  • Origin: German

Unique R Names for Boys

Next we have unique names that start with R for boys. These names include rare names out of the top 500 and quirky, unexpected word names.

I’d like to highlight Rafferty, which feels like a classic name but in fact has never charted in the U.S. Raffy and Raff are both charming nicknames to go with it.

40. Rafferty

  • Meaning: Prosperous
  • Origin: Irish

41. Ragnar

  • Meaning: Warrior
  • Origin: Norse

42. Raiden

  • Meaning: God of thunder and lightning
  • Origin: Japanese

43. Rain

  • Meaning: Rain shower
  • Origin: English

44. Ravi

  • Meaning: Sun
  • Origin: Sanskrit

45. Rayan

  • Meaning: Wise, plentiful
  • Origin: Persian; Arabic

46. Rayden

  • Meaning: Thunder
  • Origin: Modern English

47. Robinson

  • Meaning: Son of Robin
  • Origin: English

48. Row

  • Meaning: Rowan tree
  • Origin: Irish, Scottish
Boy names starting with R: Roland, Reid, Ruben, Rory, Ricky, Royce

Short R Boy Names

These snappy boy R names are all either 4-letters or less, or only one syllable. Short names are easily wearable and good for those who may want to avoid future nicknames.

From the short R boy names, I like Rex and Ross. Ross has fallen off the charts in the last decade so a future Ross is likely to be the only one in his class.

49. Raul

  • Meaning: Wolf counsel
  • Origin: Spanish

50. Ray

  • Meaning: Counseling protector
  • Origin: English

51. Rex

  • Meaning: King
  • Origin: Latin

52. Rey

  • Meaning: King
  • Origin: Spanish

53. Rhett

  • Meaning: Counsel
  • Origin: Latin

54. Rhys

  • Meaning: Fiery
  • Origin: Welsh

55. Rio

  • Meaning: River
  • Origin: Spanish/Portuguese

56. Ross

  • Meaning: Headland
  • Origin: Scottish

57. Roux

  • Meaning: Red
  • Origin: Latin; French

58. Roy

  • Meaning: King; Red
  • Origin: Irish; French

59. Rue

  • Meaning: Herb
  • Origin: English

Gender Neutral R Names for Boys

We close the list with gender neutral R names. Unisex names are all the fashion and have the added benefit of giving your baby flexibility in the future.

We used gender neutral names for our kids so I have a soft spot for these names. We came very close to naming our second baby Reese.

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60. Rae

  • Meaning: Shy one, doe
  • Origin: English

61. Randy

  • Meaning: Wolf
  • Origin: English

62. Raven

  • Meaning: Large black passerine bird
  • Origin: English

63. Reagan

  • Meaning: Little ruler
  • Origin: Irish

64. Reese

  • Meaning: Ardent
  • Origin: Welsh

65. Reign

  • Meaning: Sovereign
  • Origin: English

66. Remy

  • Meaning: Oarsman
  • Origin: French; Latin

67. Riley

  • Meaning: Wood clearing
  • Origin: English; Irish

68. River

  • Meaning: Wide stream of fresh water
  • Origin: English

69. Rowan

  • Meaning: Red-haired, rowan tree
  • Origin: Irish; English

70. Rylan

  • Meaning: Island meadow
  • Origin: English

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